Football: Bears try to regroup beginning with WSU

Having emerged from its season-opening gauntlet with a predictable record but few style points, the Cal football team now must show it can beat a Pac-12 Conference opponent.

That starts Saturday at home against a Washington State team coming off a thrashing at the hands of Stanford.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • rotfogel

    A few things were very apparent to me during the Oregon game:
    1) Zack Kline is the best QB on the team, I like Goff, he can be good, but Kline’s release and arm strength are elite, he has the ability to make throws in difficult situation whereas Goff does not. I hope Dykes sees this. From my perspective, Kline gives the team the best chance to win.

    2) Daniel Lasco is the best RB on the team…by far. This has actually become very apparent. I would be shocked if he isn’t the starter next week, this one is obvious. He should be the #1 back and only dispelled for others when he needs to catch his breath.

    3) Andy Buh, great dude I’m sure…gotta go.

  • John

    Calling Zack Kline the “best QB on the team” based on that performance is laughable. I’m not saying he’s bad…in fact he looked decent. But his “release” is not great, as you suggest. And as far as arm strength goes, has there been a single pass thrown by Goff this season where you said to yourself…”man, if he only had more arm strength he’d have completed that pass.” No, you haven’t. Watch the fake punt v. OSU, that pass was zipped into super tight coverage. Goff has no trouble with arm strength, and he throws the best deep ball I’ve seen at Cal in over a decade.

  • rotfogel

    Not sure you noticed, but if the ball is wet, Goff looks like he is playing hot potato.
    As for the release, if you paid attention to the game, he did that intentionally as the rain was coming down so hard he had to use a different throwing motion. Kline’s release coupled with the velocity he can put on ball was evident on a 3rd down play (I can’t remember which period) which he hit R.Rogers in stride down the line. That was a thing of beauty. He also led the team to two TD drives. Look, I like Goff too, but from what I’ve seen, I’d much rather have Kline be the starter.

  • 1brsfan

    I agree that Lasco is our best every down RB. Here’s my take on the QB situation. Goff had a nightmare game but outside of that quarter he has shown the ability to run the offense well. I can only imagine if we’d had a running game that he would have been even better. Kline did a fine job considering the circumstances but didn’t look as comfortable/natural running the offense as Goff. This could be due to Goff having played in the system in high school. Also Kline’s delivery looked like he was pushing the ball. Not sure if that’s natural or weather related but he reminded me of Philip Rivers with that throwing motion but not quite as quick. As of now I don’t think Kline is quite up to par with Goff’s knowledge and comfort running the offense but as the season progresses that could change.

  • Josh

    I kept yelling ‘put lasco in!’ And ‘why the hell is lasco not in’ lol but seriously he should’ve played the whole game

  • rollonubears

    it was sad to hear the dbag announcers on the pac12 network not even acknowledge that kline was throwing it oddly on purpose, due to the rain. the guy was a top elite 11 qb, not just one of the 11, but almost won the thing. he knows how to throw a football, i would think. goff had to play in a torrential downpour, though, whereas kline was in light rain. i was more disappointed that sonny had no game plan for the weather, nor knowledge of goff’s inability to grip a wet ball. i mean, he couldn’t even hold the football, let alone pass, and dykes was still running RB option passes behind the line of scrimmage in a downpour as well. this game was really sloppy and disappointing. i also think doing “the drive” show was a poor decision. the only good that can come out of it is recruiting, and right now, recruits just know that sonny will bus toss them on television, so no good there. just an ugly situation, through yesterday. i hope we bounce back. the defense looked really good to me in the first part of the game. the bs penalties, especially the non-call holdings oregon was getting away with, had to be demoralizing. we have played a top 15 team, followed by #4, followed by #2 on the road, in a rainstorm. it’s hard to imagine showing any “improvement” in this situation.

    games 1-3 were for national title eligibility and rankings. we were out of both of those discussions before the season began. right now, we’re 0-1 with a road loss to the top team in the conference (and arguably the nation) having kept it closer than any of their opponents thus far this year. we’ve also dumped the apparent cancer in the clubhouse. this team should be ready to come out firing at home this weekend, playing inspired D. no reason we can’t be 1-1 in league play after this weekend, and just 4 wins from a bowl.

  • Steve W

    We need to own up and admit this is the weakest Cal has been at running back since the Holmoe years. Bigelow has shown nothing, other than going down in a heap when someone gets a finger on him. Lascoe would be on the scout team at Oregon or Stanford. It’s time to stop blaming the O-line and admit that Cal will be throwing the ball 60 plus times a game to have any chance of winning.