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FINAL SCORE: UCLA 37, Cal 1o. The Bears (1-5, 0-3 Pac-12) remain winless against FBS teams since a year ago Sunday, when they won 31-17 at Washington State. No. 11 UCLA, which got a career-high 410 passing yards and 3 TDs from Brett Hundley, improved to 5-0, 2-0 in the Pac-12. Goff was 26 for 43 for 215 yards, by far his least-productive full-game performance.

THIRD QUARTER: UCLA 30, Cal 10. Two field goals by the Bruins and not much else here. Amazingly, UCLA has outscored its opponents 71-0 in the third quarter. The Bears hardly threatened that distinction. UCLA has a 398-201 yardage edge. Goff is 20 for 33 but for just 148 yards — 4.5 per attempt. Lasco has 39 rushing yards and six attempts. Hundley is 26 for 36 for 333 yards.

HALFTIME: UCLA 24, Cal 10. The Bears actually pulled within 17-10 after Daniel Lasco’s 6-yard TD run with 2:35 left in the half. The drive was aided by 3 UCLA penalties totaling 25 yards. UCLA then responded with a 73-yard TD drive, pushing the margin back to 14 points on a 27-yard TD pass from Brett Hundley to Thomas Duarte. UCLA outgained Cal 325-138 in the half. Goff was 14 for 24 for 117 yards. Hundley was 21 for 25 for 263 yards and two TDs. Cal’s ground game netted 21 yards on 14 tries. UCLA has outscored its opponents 65-0 in the third qtr of its first four games and gets the second-half kickoff.

END OF FIRST QTR: UCLA 10, Cal 0. Bruins outgained Cal 188-19 and had eight first downs to one for Cal. Bruins had the ball for 9:21 of the quarter. Brett Hundley was 11 for 12 for 150 yards. Jared Goff was 6 of 9 for 25 yards. Cal had minus-6 rushing yards in the qtr.

WELCOME: I’m here at the Rose Bowl for the late-night matchup between the Bears (1-4, 0-2) and the No. 11 Bruins (4-0, 1-0). A beautiful evening in Pasadena, but a late-arriving crowd so far at the cavernous facility.

I’ll provide a few highlights as I am able tonight, but deadlines will prevent me from being too detailed here. Enjoy.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. From CBS “While a pair of key injuries threaten to slow one of the nation’s top offenses, No. 11 UCLA might not need its full lineup against one of the country’s worst defenses.”

    They do mention Goff and his passing ability.

    This is supposed to be on ESPN2.

    Hoping for an upset

  2. Injury, dropped pass, three and out.

    So much for a quick start.

  3. Not a good start, and the broadcasters are giving excuses before we even take the field defensively.

  4. I consider being down 3-0 at this time the greatest victory of the year so far.

  5. Gotta give the D some props. They are swarming better than they have all year.

  6. Looks like UCLA discovered the scheme flaw. It’s not a depth issue when you don’t get a man to the outside to match up with their RB in the flat. That’s a scheme flaw, and UCLA just abused the crap out of it 4 times in a row.

  7. I knew the season was over when Dykes publicly declared last week his team had no confidence. The players are supposed to feed off the head coach. He has already given up, and so have they. This is not only the worst defensive line I have seen at Cal in 25 years, but just one of the worst ever, period. No pass rush technique, no speed off the ball and no athleticism. Every quarterback is going to have a career day against that defense.

    Enough about the defense. No more Bigalow, please.

  8. At least the offense is exciting . . .

    I’ll be here all night, folks.

    *motions arm to the right* Paul Schaeffer, Ladies and Gentlemen!

  9. This is, without peer, the worst tackling team ive ever seen. They always either unnecessarily leave their feet and lose their grasp- instead of driving and wrapping and holding on with feet driving, or they come flying in trying for a big hit, but no wrap- that’s a block, not a tackle. And almost every one, they drop their heads and come in helmet top first. You have to keep your eyes on the target, lead with the facemask.

    I swear they teach you that in Pop Warner and you get reamed as a player in a top high school programs for tackling like this. So there’s no excuse for this poor tackling techniques. None. Every defensive player on a team should at least execute proper tackling technique most all the team- as opposed to Cal, which hardly ever does. Injuries, youth and inexperience should have nothing to do with this.

  10. How much worse can it get: The rather well-built UCLA cheerleader had her well built ness covered by the score on the way to commercial.

    How much more are we expected to take?

  11. The D has made some stops. I’m glad Dykes kicked the FG. A failed 4th down would have been the last bit of grass planted on top of the buried, already nailed tight, coffin.

  12. Tedford move going for FG, even though good by D’amato. 17-3, that out help your no confidence there Sonny. Thought he had Chip Kelly juevos. WEAK.

  13. These inside screens are pointless vs this UCLA D. Need to go vertical more.

  14. Hmmmm

    10-17…..nice comeback.

    Defense resting, clock ticking….

  15. Well, I’ll stand by it was the right call at the time. You did not say “always,” but given it was the first opportunity, you appeared to jump on the “go for it” bandwagon.

    Anyways, let’s see another stop, Bears!

  16. Nice drive. Cal showing some fight, UCLA lending a lot of help w several indisciplined penalties

  17. UCLA’s going to score, leaving Cal no time to answer. Ed Cunningham is spot on that Cal should take a timeout.

  18. Damn! All they needed was to step up on one of those 3rd down attempts! Both times the wide outs were given the sticks.

    With CBs that are having troouble, I’d gamble on covering the sticks on those 3rd downs. They can pretty much get open deep anyways. Take away the sticks.

    Now back down 14. This could have beeen really different. And UCLA even gave us a second chance with the 3rd down penalty. Argh!

  19. And there you have it, Bruins score a TD, only 40 seconds left, though 3 TOs. Rather have over a minute with 2 TOs

  20. Was there any doubt the Bruins would push it down the field and score with 2 minutes left? The D line is the main reason Cal may not win another game this year. No moves at all, and that rare time someone does get to the qb, they can’t wrap up and close the deal a la Mr. kragen.

  21. Man these coaches have a lot of clueless. Just pissed away 4 crucial seconds not getting a TO right away. De La Salle HS is do much better coached, not even close. Sad.

    But not as sad as Stanford choking against Utah. I swear, I have seen both Harbaugh and Shaw blow crucial games as head coach at Stanford with just ridiculously bad play calling with the game on the line. This Shaw choke job today will likely cost Stanford a big bowl appearance. That should cheer up the Old Blues.

  22. It’s the end of the world as we know it.

    The UCLA cheerleaders all had those god aweful fake tans. It looked like the cameraman was using a yellow tinted lens. Is nothing sacred?

  23. Wouldn’t you know it. We actually get a good run and then we throw a pick. We can’t do anything right on offense.

  24. Now, the offense is completely failing the best defensive effort of the year.

  25. Cal’s offense is laying an egg in the second half. I’m getting truly bored with the dink and duck passing game. This crap must be very easy to scheme for a good defensive coordinator. The announcers noted the easy interception came from poaching a safety to the shallow corners where Goff throws 98 percent of his passes.

  26. Just chugged a bottle of NyQuil. Sleep is infinitely preferable than watching this. Kinda reminds me of some of those games in the Joe Kapp era when he pointed to his zipper rather than answer questions after games.

  27. You know, I have been giving Dykes and Co the benefit of the doubt regarding the offense, but the dink and dunk crap is getting really old. I presumed all this time it was because DBs were playing off so they were taking what was given, but that is not the case. It’s the target.

    I agree with Steve W. It’s too easy to scheme against. Goff has piled up yards, but he did so always after the team was down big and the opposing D backed off a bit.

    This last QB draw going into a clogged line was embarrassing. Did they really think THAT was the way into the end zone with a chicken legged freshman QB?

  28. Best part about tonight’s game is that it is not going to last 4+ hours.

  29. The more i see of the team the less there is to like.

    I no longer feel like the offense is even going to be strong.

    Predictable short passes. AWFUL playcalling in the redzone.

  30. I feel like Sonny Dykes is a slick used car salesman and Cal bought itself a lemon.

  31. Huntley goes over 400 yards passing for the first time in his career. As noted earlier, every quarterback will have his career best against Cal this year. Next week’s PAC 12 offensive player of the week – Sean Mannion from Oregon State – will have 500 yards to put in his résumé.

  32. No pass rush + second string DB’s. = Another highlight reel for an opposing QB.

    Next up Mr. Manion from OSU.

    See you all at 7:30 next week at a chilly, empty Memorial.

    Go Bears

  33. Another week where were going to look like the bad news bears on the tv show the drive. Another week where we lost ground in recruiting.

  34. Juancho, I’m going to file an injunction preventing any recruiting discussions here on ibabuzz. In fact, no mentioning recruiting at all, not until some good news happens.

    Things here will only get worse if we start keeping track of recruits losing more and more interest game after game.

  35. Funny thing: UCLA recruited very well throughout the crummy Neiuheisel years. That’s why the team was so easy to turn around for Mora. I didn’t go to Cal, but UCLA must be an easier sell over Cal when the programs are not performing well.

  36. The defense played better but the offense is regressing. At 1-5 I think it’s time to see what Kline can go over the last 6 games. If it was that close if a race for starting QB I think Kline should get a shot.

  37. I’m getting tired of getting my eyes raped watching Cal “football.” They’re injured, blah blah blah. They missed so many tackles tonight it forced bile into my throat. It’s rare for a team to have more penalties than Cal but it didn’t slow the baby bears. Calling Cal’s defense a sieve is a compliment. Their defense is like a hemophiliac who can’t get a platlet transfusion. 2014 cannot come soon enough!

  38. Such fire and vitriol from a bunch of people who likely never played a contact sport in their life.

    This season is over. From here on out it’s just trying to grow and start the recovery from the rot and decay Sandy Barbour let take place for years too long. But the fact that you whiny, PMSing fair weather fans won’t give him a chance to build a program is just the epitome of what’s wrong with college sports today. Mack Brown. Pete Carroll. Jim Harbaugh. They all stunk for a while before turning it around. Will Coach Dykes succeed? I don’t know. But I’m giving him more than 6 games to decide.

    In short, you all disgust me. I’m more embarassed to think you’re my fellow alums than by Cal’s 1-5 record. Grow the f–k up and recognize that we’ve got serious talent and depth and mental toughness issues as a program and you don’t solve those in a year.

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