Football: Cal-Oregon game thread

FINAL SCORE: Oregon 55, Cal 16. Click here for my final game story.

END OF 3RD QTR: Oregon leads 55-10. Cal is saying that Khalfani Muhammad left the game with a head injury and Kameron Jackson suffered an injury to his lower leg. No other details, including their status for next week.

Cal also confirmed that Goff was not removed from the game because of an injury.

BTW: Oregon’s 55 points through three quarters is not the most the Ducks have scored against Cal. That was 59 — last year.

My apologies for not providing more details of this train wreck while battling deadline issues brought on by the late start.

END OF 1ST QTR: Oregon 27-0. Cal four lost fumbles, two of them by Jared Goff, who is replaced at QB by Zach Kline. Kline completes 1st three attempts for 58 yards, then is intercepted in end zone on an apparent miscommunication with WR Bryce McGovern. Cal outgained just 205-91 in the quarter, but four TOs were too much. Goff was 3 for 6 for 11 yards and 2 lost fumbles when he came out. Khalfani Muhammad and Kameron Jackson both injured and have not returned.

WELCOME: Arrived here at Autzen Stadium at 4:30 p.m., after driving 2 hours from Portland, and the rain and wind were minimal.

But it doesn’t look like that’s going to last. Very cloudy here and the bad weather is on its way.

The Bears and Ducks are on the field, beginning warmups. Will keep you posted as things evolve here.

 CAPTAINS: Senior DE Dan Camporeale was named a game captain for tonigiht to go with the Bears’ four season captains: Freddie Tagaloa, Jackson Bouza, Stefan McClure and Deandre Coleman.

CAL WINS the coin toss . . . defers to get the ball in the second half.

Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Dan, ding! ding! ding! And we have a winner.

    As bad as things were, there still could have been a turn-around had the infusion of young coaches remained. Not sure Tedford would have ever dumbed down his offense, though. The error of bringing in Dunbar to add to an already complex enough pro-set was just too much to expect any college kids to grasp in their short windows of opportunity.

    Still, the Tosh departure was the ultimate tipping point of no return.

    Now we have given our program to a Texan. *sighs* (kidding again, kinda)

  • The Wisdom Cow

    The refs are salt in this shot gun wound of a game.

  • Juancho

    There was a time when wilcox was seen to be the long time successor to tedford. Sadly tedford had no plans to develop and allow a successor so wilcox left.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Dammit! 55-10 doesn’t rise to the level of scariness needed in a Holloween costume.

    Maybe a Buh costum? playing the boo angle in a double entendre of some sort?

  • Juancho

    If youndress up as buh, just give everyone about 10 yards of space.

  • Juancho

    My goodness you see some of the guys we almost had and its hard not to dream what if.

    Shaq is an all american at washington. Dj foster is a stud at asu. Armstead is a beast for oregon. Ellis mccarthy and jordan payton are both great players for ucla.

  • Eric

    All agreed that the loss of Tosh was a major f-up.

    Not sure what is going on with Bigelow. I keep hearing he hasn’t really fully recovered from the injury (or may not fully recover). Our o-line has been generally pathetic and that makes running very difficult, but that hasn’t changed over the last 5 years.

    I think next week’s game against WSU will be the true test of Buh’s defense. NW, Ohio State, and Oregon – that is just a different level of offense, even before the injuries. Portland State was a disaster in the first half, but no doubt was significantly better in the second half, so hard to say what that means.

    But Clancy’s defense is getting slaughtered today (against U$C’s first real opponent) so that doesn’t suggest the mere switch to a 4-3 is the answer. Colorado got blown away by Oregon State; had we hired Mike MacIntyre (and I think he is a good coach), there would have been a contingent saying he is terrible, fire him and burn his house down now, whatever he did at SJ State be damned.

    Funny, I was one of the few back in 2008 saying we needed to fire Tedford and move on (Dan was definitely one back then, and I am sure there were others). And I was a year too late.

    Oh, I just looked up – ASU has scored 55 points.

  • Dan

    One thing my fellow suffering brethren- remember these are ALL Tedford’s guys, the most experienced ones coached, and in some cases damaged, by Tedford and his pathetic program management.

    I’d sure like too see more positivity, I’m sure this team would be much better in their first season if Urban Meyer or Nick Saban were coaching it, but there are only a handful of miracle workers in college football out there. No choice but to ride this out.

    Also, regardless of how Klein played tonight, pulling Goff was absolutely the right move for several good reasons. The fact that Dykes did that- in the first quarter no less- I thinks speaks volumes about him and Franklin. Tedford wouldn’t have done that in a hundred years. Lets give these guys a chance.

  • Juancho

    I think dykes can do a great job here. He just needs to make some tweaks which always the case. I disagree wazzu is the test for our d. Portland state lit us up. So i think weve crossed that bridge. I doubt they keep buh after this year.

  • Juancho

    To me 1, 2 and 3 priority is recruiting. If we get a weak class we might as well start looking at basketball. This isnt the wac where you can outsmart utep.

  • Calbearister

    Dan is spot on. Pulling Goff, not punting on 4th down at midfield…Dykes plays to win. And he calls it like it is. It’s going to take a while to repair the damage Jeff Tedford did in his last few seasons.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    You can’t condemn a D based on one game. U$C may be laying an egg @ASU, but they did hold BC to 7 points (and they just put 35 on Florida St) and lost to WSU by giving up 10.

    Again, it is not just about the switch to a 4-3. It’s what the switch said about Buh not being prepared to face Pac 12 offenses. A clicking spread is going to give everyone trouble. But when you let an offense be comfortable, knowing what is probably coming, as we do under Buh, you are giving them an advantage they love having.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Up to 62, whatever ASU is doing, we better copy it so we can lose to U$C 71-68.

  • Eric

    That’s interesting logic.

    U$C’s opponents – Hawaii, Washington State, BC, and Utah State, and finally ASU. ASU is by far the best, and now they just scored 63 points. U$C effectively lost any chance to win the South by going 0-2 in its first two Pac-12 games.

    Cal’s opponents – Northwestern, Portland State, Ohio State and Oregon.

    Is there a comparison you want to engage in? U$C may be the game we most expect to win.

  • Juancho

    We got torched by a scond division team.

  • Dan

    WC – completely disagree with you about the talent on D. We have good lbs, but or DBs and DL are weak sauce. Little talent and no depth. Some have transferred out, and several starters are out. With that said, I am NOT a Buh fan, was confused and underwhelmed by the hire and that is all on Dykes. But I am willing to not over react and give these a guys a season and a half to see where we are.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    How is this at all about comparing the two different Ds? Especially as I have not watched any U$C this year, all I know is that they HAVE stopped some teams. What evidence is there that Cal can stop anyone? We gave up 30 to Portland State.

  • Juancho

    Dan good points. My perspective is we have a sample size on buh through his tenure at stanford. Where he got canned. Hes done this job before.

  • Juancho

    Buh is like us hiring buddy teevens as our oc and expecting a different result.

  • Juancho

    You think kline played bc i asked dykes about it during the chat? Probably huh?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    That’s fair, Dan. But again, I don’t think I said we have a stocked D. There is talent there.

    I’m just very suspect of Buh, and it bothered me greatly on the one aspect of Dykes hire (defense) that concerned me from the get go.

    Sitting through another blow-out doesn’t help. I suppose I could not watch, but I want to see the incremental improvements. I can enjoy watching bad results if I see some promise.

    And yeah, there is promise on offense. And I think if the D had half the promise the offense has (and an average schedule), this would have been a legitimate team to try to get 6 wins and a bowl bid out of, even in a coach’s first year. It happens all the time, hardly the work of only the elite coaches.

    But, yes, a year plus is called for to gauge progress.

    That said, I don’t like what I see on D. I agree with Juancho that Buh is gone at the end of the year. That will put the D a year behind in terms of the rebuild. Plus, the same guy that hired Buh is making the call again. And I like defensive football.

    I have little doubt that Dykes can have a very good offense come next season. But I am very concerned that the D under dykes will be the equivalent of Tedford’s OCs and QBs yearly switch and hope but fail.

  • Juancho

    Oh boy you guys see marqise lees injury? Poor kid. Hopefully hes okay.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Looking at U$C highlights, there were a ton of those back shoulder throws. Done right, those are hard to defend for anyone.

  • Eric

    Last post for the night.

    I do not think Buh has done a good job at all. But also think it is flawed reasoning to think that Cal’s defense this year is worse than last year. Just ignore the injuries and the quality of opponents. In our first four games this year, we have given up 181 points. Last year, through the first four games, we gave up 124 points.

    Now compare the opponents: Nevada, Southern Utah, Ohio State, and U$C v. Northwestern, Portland State, Ohio State, and Oregon. Southern Utah and Portland State cancel each other out. Ohio State cancels itself out. Is there a comparison between Nevada and U$C (last year, the arguably worst collapse of a preseason #1 team ever) and Ohio State and Oregon this year?

    Now look at our defense the last four games of the season. We gave up 191 points. So with an offense that was designed to be far more ball control and taking time, our defense was probably worse.

    So why do I bring this up? If the argument is that firing Pendergrast and hiring Buh was the mistake, the evidence does not support it. If the argument is Buh was a mistake, putting aside Pendergrast, there is evidence but I think we need to see what happens against the teams we fairly would expect to either defeat or be within a touchdown according to the line. If there is progress, then those criticizing (and there are many who also were Tedford defenders) should stand down. If there isn’t, then Dykes should make a move.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Does anyone get the feeling we’re getting worse each game?

  • Dan

    Getting Worse each game? I’ll let you know next Saturday afternoon.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    In retrospect, we should have started Kline. He could have gotten us to 1-2, before oregon. Perhaps if he started, we would have had a shot b/c Goff wouldn’t have coughed it up 3 times.

    I can’t believe Goff said he had a hard time holding on to the bold. Didn’t the coaches check or practice this? This is truly on Dykes.

  • Larry

    It’s a combination of injuries, no-talent, & coaching. The Defense and ST quit in the second half. Actually in the 1st half. The arm tackling and flopping before the tackler gets to the ball carrier is a sign of loss of desire/quitting. I hope they don’t mentally check out the rest of the games.

  • SteveNTexas

    I went to bed last night before I heard the score. Why punish myself?
    When my doggie gets old and has to be put to sleep I dont plan to watch it.

    I’m holding on to Juancho’s prediction that we would have a Top 25 Recruiting Class. That way I can forget about Cal for this year and be hopeful for next.

  • Woj

    I said Oregon would score 70 on this sad sack woeful joke of a college team named Cal. If not the weather and complacency of routing a pathetic opponent they would have. I don’t even look forwardto Cal football games anymore. Terrible coaching, AWFUL PUTRID defense, routs every other week, etc. Stanford must be laughing at Cal. Laughing at the stink coming from Berkeley.

    Said from day #1 Buh is and never will be a D coordinator worth anything in the Pac12. Harbaugh canned him in 2009 and at exactly that moment Stanford got elite. Cal is the complete opposite of elite right now. A doormat of the league where EVERYONE expects to get a W.

    Dykes looks overmatched. Buh is clueless. Team is a mess and idiot Sandy Barbour has Dykes on board for 4+ more long years. Cal = 1-10 this year – they will not be favored in any game the rest of 2013.

  • Woj

    Stop fretting about players ‘checking out’ and ‘quitting’. That is and will happen. These players aren’t getting paid & Cal is getting routed and embarrassed weekly. You don’t seriously expect 19-21 year olds to risk injury to make a crunching tackle down 60-13 do you?

    How about Dykes firing Buh immediately and hiring a legit Defensive coordinator the rest of this year to show the players that he takes responsibility for the crapping defensive coaching. Only then can he ask downtrodden players to go all in on this 1 win season coming up.

  • Woj

    @ Dan Says:
    September 28th, 2013 at 10:57 pm
    …With that said, I am NOT a Buh fan, was confused and underwhelmed by the hire and that is all on Dykes. But I am willing to not over react and give these a guys a season and a half to see where we are.

    A season and a half?
    A 1-11 season and last in the Pac12 in every major D category in 2013 + Buh’s rotten results at Stanford in 2008-09 should be plenty proof to can this bum the day after this season.

  • Woj

    @ The Wisdom Cow Says:
    September 28th, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Serious question. Unless you were raised a Cal fan, how do any non-alums remain Cal fans?

    Answer: It is becoming really tough Wisdom Cow. Cal football barely registers excitement for me any more. Rout after rout after rout interrupted by a squeaker win over a FCS school like Portland State. Cal is showing that it is the worst team in the Pac12. It does have the worst D coordinator in all of college football without a doubt. The Cal AD is clueless and simply an affirmative action hire kept around so the checkboxes of ‘Female’ and ‘Gay’ remain checked. She’s incompetent. From the Tedford extension and buyout to the Memorial Stadium financing debacle to keeping Ben Braun 4 years too long to allowing Buh anywhere near this team – she’s a joke.

    Cal football 2013 is merely a humorous joke for me right now. I should go bet on the opponent of this sad sack bunch so as they do an el foldo weekly I can make some $$. Do ever given me academics prevent Cal from winning. Stanford’s 3!!! BCS Bowls the last 3 years tells you that’s a lie.

    Wazzu 52 Cal 28 next week.

  • Joey

    Buh sucks and Dykes hired him. Dykes has no recruits of higher quality than Tedfords guys. Get used to 4 years of misery until we get a new coach. Hopefully 2 with all the money he’s being paid.

  • Bobsac

    USC just fired Kiffin. Cal should call them right now to give USC to hire Dykes away mid season & promise them we would have no hard feelings.

  • Steve w

    Cow……I am a non alum and have been a fan since 1986. I would love to jump ship and become a Stanford fan about right now. Cal’s flirtations with greatness are always temporary, whereas Stanford looks like it is here to stay in the football elite. They are so tough and play so smart. Perhaps it was my move to So Cal a few years back, but I am nowhere near as rabid about Cal as I used to be. And what struck me last night was how bored I was watching the game. Bruce Snyder’s teams sometimes got clocked in his early years, but his teams played with more passion and were more fun to watch. I agree with other posters that next week will be the real test of progress under Sonny and Buh. Keep me posted…I will be playing golf.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Boring and a lack of interest is pretty spot on.

    This is telling when the offense put up those gawdy numbers through the first three weeks.

    I would never have imagined a team putting up those offensive numbers to be able to lose peoples’ interest so easily.

    It’s the resulting game, IMO, 4+ hours with little actual chance of winning. It’s like watching someone play a video game. Only, last night, it was my 6 year old daughter playing.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Goff’s trouble with holding a wet ball is more than a bit concerning, too, for both he and the coaches.

    It’s a bit like being sold on a HR hitter with ridiculous power, only to find out he can’t hit the curve. Goff needs to spend time with a glove on his off hand and holding the ball high with both in an attempt to make playing with a wet ball possible.

    Otherwise, I don’t see the point in going forward with him, honestly. That’s harsh as all hell, but you can’t have a starting QB that simply can’t function in certain weather conditions.

  • Juancho

    I no longer predict a top 25 recruiting class. Too many programs on the uptick. Especially if usc gets a good coach. I would throw 10 mil a year at gruden and enjoy saban west.

  • Getting hard to come back to this site. Too many redundant, depressed comments. What did you think was going to happen playing on the road for the first time with a young team, hard hit by injuries due to the strength of the early schedule? Add in the #2 team, a tough site even in good weather and then a monsoon. I know of a rugby game in that area that was cancelled yesterday b/c of the bad weather. Buh is your convenient scapegoat. Yeah, harbaugh fired him, but then he fired the prior 3 as well after a year. Go back and look at the first WR screen that went for a TD. It was well covered but each of the offensive players made perfect blocks (I didn’t like the one that injured Cameron, but it was legal, even if cheap). All this crap about how Buh’s scheme was wrong. The guys were not out of position they got beat. That is what the spread does to you. Goff’s play needs some explanation. Dykes should have had a hose on him last week in practice to simulate what the weather forecast clearly indicated was going to be a very major northwest storm. They should have had an alt offensive plan for running the ball only if these conditions materialized. Sorry You Klinites,but the second coming did not come. Guy has a very weird throwing motion and floats balls and then throws off-target darts. As many have been saying for months now, we are 1-3 after playing #s 2,3&16. The season begins next week against a team that uses the same offense and a year ago was as bad as we are now but is much better now. Take your meds and zip your lips for a couple of days.

  • discdude

    +1000 to PeteBear, on point on everything.

  • SteveNTexas

    Juancho thanks for your reply -as bad news as it is.

    The USC Troll hasn’t been annoying us because their team stinks. At least we are a great school, when USC loses at football they are left with nothing– cept that troll

  • wehofx

    FF through DVR of last night’s train wreck. Brutal.

    Sped read thread. Agree w PeteB and DiscD! Well said.

    Agree w Eric and others who say the evaluation of Buh starts w wsu game. If the D doesn’t improve as the season goes on, then buh will be fired. If sd pulled goff in 1 Q, he won’t hesitate to pull the trigger on firing an under performing DC.

    The breakdowns that bothered me the most were the 2 returns. I thought SD and Co finally had S Teams playing well.

    SteveTx, pretty sure moron made its appearance using SN aliases “Joey” and “RayFinkle.” Clearly amy has a pathological need to troll here but, no surprise, lacks the stones and integrity to use its $c handle. Coward.

    …and almost certain Goff must have – for a QB – small hands. Goff – w a dry ball – gives us the best chance to win.

  • covinared

    well put PeteBear.

  • Eric

    Thank you PeteBear.

  • edg

    It wasn’t small, wet hands that did Goff bad.
    It was the stadium, fans and the Duck’s defense.
    Dykes saved Goff’s mental stability

  • Steve W

    Franklin made some rather brazen comments last week that he was really looking forward to playing in the rain and how it would give Cal an advantage with his style of offense. Everyone knew the rain was coming, so I find it hard to believe that they did not at least test Goff taking a ton of snaps with wet gloves and soaked footballs.

  • Larry

    I’ll still be at every home game this year.

    I guess there will be more room to spread out in the stands since everybody is jumping off the bandwagon, just don’t show up when things start to get better, nobody likes posers.

    I would expect the U$C fans to not show up this year for our game Nov. 9th. That will be a fun game to watch.