Football: Tagaloa braces for Anthony Barr’s speed

Cal left tackle Freddie Tagaloa had several of the Bears’ running backs come at him as pass rushers in practice this week to simulate the speed he will encounter Saturday night against UCLA outside linebacker Anthony Barr.

That’s appropriate because Barr is so fast that he actually has played running back for the Bruins, starting seven games as a sophomore in 2011.

“I’m very confident,” Tagaloa said, “but I’ve got to respect his speed.”

Tagaloa, a 6-foot-8, 330-pound sophomore from Richmond, might not have a greater challenge all season than Barr.

“This is a game you get up for,” he said.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Woj

    Nobody wants to broadcast the Oregon St- Cal game.

    Sandy Barbour to pickaname NorCal TV station:
    Do you want to broadcast the Cal Bears football game against the Oregon St. Beavers?

    TV Exec: Not really. Where is Cal in the Pac12 Standings?

    Barbour: Last place but we score a lot of points. That’s what our caoch calls Bear Raid.

    TV Exec: Sounds like a better name would be Bear Rout. How many did you score against Oregon in the first half.

    Barbour: Ummm, 3 points.

    TV Exec: How many games have you won over Division 1 = FBS teams in the past year.

    Barbour: Zero. But did I tell you we score a lot of points. (TV Exec. leaves) … hey, where are you going?

    Barbour: What’s the current debt on Memorial? How long is Dykes contract again?

  • Woj

    Does Tom Holmoe have an overweight cousin from Texas named Sonny Dykes? Did Barbour realize Dykes never played football in college nor the pros? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sonny_Dykes

    Hiring a football coach at a major BCS conference who played college BASEBALL. I guess that makes a lot of sense to the Cal AD but to few others.

  • Woj

    Looks like Vegas is catching on to Cal’s ineptitude.
    Cal is an underdog by 25. 25!! point underdog to a team they somehow bear last year by 4 TDs. I guess Dykes’ talking down Cal is working. They’ll be lucky to win a game this year. 0-11 against FBS teams – Wow, bad as bad can get.

  • Larry

    Woj, why is your email address the same as Moron’s?