Football: UCLA game thread

FINAL SCORE: UCLA 37, Cal 1o. The Bears (1-5, 0-3 Pac-12) remain winless against FBS teams since a year ago Sunday, when they won 31-17 at Washington State. No. 11 UCLA, which got a career-high 410 passing yards and 3 TDs from Brett Hundley, improved to 5-0, 2-0 in the Pac-12. Goff was 26 for 43 for 215 yards, by far his least-productive full-game performance.

THIRD QUARTER: UCLA 30, Cal 10. Two field goals by the Bruins and not much else here. Amazingly, UCLA has outscored its opponents 71-0 in the third quarter. The Bears hardly threatened that distinction. UCLA has a 398-201 yardage edge. Goff is 20 for 33 but for just 148 yards — 4.5 per attempt. Lasco has 39 rushing yards and six attempts. Hundley is 26 for 36 for 333 yards.

HALFTIME: UCLA 24, Cal 10. The Bears actually pulled within 17-10 after Daniel Lasco’s 6-yard TD run with 2:35 left in the half. The drive was aided by 3 UCLA penalties totaling 25 yards. UCLA then responded with a 73-yard TD drive, pushing the margin back to 14 points on a 27-yard TD pass from Brett Hundley to Thomas Duarte. UCLA outgained Cal 325-138 in the half. Goff was 14 for 24 for 117 yards. Hundley was 21 for 25 for 263 yards and two TDs. Cal’s ground game netted 21 yards on 14 tries. UCLA has outscored its opponents 65-0 in the third qtr of its first four games and gets the second-half kickoff.

END OF FIRST QTR: UCLA 10, Cal 0. Bruins outgained Cal 188-19 and had eight first downs to one for Cal. Bruins had the ball for 9:21 of the quarter. Brett Hundley was 11 for 12 for 150 yards. Jared Goff was 6 of 9 for 25 yards. Cal had minus-6 rushing yards in the qtr.

WELCOME: I’m here at the Rose Bowl for the late-night matchup between the Bears (1-4, 0-2) and the No. 11 Bruins (4-0, 1-0). A beautiful evening in Pasadena, but a late-arriving crowd so far at the cavernous facility.

I’ll provide a few highlights as I am able tonight, but deadlines will prevent me from being too detailed here. Enjoy.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Steve W

    Get over yourself , Bearister. I actually played eight years of contact football, and it’s every fan’s right to vent when things are not going well. If you look at new Cal coaches who replaced failed coaches over the past 30 years or so, this us the first time where the new team seems to have regressed from the old one. Kapp took over from Theder and had a pretty exciting team in 82. Snyder took over from Kapp and beat the year’s previous Rose Bowl champion in his first year. And we all know what Tedford did in his first year.

    This team has some pretty severe execution problems despite the injuries and the youth, and that points squarely to the coaches. Sonny is a big boy with a big boy salary and needs to fix things soon. The defense showed me something tonight, but the offense stunk up the field. I’m rooting for Cal to turn it around, but don’t deny me my cathartic release of complaining when things are not going well.

  • Juancho

    Exactly steve w. This is a blog. Blogs are based on getting dialogue through disagreement.

    Fyi i played hockey growing up and i boxed. In addition to baseball of course.

    I believe dan played college football.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    True fans get angry when the team plays like crap. It’s because they love the team and the program. I don’t mind losing if I’m convinced that the coaches and the players played their hearts out. It’s frustrating to see a half-hearted effort. And that falls on the coaches. This week it’s on the offense.

    Coaches yell at the players for a half-hearted effort. And they should. Who gets to yell at the coaches for their half-hearted effort? It’s the fans–the true fans.

  • Easy Ed

    I just got back from the game and due to some great contacts I actually saw the game from the Cal sidelines. I have a couple of observations, the frustration level amongst the coaches and players is off the charts. Yelling and slamming of helmets, the whole thing. From my observation, we currently don’t have the talent to effectively run in the Bear Raid offense and our defense looked like a junior high jv team trying to tackle in their first game. This thing may work but it’s going to take some time. As far as this season goes? The team is lost and we MIGHT steal one other win somewhere but it won’t be soon. I would say hang in there but as Cal fans do we have any other choice?

  • Juancho

    Easy. You are my brother. Great post.

    I think dykes can do a good job here. But he needs to make any needed staff changes after this year. And more important in my opinion, they need to recruit way better.

    Mora got a top 10 class his first year. If we dont get a great class we cant close the talent gap. I agree part of our problem is we dont have the horses. But i worry this lackluster recruiting year will continue to put us behind.

  • Woj

    Cal is simply the worst team in the Pac12. Thank goodness I didn’t go there and am merely a closet fan who should be wearing a bag over my head.

    Bear Raid offense…LOL. Double LOL. It’s the dink and dunk no run debacle from where I’m watching. The defense even when its in position to make a play often whiffs on a tackle and if the UCLA QB was even half way accurate in the red zone this again could have been another 40+ point mess. AS it was Cal was torched by 27 .. 37-10. And you put that only on the offense? The defense again gave up 37.

    Dykes might fool idiot Barbour the AD who should be fired but he’s not close to winning a single game against an FBS team. How ridiculous is that? New guy comes up with the benefit of the doubt and this team looks WORSE by far than the 3 win team coached by money bags complacent Tedfraud of 2012. Cal will not come close to winning any game this year and that includes Colorado. Team stinks, coaching stinks, admin stinks! And now the excuses for the football team from alums will roll in OR they will hate on a truth teller like me.

  • Woj

    And for the record, I called the 1-11 record weeks ago and it looks week by week I am going to be right.

  • Woj

    How long does Dykes last going 1-11 in 2013 and say 2-10 in 2014?? Idiotic Barbour signed up Dykes for 5 years. Guy never coached a BCS team and never played college football and she hands him the keys for a 5 year run with a multi million $$ salary. Again why is she still employed? That’s right her sexual orientation, gender, and the prowess of the women’s volleyball and swim teams.

  • Rollonubears

    I spent last night trolling the bear insider board but had about 20 verbatim posts as I’ve seen here, which is refreshing. I do think the d actually did a decent job, which on a relative basis, looked phenomenal. Problem for them was they were on the field the whole night. That’s on the offense, when you think about it, not them. Hundley looked bad, too, which helped. Sad for me is that recruiting is really going to suffer because of this, and of healthy, we’d be decent next year, but with no frosh. So next year, if we win a few and get a few recruits, we’ll still be 2 years from those guys developing, and one year from Sony’s contract, which sandy, if still here, will probably extend.

  • TrueBear

    I have been saying, ever since Ms. Barbour tried to drop 5 sports, she is not capable of performing as the AD at Cal.
    She is in way over her head. What I can not understand, is why it is taking so long for Alumni and the Chancellor to see what is happening.Her hires and contract extensions are sending Cal Athletics spiraling in debt. Wake up Cal–it starts at the top. Compare her with what Dan Guerrero has done at UCLA with Baseball, Basketball and Football. At $600,000 per year, we should expect better results from Ms. Barbour

  • CalBearister

    Your revisionist history is remarkable Steve W. Bruce Snyder’s 1987 hardly set the world on fire. Let’s recap:

    A 42-0 win against Pacific…followed by:

    27-25 loss to San Jose State
    32-23 loss to Minnesota
    31-14 loss to $UC
    38-12 loss to Tennessee
    23-23 tie with Arizona.
    42-18 loss to UCLA

    So in his first seven games, Bruce Snyder was what? 1-5-1 with his win coming against a UOP team that also lost to Long Beach State, New Mexico State, Utah State, San Jose State and UNLV. The tie was with an Arizona team that went 4-4-3. And he got spanked by $UC and UCLA. So how is Bruce Snyder’s start any better than Sonny Dykes’? And how is it much better than Joe Kapp’s 2-9 1986?

    As for the Arizona State win, that’s great. We didn’t play 1986 ASU – it was 6-4-1 ASU. And then we layed a 31-7 egg against Stanfurd the following week.

    In short, your bitching is simply premature. If Dykes sucks 3 years from now, fair enough. But by your standard, Cal should have given up on 1-5-1 Bruce Snyder after seven games. $UC should have given up on 1-4 Pete Carroll. Hell, Mack Brown went 2-20 to start his career at North Carolina in 1988-89, before finishing up 20-3 in 1996-97.

    So I congratulate you on your eight years of contact football. And sure, it’s your right to whine and complain on a blog. Just like Houston Texan fans had the right to cheer when Matt Schaub got injured. Doesn’t make either one of you good fans.