Football: Statistical fix gives Goff single-game passing record with 504 yards

A statistical correction from Saturday’s Cal-Washington State game resulted in freshman Jared Goff setting a single-game passing school record with 504 yards.

Goff originally was credited with 489 yards, but a play that was initially called a run by Chris Harper has been changed to a 15-yard pass completion.

As a result, Goff broke by 1 yard the record of 503 yards set by Pat Barnes in a four-overtime game against Arizona in 1996. Goff was 33 for 59 with two touchdowns and an interception.

Harper’s updated stats are 14 receptions for 231 yards. Both of those figures rank third on Cal’s single-game list.

Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx

    I think/hope Goff will get us to a Rose Bowl before he leaves to play on Sundays. I know. I know. Whaat KoolAide am I drinking? SD sucks, etc.

    I find it troubling – as has been mentioned – that it seems like he runs outta gas in 4Q. Quick look through Cal stat sheets bears this out. Part of it has to be throwing the ball so many times. Part of it is because he’s 18/19 who is still building strength and stamina.

    It’s prolly going to get worse before it gets better w ucla, uw and furd. But. I remain hopeful we upset one of the 3.

    This weeks Cal show should be really, really interesting.

    I have no problem w SD calling the team “Fragile.” 1) It is. How can they not be? Admit it. Fix it. Put another way, you can’t fix a problem unless you admit you have a problem. 2) Fragile is a euphemism for soft. We are playing soft. Another “Call Out” by Sonny. I am hopeful it works this time.

    It sucks that w all the injuries Buh is clearly on the Hot Seat. But life is not fair etc…

    The Bear will not quit. The Bear will not die.

  • covinared

    Weh: I also noticed he wasn’t as successful in the fourth. I think WSU knew he had to throw so they dropped back and cut the DL loose. Goff had to hurry just about everything towards the end, oftentimes throwing off the back foot. The lack of running game will make this worse throughout the year. Dykes offense needs a credible threat to run.

  • Juancho

    Right now Goff has thrown the 5th most passes in the country.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, I don’t know if this research project will interest you but I’d be interested to see a list of up and coming DC’s from Mid Majors/nfl position coaches etc that could be appealing candidates for DC next year.

    I did quick google search and didn’t find much interesting. Mostly “Names” we’ve heard of before.

    Again, Buh is on the Hot Seat despite the circumstances.

    But. A few examples: Aliotti was fired as DC at ucla by Toledo after 4-7 record in ’99. He had been dc at pku before and returned as dc under Belotti. Making him a failed/fired retread.

    They had some good years and some ok. JT had their number. It was not until Kelly got there that Aliotti produced great D. You could make a case that it wasn’t until last year that pku’s D became bcs/Top Ten quality.

    Example 2: Mark Banker. Riley and Banker got fired by the Chargers. Meaning they returned to os as failed and fired retreads. (mora and petey were each fired twice before landing at ucla and $sc much to the chagrin of the respective alumni.)

    Riley and Banker lost to Davis(???) in ’11 and E washington this year. Banker’s D was esp bad in ’11 when they went 3-9 after 5-7 in ’10. They bounced back last year w 9-4. Looks like they’ve righted the ship this year. How would most BTBers have reacted to the looss to e washington?

    Example 3: J Wilcox. Sark and JW were on the – lower case – hot seat after finishing last year by getting smoked by wsu and boise. They looked good last night losing to furd. Next week vs pku at home should be illuminating.

    If uw gets to 8/9 wins wilcox will get his D1 hc job along w furd’s dc D Mason. If sark goes to $c, then JW becomes hc. Who gets the ‘ho?

    Again, it’ll prolly get worse before it gets better. Firing buh at the end of the year might be necessary.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx challenge accepted.

    By the way a top d coordinator candidate nationally after this year is Tosh.

  • Easy Ed

    Juancho, are you the type of person that lets a skunk back in the house after it’s already pissed in there once already?

  • Juancho

    Easy you know youre my brother.

    I dont think he pissed in my house. I think he pissed on my tedford and barbour. And the moremtime passes the more it seems tosh was right to leave tedfords staff.

    Tosh has a degree from cal. Tedford doesnt. Sandy doesnt.

    But either way i was just talking about who top d coordinator candidates will be. I didnt say tosh was the right fit for cal. But hell be a top head coach in 5-7 years.

  • Woj

    Hold on while I yawn.

    Headline should read QB of Winless Pac12 Doormat leads Conference in # passing yards because his D can’t stop anyone and team has no run game.

  • bigdruid

    Juancho, we’re gonna have to agree to disagree on Tosh. He’s welcome to leave Cal but the way he did it showed no character and I don’t want him around the program.

    Anyhow its crazy that we’re still discussing him here. It’s like he’s our ex gf we can’t get over or something. He’s gone and it’s time to move on.

  • BlueNGold

    Forget Tosh. He was yesterday’s news, and I cannot see Cal ever hiring him back, even if he is an alum.

    Time to look forward and move the program in a positive direction.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I’m glad Goff is getting these stats. Goff has proven he can get 500 yards per game and put up 30 points on the board. This valiant effort has translated into 1 win and 4 losses.

    What will breathe new life in the program for me is if the coaches put Kline in. See what he can do. Maybe he’s the only guy on the team with confidence right now. I’d get out of bed and drive to strawberry to see that.

    Otherwise, it’s same old, same old.

  • rotfogel

    I’d go outside the box and try to get Mike Wauffle, former Cal defensive line coach, current defensive line coach for the St. Louis Rams, and ask him if he’d like to be D coordinator. If nothing else, he could resurrect the talent on the DLine to do something…anything.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    Nothing turns my stomach more in the morning than reading the four letters “tosh.” Juan, I have to agree with the other 2 guys; a) classless & b) time to move on in the positive direction.

    Watching the game in person is one thing, but I usually watch the games off my dvr. One thing continues to jump off the screen at me- both out OL & DL are mediocre at best.

    It is pointless to talk about our defense. We’re playing 2nd & 3rd string guys. The only positive is that these young kids are gaining valuable experience. AND the talk of Buh getting fired is very, very premature.

  • Easy Ed

    Agreed Nor-Cal. The line play is so bad, Marshawn Lynch could get anything behind this offense. I don’t remember who it w but one of the regulars here said it after the spring game, the offensive line was bad and he was concerned that we would not be able to run the ball. I don’t know who said it but the guy knew what he was talking about. There is no pressure on the opposing QB so our weakness in the secondary is even more obvious. I hope that Oregon, UCLA and Washington are enjoying our recruiting class from 2 years ago. DAMN, it’s so hard to be a Bear fan.

  • Alaska Bear

    Let go of this year and quit being “fair weather” fans; we knew going in this season it would be challenging at best. Who would have predicted such as plaque of devastating injuries on top of everything else. Consider the recent loss of two first string OL, numerous season ending injuries. Give the players a break; they are playing their hearts out under the circumstances and need our support.

  • Easy Ed

    Alaska Bear thanks for the perspective, I’m not ready to turn in my Blue and Gold yet so I’ll take a deep breath and reboot for ’14

  • 707 Bear

    Alaska Bear:

    I agree on the “fair weather” fan comment, but most/much of our fan base (including the student body) is fair weather. They’ll show for a winner, but look at the attendance the past few years. Thankfully, I haven’t heard any boos from the crowd.

    I also agree on the “playing their hearts out” comment. Compared to the end of last year, much better body language, hustle on and off the field, supporting each other.

    Let’s see how the team holds up over the rest of the season. Not easy to stay together when you’re getting destroyed.

    I’m hoping for improvement and maybe stunner like UCLA lasy year.

    Go Bears!

    Go Bears

  • Woj

    Anyone worse than Cal in Pac12?? Nope!

  • Juancho

    Brethren you are my brothers. And as my brothers you are my brethren.

    I don’t think Tosh should ever come back to Cal. Wouldn’t be a good fit for anyone involved.

    All I was saying is he will be a hot D Coordinator name after this season, and will likely leave UW for that job somewhere else.

    The sooner he is out of the Pac 12 the better for us. If he left UW today, as soon as tomorrow the Huskies would lose their ability to recruit in the bay area.