Football: Cal-WSU game thread

FINAL SCORE: WSU 44, Cal 22. Bears (1-4, 0-2) have now lost nine straight games to FBS opponents, and in four games this season vs. FBS teams are surrendering 48.8 points per outing. Goff finished with a career-high 489 yards — making him the first Cal QB to have three 400-yard games for his career. Harper had 13 catches for 216 yards. Halliday had 521 yards passing and three TDs for the Cougars (4-2, , 2-1).

THIRD QUARTER: WSU 35, Cal 22. Ridiculous passing numbers and almost no discernable defense by either team. Halliday has 478 passing yards, Goff has 438. Chris Harper with 11 catches for 202 yards.

HALFTIME: WSU 21, Cal 15. The Bears’ defense actually had stopped the Cougars without scoring on five consecutive possessions before Halliday’s screen pass to Marcus Mason turned into a 68-yard TD romp. Goff has 345 passing yards at halftime, including his 89-yard TD throw to Chris Harper, the second-longest pass play in Cal history. But the Bears netted three points from three early trips into the WSU red zone — not good enough. A big part of the problem, the continuing sad state of the run game, which has netted 11 yards in the first half. D’Amato has made both his FG attempts and is 11 for 12 for the season. Still virtually no pass rush by Cal. Also no CB Stefan McClure (knee) or LB Jalen Jefferson (head), both sidelined by injuries. Neither will return.

Still every reason Cal could win this game, but can’t keep settling for FGs.

FIRST QUARTER: Cal opens with promising drive that included Goff hitting 6 straight passes. Threat ended with Daniel Lasco loses handle on exchange and fumbles to WSU. Cougars go 92 yards to score on 35-yard pass from Connor Halliday to Vince Mayle, who easily beat Isaac Lapite with 9:26 left in qtr. WSU 7-0.

Injury tolls continues to mount: CB Stefan McClure goes out with 6:23 left in 1st Q with apparent right knee injuury. Now LB Jalen Jefferson down with 4:21 left.  No word on nature of his injury. WSU lead is 14-0.

Quarter ends with Cal on doorstep of touchdown following 38-yard pass from Goff to Richard Rodgers to the wSU 1. Goff 14 for 17 for 137 yards in the quarter.

Cal has now been outscored 86-31 in the first quarter of its first five games.

WELCOME: Back here at Memorial Stadium and . . . it’s not raining. A welcome change from a week ago at rainy Eugene.

A few Cal players are on the field, beginning warmups for their 1 p.m. kickoff vs. WSU.

An announcement is due before game time on the retirement of senior safety Alex Logan because of injury. He reportedly made the decision on Friday, but still awaiting official word through Cal.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    That man heows a beautiful ball.

  • Rollonubears

    489 yards and 22 points. Nice

  • Juancho

    Beautiful spiral to the defender. Hit him in stride.

  • covinared

    mitchell bartolo!

  • Eric

    Next year I turn 40 in October. Maybe I’ll get a nice birthday gift from the football gods with a team that is mistake free, plays hard, gets a little love from the refs, and beats Furd.

    Until, not much joy. Too hard of a schedule. Too many injuries. Too many lapses on defense. Too many o-line errors. Too many fumbles at the wrong time. Too many poor play calls when we need to get it right.

    So I think I’ll sign off from here until 2014. I hope Dykes will continue to be aggressive on offense and not fold like Tedford so often, but I also hope learns from his (obvious) mistakes.

    I’ll be at the Arizona home game and Colorado away game; I’ll still be cheering like crazy, and be upset when things go wrong. Maybe I’ll run into one of you.

    Before I do disappear, when I make mistakes, I own up to them. So…

    SteveNTexas – earlier this season I said Cal would crush Indiana. That was wrong. Indiana is a very good team, and Cal is not.

    Woj – you said Cal would lose 55-28. I think 44-22 is pretty damn close, so you get the credit. I hope you are wrong on the 1-11 season record, but right now I have no reason to believe you are wrong.

    Cow – As much as I hope to never to live in your pessimistic world, you’ve been hard on Dykes since the hiring was announced, primarily because of his defensive record. While today’s game is not the D’s fault, it really doesn’t matter, because I do put this on Dykes. So for now you’re on the right side of the ledger on Dykes.

    If I missed someone else, I’ll make it up to you next year.

    Good luck, and go bears.

  • Eric

    And Juancho, thanks for waving the flag and making this site fun.

  • discdude

    Woj is apparently correct. Mea culpa. This defense is horrific (albeit, still massively beset by injuries). I really really thought they’d play much better today given that the know what’s coming. All offense, no defense, will never win championships. This team and staff has a lot of work to do before they can win games. They probably lose out at this point, maybe they can keep Colorado under 50 points.

    Glad basketball season is around the corner.

  • Juancho

    Eric you cant leave us. Youre the voice of reason on this blog.

  • Juancho

    Apparently in the post game Dykes said they’re going to start practicing with Treggs and Harper at corner.


  • The Wisdom Cow

    Don’t leave, Eric.

    As for your offensive critiques, you forget that WSU knew what was coming, too. It makes some sense to not go with the standards. That said, the theory is that it doesn’t matter if you know what is coming. This can be seen by our defensive production.

    My Dykes concerns remain. Too many penalties. A lack of attention or lack of knowledge on defense. Both can be cured. The easier one is by hiring a talented young stud for DC, with promises to teach him the offensive philosophy before he moves on to be an HC himself, much like UW did with Wilcox.

    The penalties, I fear, will take real effort by Buh to correct. He will need to change his own attention to details. He will need to become anal about them, thereby getting the coaches and players beneath him to do the same, like Petersen is said to do at BSU.

    I lean heavy on the negative because you lot tend to go too far towards unicorns and rainbows. That said, even with this year seeming screwed, you cannot give up. If we give up, if the life long Cal faithful give up, why should the players not give up.

    I may have turned into Eeyore. I may think Buh should be canned and may e McCain’s case reconsidered. Yet, I’m waiting for a player to do something on the field that makes me a believer again. Had they done the things they can control today, they would have won, and it could have been built upon.

    This team just needs to start over and play mistake free football first and foremost.

    Get to work, coaches.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Sigh. I mean Dykes in the third pp above. I hate posting by phone.

  • wehofx

    Eric, very classy. Hope you don’t leave.

    Juancho, I was one of those who though 6-6 or even 7-5 was (very) possible, 5-7 probable and 4-8 acceptable – barely. #209 WOW! Not sure how to interpret that?

    We should have won v NU. Pick 6’s were bad luck. Today’s fumbles by Bigs (x2) and Lasco had nothing to do w luck.

    Getting to 4 wins is going to be tough – $c, zona and CU. Being an optimist by nature, I still feel like this O is going to shock someone: ucla, furd, uw.

    Glass half full: Goff, Treggs, Harper are/will be stars.

    Lee, Walker and Willis – until hurt – are going to become productive players in secondary.

    Glass F’d up:

    Bigs is a fumbler.
    Re: Scheme: felt like 90/95% of the time, the players were in the right place. They just couldn’t make the tackle or shed the block to make the tackle.

    Bad technique is a result of bad coaching. (see all the missed tackles on that 50 + yard screen pass that caused SD to “Talk” to buh on the sideline.) Bad technique is also attributable to 2/3 stringer’s youth or sub pac 12 athleticism.

    Front 4 can NOT get any pressure. (D Coleman looked terrible.) Gotta blitz, a lot. Buh, what’s there to lose? Your job.

    What a brutal afternoon.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx, excellent post.

    One thing you say is what really jumps out as me, in part because I’m a Raiders fan, and it’s a solution I’ve seen us use to make up for lesser talent – blitzing.

    If you watch the Raiders this year, Jason Tarver, who was on Harbaugh’s staff at Stanford is absolutely keeping the Raiders in the game based on his scheme and ability to keep the offense on their heels through aggressive and unpredictable play calls.

    Right now that’s my biggest worry with Buh. Is that he’s a Tedford on defense. He plays not to lose. His interview that Jeff did before the year made me think that 100%. When he talked about not giving up the big play, etc., etc.

    What I worry about is he lacks the desire that his defense should CREATE THE BIG PLAY. Not just not give one up.

  • SteveNTexas

    So umm what’s Holmoe doing these days? Were his teams this bad? ( That someone would ask -is bad).

    I’m really looking forward to women’s basketball -we are ranked #3.

  • Juancho

    Eric my brother, don’t leave. As bad as our team is – this blog is almost like a support group. And over the years there are a lot of us regulars here, who even when I disagree with, I look forward to reading their posts.

    So brethren what do you feel are your top 3 steps that should be / could be taken to improve results for next year? Here are mine:

    1. We need to hire a top recruiter. This current staff is not going to hit it out of the park until they have great on field results. And unfortunately that’s not going to happen until the talent level improves dramatically. So we’re caught in an infinite loop.

    2. Forget the redshirts, time to play true freshman on D and let them get the experience for next year.

    3. Buh needs to vastly improve, in particular early in the game, or need to be replaced at end of year. Dykes can’t afford a year like this one next year. If this repeats itself he, and Sandy, will be out of a job.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I wonder what Dykes is going to say. “This one’s on me.” I wonder if he really knows what he’s doing.

    At this rate, he’s going to make $2M per win this season. Not bad. Better than MLB Cy Young Award pitchers.

    We’re officially irrelevant. Time to diversity my portfolio and follow Cal players in the NFL.

  • wehofx

    JF, in tmrw’s presser can you ask SD why he didn’t use Bone w Gingold in runs from wsu’s 5?

    Juancho, don’t know if I agree w you about recruiting. Seems like SD & Co are good to very good recruiters – assuming they don’t lose anyone, esp wadood or farmer.

    But. It sure can’t hurt to bring in another Recruiting Hot Shot. You gotta figure Ingram and Yenser are at bottom of pac pay pay scale meaning there is $$$. I also think we have one “At-Large coach.”

    Agree on #213 Time to get creative and aggressive. #215 Seems to me it’s a lot better short and long term to burn cheeks’ and allensworth’s red shirts than use treggs and harper at db – even in an emergency which, the way this years is going, will surely occur.

    Recruit commits, assuming we don’t lose anyone. A number of the 3 stars I think can be BIG, ie Downs, Enwere, Rubenzer.

    Devante Downs 3 stars

    Vic Enwere 3 starsRB

    Koa Farmer 4 stars

    Jalen Harvey 3 stars WR

    Isadore Outing 3 stars DE

    Luke Rubenzer 3 stars QB

    Quentin Tartabull 3 stars DB

    Michael Trani 3 starsOL

    Jaleel Wadood 4 stars

    Tre Watson 3 stars

  • Juancho

    Wehofx that class is going to pale to what ucla, oregon, stanford, usc, arizona state, washington will get.

    If this was the wac that class would be okay.

    If this keeps up i think we lose wadood.

  • wehofx

    JF, meant Monday’s presser. The Bone and Gingold looked so good the few times we’ve run it.

    Juancho, hope you’re wrong. Fear you’re right. I know the bosco boys visiting today – leniu, mama and wadood – could not have been impressed, esp w poor turn out.

  • Juancho

    Here is sonnys post game presser


  • Juancho

    Sonny looks defeated. Out of answers. Even regretful in that video.

    For the first time im starting to think maybe he cant be successful here.

    When he said “we have no confidence right now” he looked like someone in way over their head.

    Turn it around sonny.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I don’t care how objectively correct it is to state Cal is a “fragile football team,” the HC should not be repeatedly saying it!

    Way to enfuse confidence in the players, Dykes.

    I lost more confidence in Dykes from the presser than from the game.

    If he thinks the team will fold after a fumble at the 1 yard line, HEY GUESS WHAT? They fold afterwards and start pressing, kinda like the play selection to throw deep when down, even though a drive with relatively short passes doesn’t take much time off the clock.

    This ain’t the WAC, Dykes. Wake up.

    He’s a stand up guy. He seems likable. Unfortunately, likable is not exactly the quality you want when needing to infuse discipline in a team. This isn’t L.Tech, with several patsies on the schedule to help gain confidence. Cal IS the patsy of the Pac 12 now, officially.

    We need some mental toughness. I am beginning to think that is not Dykes game at all.

  • Easy Ed

    I get it, I finally get it. We’re like Chicago Cub fans. It is our fate to be mediocre and even when we have NFL talent we some how screw it up. I’m 56 years old and the last time my beloved Bears made it to the Rose Bowl I wasn’t even two years old! The last time they won a Rose bowl my father was four years old. Whether it’s John McKay going for a win against UCLA in 1975 or a cheating Washington Team in 1992 or a whining Mack Brown or a cheating USC team in 2004. We are cursed, we’ll never go to the Rose bowl in my life time and probably not yours either. Live with it and let’s learn to enjoy our Fall season for other reasons.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Seriously, Juancho. He looked defeated. That was not a leader.

    Aside from “fragile team” comments, he says intelligent things, but his body language is anything but what you want from your coach. I’m thinking the “fragile” quality has come from the top. It isn’t just the team that needs success to build on, it’s the coach, and that is not going to get it done.

    He has to make it happen. He has to show the players how to make it happen. He can’t sit back waiting for a snowball to come rolling through Strawberry Canyon that the team can grow with.

    I openly feared this was a bad hire. I didn’t think it could be anywhere near as bad as I do now.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I feel bad for all the players. I must be toughest on them. It must be tough for them to lose and to hear a lot of smack from all of us.

    Thank you all for playing for Cal. I hope things turn around.

  • Easy Ed

    Agreed HeteroscedasticBear, agreed.

  • Juancho


    Respect buhs responsibility. But he looks and sounds just as defeated.

  • Juancho

    Lowe after the game


  • Juancho


    Goff and harper. Didnt like goffs answer. “After a game like today our confidence is going to be low”.

    This team is in trouble.

  • 707 Bear

    What a difference from 5 weeks ago.

    From the energy of opening night against Northwestern to today’s near empty Memorial by the end of the game.

    What now?

    Offense is good enough to win, but how can this defense compete?

    Is our fast paced offense just making things worse by forcing a depleted defense to face so many plays—88 today.

  • 1brsfan

    Just like the team I have lost all confidence. I never thought we’d be worse than last year but here we are looking at a 2-3 win season at best but most likely a 1 win season. I was hopeful that Dykes was a good hire even though I wanted Anderson, DeRuyter or McIntyre before Dykes. I don’t know how the team rebounds from this and how you can keep Buh on staff any longer. Worst yet is that as a recruit why would you choose Cal over other schools we’re competing against. The only way we get better is if we get those 2-3 star players that get coached up to overachieve. I don’t see 4-5 star players coming to this team unless they see value in education and starting as a freshman.

  • Woj

    Thank you for the admission that I was right – Cal is the doormat. 1-11 season coming up. Why anyone would pay to watch this putrid awful reincarnation of the 2001 1 win team is beyond me. Bear Raid LOL! how about Bear Heave, Bear Crash, Bogus Bear, Bad Bear, Bear(ly) Watchable, Bear Joke.