Football: McClure out for season after surgery; Jefferson, Willis to miss UCLA game

Sophomore cornerback Stefan McClure, who underwent surgery on his right knee Wednesday, will miss the remainder of the season, coach Sonny Dykes said.

“I hate it for him, personally. I know he’s been through a lot to get back and he worked incredibly hard,” Dykes said after practice Thursday. “It’s disappointing. He’s a great kid and he’ll work through it. We hope to get him back for the second half of spring football.”

Dykes said McClure, who was injured last Saturday against Washington State, did not sustain any ligament damage.

“It could have been a lot worse. It’s not a nine-month injury,” Dykes said. “He’s disappointed he’s not having a chance to play and contribute. Especially him . . . it’s been kind of a long journey. He’ll be back.”

This is McClure’s second injury to the same knee since arriving at Cal. He suffered a much more serious injury late in the 2011 season and sat out all of last season after undergoing two surgeries.

Cal also announced that starting linebacker Jalen Jefferson and reserve cornerback Joel Willis both will sit out Saturday night’s game at No. 11 UCLA due to head injuries they incurred last week.

But junior linebacker Nick Forbes, who has missed virtually the entire season with back problems, is scheduled to play on the kickoff return team Saturday.

Jeff Faraudo

  • al b

    The amount of injuries has passed ridiculous! The defense has been disappointing for sure but the injuries have definitely contributed. They have had terrible play by the DL! I know they weak at DE but WTH happened to Coleman & Moala? Coleman was a 4* & Moala was a 5* coming out of high school but have underachieved especially this season. Cal rushes 4 guys at a time & have but a handful of sacks! It’s weak. QBs have too much time to throw & can wait until someone gets open while RBs seem to get thru them, too. Having safties lead the team in tackles confirms that opposing offenses consistently get to the 2nd & 3rd levels–&, too often, the endzone. I haven’t been impressed with Buh but no team, with Cal’s young & inexperienced reserves, could overcome the amount of injuries & loss of starters that Cal has.

  • Raf

    Are all these injuries just a fluke, or is it indicative of a poor strength and conditioning / training program?

  • Ray Finkle

    I’ve heard people mention the field is the possible cause of injuries. Sorry I’m not up to date, but how is the field different than before the renovation? Thanks guys

  • The Wisdom Cow

    So, Forbes has been out with back problems, and they get him back into action on kick returns? These coaches know how to limit injuries, alright.

  • H8sRed

    If the field were causing injuries, they wouldn’t just be limited to Cal players. Washington State would have carted off 5-6 players last week too. In fact, the only only opponent injuries I can remember this year were the fake ones during the Northwestern game.

  • Juancho

    We practice on the field five days a week. Opponents play here one game. The theory is the turf is having a cummulutavive effect weakening our team.

  • BlueNGold

    My opinion is it makes no sense to blame the turf unless you can demonstrate at least a likelihood that the injury in question would not have happened but for the turf surface they play on. Stated differently, it needs to be shown that the injury likely would not have occurred on grass or some other type of turf surface. I have not heard anyone with any knowledge of the subject come even close to saying that. We were having lots of injuries in the JT era before the new turf was installed. Until a correlation is established, any ‘theories’ do not hold much water with me.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Stop dancing around what you all fear. It’s not the turf. It’s the Strawberry Canyon Pixie. I heard the members of the Panoramic View Society have been sacrificing baby turtles in pagan rituals designed to insight the Pixie into hurting Cal players until the Pac 12 stops playing 7:30 games in Memorial Stadium.

    The rumor that ObamaCare is behind the injuries is nothing but propoganda.