Football: Cal-Oregon game thread

FINAL SCORE: Oregon 55, Cal 16. Click here for my final game story.

END OF 3RD QTR: Oregon leads 55-10. Cal is saying that Khalfani Muhammad left the game with a head injury and Kameron Jackson suffered an injury to his lower leg. No other details, including their status for next week.

Cal also confirmed that Goff was not removed from the game because of an injury.

BTW: Oregon’s 55 points through three quarters is not the most the Ducks have scored against Cal. That was 59 — last year.

My apologies for not providing more details of this train wreck while battling deadline issues brought on by the late start.

END OF 1ST QTR: Oregon 27-0. Cal four lost fumbles, two of them by Jared Goff, who is replaced at QB by Zach Kline. Kline completes 1st three attempts for 58 yards, then is intercepted in end zone on an apparent miscommunication with WR Bryce McGovern. Cal outgained just 205-91 in the quarter, but four TOs were too much. Goff was 3 for 6 for 11 yards and 2 lost fumbles when he came out. Khalfani Muhammad and Kameron Jackson both injured and have not returned.

WELCOME: Arrived here at Autzen Stadium at 4:30 p.m., after driving 2 hours from Portland, and the rain and wind were minimal.

But it doesn’t look like that’s going to last. Very cloudy here and the bad weather is on its way.

The Bears and Ducks are on the field, beginning warmups. Will keep you posted as things evolve here.

 CAPTAINS: Senior DE Dan Camporeale was named a game captain for tonigiht to go with the Bears’ four season captains: Freddie Tagaloa, Jackson Bouza, Stefan McClure and Deandre Coleman.

CAL WINS the coin toss . . . defers to get the ball in the second half.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. By the way, Kline has a funky delivery. Not sure why he keeps airing out deep outs, a la a Longshore. And why didn’t he run for a first down? He needs to use his legs.

  2. Dan, you are grossly mistaken on one point. The cupboard was hardly bare when Dykes came on board. The defensive recruitment has been top 15, easily, over the past 4 years. There is talent here.

    I’m not going to contest Dykes doesn’t have his work cut out for him, but don’t act like he came here with a roster anywhere near what Tedford had when he arrived. And dykes dug his own hole a bit deeper giving the D to Buh.

  3. Eric mi hermano. Khalfanni is hurt. I think he took a shot to the head on that fumble.


    But the issue is he lost the job bc he put too much zip on the ball and didnt have touch. So now it looks like hes overcompensating.

  4. Barbour is somewhere sweating to the point that it’s mixing with her hair mousse and dribbling slowly doesn’t the side of her continually tanned face. Considering the precarious financial position of the program this sort of loss leads to all sorts of nightmarish visions.

  5. Ill play this melody one more time.


  6. Eric, the play where Kline could have run, a LB had him in his sights. It was right to throw. He is not going to anything but get hurt trying to do a juke move on that field in these conditions.

    The D has only stopped Oregon in series where Oregon made mistakes, a staple of the Buh paradigm.

  7. Buhs two job opportunities were, linebackers coach at arkansas or d coordinator at cal. That should have been a huge red flag that he is not qualifies to be a d coordinator that is successful at a big conference.

    Had we gotten the guy from utah state man this team could be scary good.

  8. The talent may have been ranked top-15, but the mental toughness of Tedford’s last couple recruiting classes is garbage. Dykes needs to start punishing them in practice until the quitters quit. Get the weak out of the program and just rebuild from scratch.

  9. But instead we have the BuhFoon as a d coach. And each week, from portland state to oregon we give up 21 points in the first quarter or so. We could play my baseball kids and theyd put up 21 on his scheme.

  10. It’s hard to critique a D playing against Oregon, but I’ll hang my hat on so many of those WR screens where Oregon outnumbered Cal outside. It happens once, maybe twice, and you can still blame the players, but this is not even the first game where it has happened mutliple times. It’s on Buh’s scheme.

  11. Bovine. It was the same against portland state. The teams change. Our defense stays the same.

  12. Calbearister @ 9:40. This is based upon?

    [I was going to just type, “Objection. Lack of foundation.”]

  13. Im starting to think theyve quit on dykes.

    This is the oregon state game all over again.

  14. We’ve texted Khalfani’s dad to find out if what happened. If I hear I’ll report.

    @Wisdom – while there is no doubt there were a lot of highly recruiter defenders, they have not panned out. That isn’t on Buh. Many things you can call on him, but not what he inherited. That is what Tedford did to this program.

  15. @Juancho – you say we can’t blame Tedford. Please review your post #53. I’ll ask for is consistency.

  16. I retract my comment. Commentators just said klines delivery is different bc he cant swing his arm back bc of the rain.

  17. Eric, the quality of the recruits was called into question as a defense of Buh. That was only a counterpoint. And you are wrong to suggest it’s on Tedford. How is there any success on offense, then?

    The fact that so many defensive players are continually out of position goes on the coach.

  18. Well, U$C is getting hammered. Anyone think Kiffin will still be coaching by the time we play them?

  19. Wisdom – the success on offense (this game notwithstanding) is by playing players Tedford never had on the field or hardly played. Do you disagree?

    I agree being totally out of position is on the coach. You made the argument that there is talent. The talent was not developed under Tedford, and basically collapsed last year.

  20. I wonder had sonny kept any previous coaches if things would be a little better? Probably not? Gould?

  21. I’ve watched most of the U$C game. U$C’s defense has been very good all season (the talent there is undeniable), but has been awful this game. Just like much of Cal’s defense last year, they have been out of position against Taylor Kelly. That’s Clancy.

  22. Nice punt return. Replay shows maybe the most obvious block in the back I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Shockingly, the refs missed it. Between the rain and their cataracts I guess they can only see penalties on Cal. And then the Pac-12 Networks crew proves that they work for the Pac-12, calling it a “great” block.

    The only thing that sucks worse than our mental toughness is the officiating.

  23. Meanwhile joe mixon just tweeted how much he loves hanging out with shaq thompson.

    Tedford was the face. Tosh was the value.

  24. @Calbeaister,

    Pac-12 refs are what they are. They are the laughingstock of college football. I was listening to the UW radio broadcast, and they commented one call was the worst they had seen in four years on the air, and the ref should be immediately fired, but given what happened at ASU-Wisconsin, is anyone surprised?

  25. The offense was almost entirely Tedford recruits. What’s the difference? Are you really arguing Tedford somehow spoiled the defensive players?

    Both have had things greatly simplified. That works on offense. It fails miserably on defense, as I have written much on since we learned of the switch to a 4-3 D.

    I can live with getting outplayed, like those punt returns. The defense is not being put in positions to even have a chance half the time, however.

    I mean, consider a DB, out on an island. There is a WR screen. He does his job, trying to get by the blocker, making it possible for another defender to come in and make a tackle (unless he makes an unreasonable to expect play through a blocker), yet there is no other player anywhere to be seen.

    How many times will this have to be seen before you will question what Buh is doing?

    Don’t misunderstand. You can be outschemed. A good defense can blitze and be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The appearance of a lack of good coaching can happen easily if you take a small sample size.

    Buh’s sample size is getting larger, and when you add his resume to the equation, as well as the “I do what I know” statement, I can’t conceive of ways to legitimately defend him short of saying the players are all disobeying him every play.

  26. Sadly that’s true. Lapite gets pushed between the 2 and the 0, and it’s totally uncalled. What I find more offensive is that there is zero objectivity from the broadcast booth. Unlike the UW radio broadcast, the Pac-12 Networks clearly instruct their on-air talent to say nothing at all about bad calls. The bogus kick-catch interference call was a block in the back on Oregon too.

    But, much as in government, the more you suck as a ref, the better your career tends to be. And if you suck especially bad, you get to be the coordinator of officiating.

  27. As a bitter Cal fan I’ll just say, screw you PKU, sure you have a great team and Nike $ but you’re still a jerk water university!

  28. @Wisdom,

    I’m not disputing that you are right we are getting outschemed. You are right. We’ve also played three top 15 teams all running a spread option or variant. Obviously, we have no ability to stop it. Perhaps the 4-3 is terrible against a spread option. Clancy’s 4-3 defense is currently getting destroyed by a team not nearly as good as Oregon, just like we were destroyed last year.

    But you said Buh should be better because there is a ton of talent on the defensive. There isn’t. There was supposed to be, but it is not there. Maybe it is because of the massive amount of injuries, so we are playing far too many guys simply not ready to go (as the announcers are currently noting). Or maybe the guys we do have learned virtually nothing the last few years. Since the defensive schemes have changed, but not the talent, that seems pretty logical.

    By contrast, on offense, not only has the scheme changed (dramatically) so has the talent. We have playing three RBs who barely played (when consensus says they should have played) or were not even at the school. Goff obviously wasn’t around. Treggs and Harper were around, but they were distant second fiddles to Allen. Rodgers was grossly underutilized. Kline never say the field, and our backups to Maynard were so far from being ready as to be borderline criminal.

    It is well known you intensely dislike Buh’s scheme and blame Dykes for the hire. Thus far, Buh has suggested you are right, but it will be interesting now that we are past the true nightmare part of the schedule and we may start getting some starters back.

  29. Couldn’t agree more, Calbearister. The Pac 12 regime has been using the Larry Baer playbook. Control the announcing and manipulate those that don’t think for themselves from any controversies.

    I don’t like when my announcer lacks the integrity to at least say, “might have gotten away with a block in the back there.” A number of bad calls (no calls included) will happen in every game even with the best refs. Trying to hide them makes the league even more suspect, IMO.

  30. Eric, you misread me. The argument was made that there was no talent, and there is talent.

    Regardless, the talent level should not matter when it comes to getting players in the position to make plays.

    You are wrong to think there is no talent on the defense. It’s thinner than it could be without injuries, but there is more talent here than Dykes had at L Tech.

  31. Nor did the Pac-12 announcers question at all the totally bogus kick-catch interference call (when our guy was clearly shoved from behind into the return man).

    Or the bogus late hit…

    Or the…and so on.

    Of course, they discipline the officials in a non-conference game for blowing it because the other conference complains. In a league game, they could care less. Makes me feel like Walter when Smokey goes over the line.

  32. We need to turn it up a notch if we are going to win the second half.

    At least Tedford got second half wins in his blowouts.


  33. Juancho – not sure what “Bigelow’s regression” means. Regression from what, two runs against Ohio State last year? He didn’t exactly set the world on fire after that.

    9/22 @USC L 27-9 4 31 7.8 11 0 1 1 1.0 1 0
    9/29 Arizona State L 27-17 No statistics available.
    10/6 UCLA W 43-17 5 12 2.4 7 0 2 36 18.0 32 1
    10/13 @Washington State W 31-17 8 59 7.4 25 0 0 0 0.0 0 0
    10/20 Stanford L 21-3 2 0 0.0 0 0 2 40 20.0 31 0
    10/27 @Utah L 49-27 2 66 33.0 57 1 1 6 6.0 6 0
    11/2 Washington L 21-13 6 49 8.2 30 0 1 9 9.0 9 0
    11/10 Oregon L 59-17 6 20 3.3 9 0 0 0 0.0 0 0
    11/17 @Oregon State L 62-14 5 19 3.8 7 0 0 0 0.0 0 0

  34. Juancho- completely agree about Tosh, also MAJOR Tedford screw job. I texted a buddy a few hours ago about how Sarkisian getting Tosh, along w Wilcox, not only saved Sark’s job, but had taken the Huskies to another level. We don’t have a sharp cookie let alone a visionary running the Athletic Dept.

  35. Oh don’t get me wrong – we sucked and showed no mental toughness. The refs didn’t cost us the game. They just sucked as badly as we did.

  36. From having the most yards per carry on the team. Everyone here called for him to start last year. So he did something. This year nothing.

    Is it the o line? This is yensers first time being the o line coach.

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