Football: Tony Franklin easing into Berkeley, pushing Cal offense to go faster and faster

As offensive coordinator for the Cal football team, Tony Franklin is the mastermind of the Bear Raid attack, notable for its ferocious tempo.

But there are times when Franklin takes his foot off the gas pedal.

He slows it down while savoring his daily walk through campus from BART to his office at Memorial Stadium. One day he stopped to listen at a rally protesting potential U.S. military intervention in Syria.

A 56-year-old native of Kentucky, Franklin has quickly adjusted to the campus often best-known for Telegraph Avenue and the birth of the Free Speech Movement. He’s not concerned with what he wears or if he shaves daily.

Asked if anyone has suggested that he has a Berkeley vibe, Franklin said, “I know I do. The voice just doesn’t reflect it. I absolutely love living here. I just love the openness of the young people.”

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A look at how teams improved after Tony Franklin was hired as offensive coordinator:

At Troy

— 2005: The year before Franklin arrived, the Trojans were 4-7 and averaged 15.9 points and 285.1 yards per game.

— 2006: In Franklin’s first season, the Trojans were 8-5 and averaged 22.8 points and 319.9 yards.

— 2007: In his second season, they were 8-4 and averaged 34.0 points and 452.8 yards.

At Middle Tennessee

— 2008: The year before Franklin arrived, the Blue Raiders were 5-7 and averaged 22.8 points and 349.9 yards.

— 2009: In Franklin’s first season, the Blue Raiders were 10-3 and averaged 32.0 points and 421.7 yards.

At Louisiana Tech

— 2009: The year before Franklin (and head coach Sonny Dykes) arrived, the Bulldogs were 4-8 and averaged 29.2 points and 375.8 yards.

— 2010: In Franklin’s first season, the Bulldogs were 5-7 and averaged 26.8 points and 389.9 yards.

— 2011: In Franklin’s second season, they were 8-5 and averaged 30.6 points and 397.5 yards.

— 2012: In Franklin’s third season, they were 9-3 and averaged 51.5 points and 577.9 yards.

At Cal

— 2012: The year before Franklin (and Dykes) arrived, the Bears were 3-9 and averaged 23.0 points and 391.2 yards.

— 2013: In Franklin’s first season, the Bears are 1-2 and averaging 33.7 points and 556.0 yards.

Jeff Faraudo