Football: Still no start time on Cal-OSU

There was no decision Tuesday on the starting time or TV coverage for Cal’s Oct. 19 home game against Oregon State.

We’ll see if the TV execs figure this out by Wednesday.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. It’s 2013. I feel like we should have figured out by now how to set kick off times that work for TV

  2. Sounds to me like they are having problems getting a TV outlet to pick up the game. Hence, they are keeping options open as to what time slot it will fill.

  3. Sandy Barbour to pickaname NorCal TV station:
    Do you want to broadcast the Cal Bears football game against the Oregon St. Beavers?

    TV Exec: Not really. Where is Cal in the Pac12 Standings?

    Barbour: Last place but we score a lot of points. That’s what our caoch calls Bear Raid.

    TV Exec: Sounds like a better name would be Bear Rout. How many did you score against Oregon in the first half.

    Barbour: Ummm, 3 points.

    TV Exec: How many games have you won over Division 1 = FBS teams in the past year.

    Barbour: Zero. But did I tell you we score a lot of points. (TV Exec. leaves) … hey, where are you going?

    Barbour: What’s the current debt on Memorial? How long is Dykes contract again?

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