Football: More big numbers, for what it’s worth

The numbers are beginning to feel a little hollow, given Cal’s 1-4 start, but they certainly are huge:

— Freshman quarterback Jared Goff’s 504 yards vs. Washington State on Saturday place him No. 10 in Pac-12 single-game history. WSU’s Connor Halliday, with 521 yards in the game, sits at No. 5.

— Goff broke Halliday’s two-year-old Pac-12 freshman record for single-game passing yards. Halliday threw for 494 vs. Arizona State in 2011.

— Goff and Halliday combined for 1,025 yards — the most in a game by opposing QBs in conference history. The old mark was 959, set in a 1989 game involving Oregon’s Bill Musgrave (489) and BYU’s Ty Detmer (470).

— Only four Pac-12 quarterbacks ever have passed for 4,000 yards in a season, and four are on pace to threaten that plateau this season.

The league record is 4,458 yards by UW’s Cody Pickett in 2002, followed closely by Arizona’s Nick Foles, with 4,329 in 2011.

Oregon State’s Sean Mannion, with 2,018 yards through five games, is on pace to throw for 4,843 yards. Goff has 1,821 yards and would finish with 4,370 at his current pace.

WSU’s Halliday (1,993 yards) and ASU’s Taylor Kelly (1,732) also are on their way to huge seasons.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Joey

    The only big number I’m concerned with is Dykes’ contract.

  • joshiemac

    Yeah, the only big number I’m concerned about is that ever-growing one in the L column.

  • Margaret Stava

    I didn’t think Sunny Dykes was the right hire earlier this year, but have tried to be positive. He had a lackluster record at Louisiana Tech and was talking about how it was going to take a long time to turn the team around. The inspiring winning coaches haven’t been taking a long time to turn teams around. Cal has had great players, that isn’t the problem, Cal has lacked the “rah rah” factor. When there are that many injuries, that points to poor training. Things might get a little better, but they are not going to get much better

  • Woj

    Conference … doormat. conference … doormat.
    The losses are piling up. The only #s that matter is 9 losses in a row to FBS teams (awful!) and 4 losses in a row in 2013. How many points the D gives up is a given – it will be over 40 against a mediocre team, over 50 against a good team. Could be over 60 against an elite team that plays their starters the whole game.

    The Goff passing yards is a product of Dykes’ teams not able to stop anyone and having to shelve an ineffective run game early and often.

  • BearWithMe

    Can’t disagree with the 3 comments above, even agree to a degree. However, it seems unfair to start the Don’t Lyke Dykes bumper sticker campaign. Wazoo didn’t get good overnight. Stanfurd picked up when recruiting requirements were lowered (further). Dykes has a totally new offense working well with Tedfurd’s draft classes. Defense is inexplicable, but so aren’t their injury rates. Frustrated, yes. Yet I’m feeling more ‘rah rah’ now vs. last 3 years. Give Dykes 3 years, his draft next 2 years and time to develop both sides of the ball. BTW; 2nd youngest team & 4th worst schedule ain’t peanuts.

  • wehofx

    JF, I get CCT free speech policy but could you please consider having your IT guys limit SN’s to one IP?

    Excepting #3, amy is afraid to use its moron SN so now it’s trolling to itself. Boring.

    On a brighter note, MCB Prof Randy Schekman awarded Nobel.

  • Juancho

    Those MCB students always looked so tired when I was in school.

    I’m glad I pushed myself just as hard at the Bears Lair as I did in the classroom. Sometime I used to feel like those kids in the sciences were maybe the closest ones to knowing what the football players go through in terms of being spread thin.

  • Steve W

    Cal is following the path of Washington 15 years ago, when Don James packed it in and a series of mediocre coaches (Lambert, Gilbertson and Willingham) made them the laughing stock of the conference. I was shocked to see how far and how fast once mighty Washington had fallen, but I feel like I am seeing the same arc in Berkeley. I am losing interest as a long-time fan, but imagine how the choice recruits must be viewing Cal right now. Unless you are a spread wide receiver or a quarterback, why whould you go there?

  • Tough times no doubt. A bit worse than I had thought it would be, but the D injuries and play account for that. Makes no sense to cut Buh’s now in any event since SD is not a D coach. I would give Buh’s the year to show what he can do. If I was SD I would be grabbing the rugby coach to see if he has 1 or 2 backs that can make the transition. Most probably played football and or rugby in HS and can tackle. I would put a tryout call with an eye to seeing if in the undergrad community there is one player who is in good shape and has experience that would warrant a deeper look. Short of that play who you have. I don’t see the value of trying to two-way play or switch guys off offense. I think there is a win or two out there to be had.

    On the offensive side I would slow the play tempo a bit to give the D a break. It’s not as if our fast pace is getting us to pay dirt on that account. I would go more vertical in the air and on the ground. Probably drop the mesh zone back (downfield) more to get to free space. If red zone results aren’t forthcoming then I go with Kline or Hinder some to stretch the D. Goff is doing fine keeping plays alive, but if the running game doesn’t start going he will be earthen alive with D blitzes and the current level of line-blocking. You can’t let him sit there, for his own sake. Better to see if Kline or Hinder can create a multi-layered run game. Tell Goff he will be fine once we get the personnel we need, but that is not now and so we need to go to offense planB.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    A few thoughts, including the echoes of others:

    – Goff’s numbers are largly a product of the scheme, being behind, and a lack of a running game. He’s good, but he isn’t what the #s suggest.

    – The D can’t possibly handle the # of plays they have been subjected to.

    – Recruiting. There will still be a rare few good ones, but as noted earlier, we are looking at 2-3 star guys, hopefully with great minds, that can be coached up to compete.

    This can happen on offense. Their system can put up points, and guys that learn it well and have strong minds should be able to execute.

    But on defense? Do you have any faith in Buh coaching guys up? This is the cycle I feared most. If Dykes cannot identify a good DC to hire, the D will always be lagging behind, lack recruiting advantages, and lack significant improvement from players in the system.

    – Dykes was hired for offense, under the assumption it would put butts in the seats. Well, even with only one win, we have offense. But we also have 4 hour games that have sucked the enthusiasm right out of the fan base.

    An all offense, no D, coach can only succeed with a great DC. This means you have to win the lottery to get a guy like Franklin, content to remain an OC in a place he likes, or else you need to be landing the next brilliant DC every two years as they get HC gigs elsewhere.

    Until an inspiring DC comes aboard, this program is in serious trouble.

  • The Wisdom Cow


    I would be watching the pros for any long time D coach that gets let go during the season, regardless of position. I’d hire him and fire Buh in a heartbeat, even if it is only for the rest of the year, regardless of when. He could coach some fundamentals and give the players NFL insights.

    Otherwise, it may still be worth firing Buh just to rally the players that will be here next year. Let them start anew under a different coach, any coach.

    He lost me with “It’s what I know.”

  • Bobsac

    Maybe the D coaches could tell the pass defenders that in the college game, pass interference is only a a 15 yard penalty so if you are beaten on a long one, do whatever it takes. Better a 15 yard penalty than a 90 yard TD.

    Are practices still open? Fans wanted that & that’s fine for spring practice & fall camp but during season, this team has enough problems without being scouted at practice.

    Wisdom is spot on about the offense needing to slow it down. We need fewer plays & thus fewer injuries & fewer TDs against us.

    Firing Buh right now would send a message that the head coach actually wants to try to win a game or two this year.

  • 707 Bear

    I agree on number of plays our defense faces.

    Looked at 2004 season vs today through 5 games.

    2013 defense faced 387 plays
    2004 defense faced 323 plays
    64 more plays faced in 2013

    2013 offense ran 470 plays
    2004 offense ran 340 plays
    130 more plays run in 2013

    Not sure what it means, but a running game would certainly shorten the game for the defense.

    Question for those with a DVR of one of the games: When we have a three and out on offense, how much time passes–in real time, not game time? Defense barely has time to get a drink before they are out on the field again.

    Go Bears

  • gohm

    It’s not the lack of resting on defense that has been the issue. Our Defense has allowed what seems like 3 TDs on everyone’s first 3 drives….it’s a young team..turnovers at the wrong times…leading to their confidence being broken….tough season, but it’ll get better.