Football: McClure, Jalil to have surgery, but Jefferson, Willis among those expected to play


Cal sophomore starting cornerback Stefan McClure, who injured his knee against Washington State, will have surgery Wednesday, coach Sonny Dykes told reporters after practice.

It’s potentially tough news for McClure, who missed all of the 2012 season after an injury in 2011 to the same knee that required two surgeries. This time, McClure’s status will depend on what his surgeon finds and must do to remedy the issue.

“We’ll see at that point what it is,” Dykes said. “Could be 2-3 weeks, could be the season.”

Defensive tackle Mustafa Jalil (knee), who has not played all season, also is expected to undergo surgery late this week or early next to repair cartilage damage. He will not return in 2013.

But two other players injured in the 44-22 loss to the Cougars are considered probable to face the Bruins at the Rose Bowl: linebacker Jalen Jefferson (head) cornerback Joel Willis (head).

Dykes said Willis was not seriously injured Saturday, despite being taken by ambulance to the hospital. He called it was precautionary that Willis was kept overnight.

The Bears also expect to have back starting corner Kam Jackson (ankle), who sat out the WSU game but practiced Monday. Also probable to play after missing last week are running back Khalfani Muhammad (head) and receiver Maurice Harris (shoulder).


Receiver Maximo Espitia is being given a shot at safety in an attempt to address the Bears’ depth issues there. Dykes doesn’t expect the sophomore to make an impact soon at his new position.

“He’s a good athlete, got some range, played some safety in high school,” Dykes said. “We’ll see how he adjusts.”


ESPN announced the Cal-UCLA game will be shown on ESPN2.

There was no decision on the start time for Cal’s Oct. 19 home game against Oregon State. Expect that to come Tuesday.

Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx

    Wow! MJ has hardly played in his 3 years here. I guess the good news is he gets medical red shirt. Hope he heals up and kills it next year. He really does have potential to dominate.

    High-Jacks from previous threads:

    Juancho, thought you’d like this from twitter:

    >>>C.J. Anderson ‏@CjAndersonRB9 5 Oct @atomsareenough yea I’ve seen Kline shoulda played when I was their>>> CJ prefers kline over goff.

    Too bad about confusing their/there.

    Re: uw/dl Surfed back forth to uw/furd. Could easily be wrong but seemed like furd ol dominated uw dl. (But then, furd ol will dominate almost every dl in counry.)

    Obviously I’m biased but I don’t think he has IQ to be dc. Unless smart hc from defensive background – mora, wilcox – takes him as figurehead DC. He is clearly Top 5 in the country as a recruiter.

    PeteBear, I think it’s time to break the glass. Emergency. they should convert Hinder to safety.

    Wisdom, re: # of snaps. D plays hella snaps but statistically their worst times are at beginning of game and start of 2 half. They play their “Best” in 2 and 4Q’s.

    re:4-3. Have you noticed how many times against wsu they played 2 down – 2 up? 3 down – 1 up?

    Buh’s 4-3 Over is so close to 3-4, it takes an expert to know/see a difference – and I am nowhere close to being an expert. But the people I’ve asked have all said the difference is small.

    Unless you’re talking a 2 Gap 3-4 which, I’m assuming you’re not because having a 2 gap nose tackle is among the most difficult positions to find – see New England. So, if you play a single gap 3-4 then, again it is very similar to buh’s 4-3 Over.

    As Nam pointed out, we’re so short of db’s, buh had to keep us in 4-3 base for the whole game. No nickle or dime packages.

    I’m hoping buh gets creative and uses our 3 “healthy” safety’s in some variations of 4-2-5.

    imo, in a fair world buh get’s 2 years to prove himself as dc. If the D doesn’t improve, I get it, he’s the fall guy. Way of the world.

  • KC

    CJ Anderson thinks Kline should play over Goff? Who cares? CJ didn’t play for Cal when Goff arrived. Not relevant.

  • KC

    CJ Anderson thinks Kline should play over Goff? Who cares? Did CJ play for Cal when Goff arrived? Not relevant.

  • covinared

    CJ: learn to spell!

  • Woj

    1-11 season in full swing.

  • rotfogel

    CJ is saying that Kline was better than Maynard…I hate to say it but most male men in their early twenties were better QBs than Zach Maynard, regardless if they played football or not.

    I still would like to see more Kline, but QB isn’t the Bears problem, it’s really irrelevant.

    The defense sux so badly that there is no reason to focus on any other aspect of the team. IT’S THE DEFENSE, or lack thereof.

    Seriously, I think the Bears should forfiet the season. They just are not prepared to play tackle football and I don’t want to see any more reports about a Cal player going to Highland hospital anymore.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Wehofx, next game watch WHICH guys rush every time. That is my biggest issue with Buh’s 4-3. My main issue is that the OL knows who is coming, and blitzes are so rare that bluffs of them do not work at all, usually leaving a man (the guy that “showed”) a half step out of position without getting in the QB’s head.


    I’m curious what a guy like Gregory, who favored the Buddy Ryan 46 D for a while (overloading the center of the line virtually every play for pressure up the gut) would do / does against these spread teams.

    Granted, you have extra WRs to deal with so you’d be putting guys on an island, but that was already the point of that D (recall the great Chi v. Miami NFL Monday Night Football game!). You can get beat on any play, but you are going to be dealing with a ton of pressure in the QB’s face every play.

    Sure, we don’t have the personnel in the secondary, presumptively, to be putting them on islands, but think about it. Why not do overload blitz type schemes on nearly every play?

    The D gives up a TD most drives anyway. Increase the chances to CAUSE errors instead of waiting and hoping for errors. The converted O players turned DB will probably be out of position or beaten if pressure is not on the QB in a hurry anyways, right?

    I’d like to see Buh simply turn his scheme upside-down. Blitz 90% of the time instead of 10% of the time. You get beat, big deal? Our D gets off the field and the O has a chance to drive down field. Dykes and Franklin can easily tweak the O by getting receivers to stay in bounds, helping the clock tick away when you don’t make a first down. If you don’t have an advantage at the line of scrimmage by getting lined up quick, don’t snap it just to snap it, burn some clock.

    Basically, some changes need to happen if only to mitigate the bleeding. Let’s put some gauze on these bullet wounds! At least trying to force turnovers, there is a chance, however small, to rattle an opposing QB and steal a game.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I just realized Buh blitzes far less then 10% of the time. That said, switching up to 90% blitz with 10% dropping back would still be good numbers. The non-blitz down would be the surprise, hopfully giving the DL an extra half second where a stunt may actually work.

    Unfortunately, from the quotes, my bet is Buh believes in his 4-3 system, and will continue to think it will work out fine after 1,000 more reps.