Football: Injured Joel Willis has full movement


Cal sophomore cornerback Joel Willis was resting comfortably at Oakland’s
Highland Hospital on Saturday with movement in all his extremities after being injured on the second-half kickoff against Washington State.

Willis was expected to be held at the hospital overnight, Cal said, and released soon.

A Cal spokesperson confirmed that Willis was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Amen. His safety is sll that matters.

  • rotfogel

    At this point, maybe Cal shoot forfeit the rest of the season. The players just are not prepared to play tackle football. That lies directly on the coaching staff. The players are lacking in fundamentals big time this year.

    Why were we so excited to hire Dykes again? Looks like a good O coordinator, not a head coach.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Get well, Joel. Thanks for playing for Cal and for laying your body on the line every Saturday. You done more for the program than I or anyone on this board ever has.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    We’re beat up physically and mentally. We need a miracle to save this team and season.

  • Woj

    Cal = Conference doormat…repeat after me…conference doormat….Conference doormat. Conference doormat.

    Cal is now the team EVERYONE marks as a’W’ on the schedule. The main culprit of tis debacle scurried out of town like a cockcroach (Tedford) with his dirty academics and bad players and shambles of a program left behind. The incompetent AD Barbour stil touts women freaking volleyball as a shining example of athetics success all the while the football team burns down around her and the stadium is in hundreds of millions in debt. She should have been fired long ago but her geneder and sexual orientation prevents a clean termination like prior ADs.

    I should go to Reno or Vegas and bet against this sad sack bunch. What a joke. Wazzu was crushed by Stanford at home and then in turn rout Cal in Berkeley. Very early last week I predicted Wazzu 52 Cal 28 – margin of predicted victory = 24. Actual Final Score Wazzu 44 Cal 22 – actual margin of victory = 22. I was right and I wanted to be wrong. D gave up 600 yards again – what is Dykes waiting for in canning Buh?

    Early betting line in ’13 Little Game – Stanford by 45.

  • Larry

    #2. Amen

    I heard a guy in the stands yelling, “Bring back Tedford!” At this point, he may as well been shouting, “bring back Holmoe!”

  • Woj

    Sonny Dykes bio:
    Head coaching record
    Overall 23–18 Bowls 0–1
    1 WAC (2011)
    2006 Mike Campbell Top Assistant Award
    2011 WAC Coach of the Year

    THIS is the man the incompetent Sandy Barbour hired to bring winning to a Cal program that’s known a lot of losing for the last 3+ years. A guy who was barely over .500 in the WAC no less who basically had 1 good year of coaching. And who does Dykes bring in to coach the Defense an area he admittedly said he doesn’t know. Andy freaking Buh – a guy canned by Jim Harbaugh who being a bad D coordinator at Stanford in 2009. If you are a really good HS player – why would you want to come to Cal off a 1-11 or 2-10 season. You wouldn’t and won’t. And the AD singed Dykes t oa 5 year expesnive deal. That’s 2 year at least too long (again) at too high of a price. Fire her and get some accountability in place.

  • Larry

    I was always taught to not hesitate in football. If you hesitate you will get hurt. Even if you make a mistake, you need to go all out.

    My theory is that the players are not confident in their abilities and schemes, which is causing hesitation, which is when the opposing players, whom are confident and understand of their own role, are going all out. when one player is 110% mentally committed and the other player is 50% committed on any given play, who do you think is the one who will be laid out on the field?

    Again, COACHING.

  • GoldenBear 77

    Come on here once in a while to see how the uninitiated respond and, unfortunately, never disappointed. (Probably should stop the frustration.). At best, this was a 3 win team. Not doubting them (I bleed blue and gold and played on the team) but the cubbard was bear. (Pun intended). They are doing the best they can with what they were left. The youngest team in the FBS, and a tough schedule. That was before the injuries. Three starting lineman down. 2 starting seniors. A defensive backfield of freshman (true) and converted players from running back and receiver. Now they are considering moving a receiver with 216 yards receiving in the last game to corner. Enjoy the effort, and spend some time understanding the dynamics, not just the score. Finally, listen (yes really lister to the team, and Coach Dykes) and support your bears. A year or two from now you should be amazed at the transformation (if not I will join you.

  • 707 Bear

    Well said Golden Bear

    Even before these injuries (can anyone name another team that has lost this many projected starters) we were not going to be a great defense. With the injuries…well, it is what it is: historically bad defense.

    You can’t coach speed, size, or experience. Our defense is lacking all three.

    Let’s support these student-athletes and hope for some immediate help for the D for 2014.

    I hope someone is scouting the junior colleges.

  • Woj

    @707 Bear Says:
    October 6th, 2013 at 4:56 pm

    You can’t coach speed, size, or experience. Our defense is lacking all three.

    And why is that 707? You probably lauded Tedfraud and the guy ran outta town with his unearned millions leaving lousy players in his wake fraught with poor academics.

    Dykes was hired 12/5/12 – and apparently didn’t do jack or squat recruiting wise. The only really good freshman player looks to be Goff. I’d expect a head coach who should have been brought is as the O coordinator he is to receuit a QB. As for the rest of his first year recruits – bleck.

    And Dykes most critical choice by far was who was he going to hired as D coordinator – and he utterly failed in thjat choice. He again brought in the guy who was canned by Jim Harbaugh at Stanford only 3.5 years ago. Again, Jim Harbaugh says Buh can’t run a D well and Sonny WAC Dykes says he can and you see who is turning out right and who is proving to be wrong.

    As for the tough schedule. Wazzu is the 5th best team in the Pac12 North. If you get routed by them – you are the cupcake or doormat of the league.

    Maybe Cal should just resign fro mthe Pac12 and join the WAC – that’s more Dykes’ success level.

    One thing I can always count on – Cal alums making excuses for their football team. No Rose Bowl since 1958 – it’s laughable. At least the AD Barbour is buying that mularkey.

  • rotfogel

    @707 Bear
    “You can’t coach speed, size, or experience. Our defense is lacking all three.”

    Our secondary is lacking, but the DLine shouldn’t suck. Those guys are huge and strong. Coleman and Moala are 5 star recruits.

    Our Linebacking core is chalk full of speed and strength. This is coaching, plain and simple. Really, really pathetic defensive coaching.