Football: Oct. 19 game vs. Oregon St @ 7:30 p.m.

You’re not surprised, I’m sure: Cal’s home game vs. Oregon State on Oct. 19 has been set for a 7:30 p.m. kickoff.

It will be the Bears’ fourth night game of the season.



Sophomore cornerback Stefan McClure had surgery on his knee today, but there will be no report on his status from coach Sonny Dykes until Thursday.

Jeff Faraudo

  • H8sRed

    Ugh. My guess is that about 27 people will show up for this game because it’s so late. I like a night game on occasion, but not every other week.

  • SteveNTexas

    I don’t see any recent basketball threads, but I would like to point out that Jorge Gutierrez has been signed with the Brooklyn Nets and Jason Kidd won his first (pre-season) game as an NBA Coach.

  • Larry

    7:30PM AGAIN! I guess I’ll be one of the 27 fools in the stands. I’m a sucker!

  • SacraBlue

    I have tickets to Oregon State but I don’t think I’ll make the trip from Sacramento. Those late games totally suck. Whatever happened to college games starting around noon?

  • nor-cal scott

    R U F’ing Kidding Me? 7:30?!

    SacraBlue- I’m right there with you. It’s a two hour drive/bart/bus ride for my group. We didn’t get home until 1:45am after the Northwestern game. My group will be discussing who wants to go to this game and who doesn’t. Right now I’m thinking why bother? I can watch it from my recliner on a 42″ HDTV, have the guys over, and not waste an entire day and drop $50.

  • 707 Bear

    Larry Scott is the devil.

    He must own stock in Red Bull or Starbucks because this old bear is mighty amped on the C on the I-80 at midnight.

    The 4 hour games don’t help my commute back to the 707.

    Over under on the actual crowd….?

  • Bobsac

    Hate to say this as a long-time Cal fan & season ticket guy but with the PAC 12 schools ruining the fun with the night games & minimal game time notices, thank goodness for the NFL & afternoon football.

  • wehofx

    Here’s to your swift recovery, Mr Stefan McClure.

    707, I’ll come up w a number for you if I don’t get too depressed doing the matriculatin’.

    F Larry Scott!

  • Larry

    Hey now. Be nice to all Larries.

  • 707 Bear

    Sorry Larry.

    I’m just old school. Pac 10–yes 10—football should be played on Saturday afternoons; I suppose the Arizona schools (to avoid heat death) should be allowed night games in September, but that’s it!

    Go Bears!

  • LongtimeBlue&Gold

    707, to take it further, old school is Pac 8 football. Last I checked, Arizona was not on the Pacific coast.

  • Daveinthehills

    no one showed up for the 1 o’clock kick off vs. Wazzu either. The crowd was totally dead from the start.

    The stands will be empty next Saturday, but not because of the kick off time but because we’re terrible at football.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    If they were not 4 hour marathons that felt more like teeth extractions, 7:30 starts, once in a while, wouldn’t be so bad.

  • drizzlyboy

    Put a winning product on the field and fans will go home happy at any hour. Give up the first 2 or 3 scores of every game on the way to another blowout loss and attendance will dwindle regardless of the start time.

    Someone please show up for USC. I don’t want to be the only Blue there in the stands with all those Toejams.

  • Raf

    Damn there are some crotchety whiny old dudes on this blog. LOL, don’t let that comment get you more dithered. Kid cuz I love my blues. Now relax and take your xanax with prune juice.

  • 1brsfan

    Larry is doing us a favor by starting our games late at night when most of the country has already tuned out.

  • Woj

    The fact any TV station picked up this game after the upcoming Cal rout against UCLA is a testament to Oregon St. actually being fairly good and Larry Scott being able to sell ice to eskimos.

    What are the 50 or so Cal fans that are going to pay to watch this game complaining about. Save your $$ and stay home and watch it on TV. Cal is among the 10 worst teams in college football and they haven’t beaten anyone in their FBS division in a year.

    They are 25 point dogs to UCLA this week and lots of money rolling in on UCLA to cover. Wow, that’s as dootmatty as doormats can be. Now Cal fans knows what Stanford fans felt like under Teevens.

    This is Holmoe II Era right now. Hope Tedfraud is enjoying his unearned millions.

  • 707 Bear


    Now listen up you slacker, millenial whippersnapper.

    Why, when I was your age…forgot what I was going to say.

    Oh yeah. When I was your age we would watch the Bears under a brilliant afternoon sun. We would bring-in beer in milk cartoons, drink the beer, and get a third degree sunburn—AND WE LIKED IT!

    Go Bears! Old and Young!

  • eric

    7:30 Kickoffs are the best! you get to drink all day and this way the loss wont hurt as bad….true story!