Football: Dykes has no issue with Lasco remarks

Regarding the debate over whether running back Daniel Lasco demonstrated too much confidence this week when he suggested the Bears would “shock the world” against No. 2 Oregon on Saturday, Lasco has a key man in his corner.

No complaints from coach Sonny Dykes.

“You want your guys to believe in themselves,” Dykes said. “What happens, I think, our players know a lot of the Oregon players. They played against them, went to school with them. Because they’re familiar with them, they seem a little bit more like themselves.”

In fact, 43 Oregon players come from California.

“They might say, `I had success against this guy in high school,’ and that gives you confidence,” Dykes said. “When you’re playing an unknown like Ohio State that’s a perennial power, your players don’t know any of those guys. In some ways, they build them up.

“Anytime you play someone you’re familiar with, there’s going to be a certain level of comfort and confidence.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • Rob Bear

    Could not agree with Lasco and Sonny Boy more. What was Lasco supposed to say? We’re gonna lose or be happy with a moral victory? My only problem is that he did not add, “With Extreme Prejudice,” to his prediction. This is college football. Play and practice with confidence. GO BEARS!!!

  • Steve W

    Lasco is supposed to keep his mouth shut and “shock the world” with his play on the field. His comments were preposterous given that Oregon has blown Cal off the field the past few years. Lasco’s bright moments so far have all come in garbage time the last 2 seasons. Bust open a 50-yarder with the game still on the line, and then grab the microphone.