Football: Daniel Lasco out for Oregon St.

Coach Sonny Dykes told reporters after practice Monday night that running back Daniel Lasco will sit out Saturday’s game against Oregon State.

With Brendan Bigelow having been moved to slot receiver, will redshirt freshman Jeffrey Coprich be elevated to second team behind starter Khalfani Muhammad?

Meanwhile, LB Jalen Jefferson and CB Joel Willis, who both sat out last Saturday’s game at UCLA, are off the injury list, suggesting both should be ready for Oregon State.

Here’s more from Dykes:

On whether Brendan Bigelow’s move to receiver is permanent: “I don’t have any idea. We’ll see how he progresses. We’re just trying to figure out ways to get him the ball and help him make plays for us. We’ll figure out if it’s going to be there or at running back.”

On how Lucus Gingold and Richard Rodgers fit into the power running game after Rodgers carried six times at UCLA: “We think Lucus is such a good blocker at the point of attack. We’re trying to figure out what the best combination is. I thought (Rodgers) did a good job, thought he ran hard. He gives us something we don’t have — a big body who is a downhill runner. Especially with Lasco being out, that’s something we’re lacking. It’s different. I don’t think he’s going to get 25 carries Saturday, but he’ll get a couple.”

On how he evaluates blocking on running plays: “We haven’t had many long runs from scrimmage. We haven’t done a great job blocking downfield, we haven’t done a great job of finishing blocks on the interior line and when we have gotten one-on-one opportunities, we haven’t done a good job of making people miss. There’s a combination of things.”

On freshman receiver Caleb Coleman getting some practice time on defense: “Corners are hard to find and if we find a guy who can play for us, we’re going to try him.”

On what he expects going forward from freshman quarterback Jared Goff: “I think he’ll be a whole different Jared Goff as a result of turning 19 today.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx


  • 1brsfan

    perhaps we’re getting all of the bad luck injuries out of the way this year so that next year we can have one of those lucky seasons when everyone stays healthy.

  • Juancho

    Im starting to worry that im going to pick up an injury just by reading about the team.

  • Gobears49

    Anyone know if, when Rodgers is in at tailback, have ever not given him the ball to run? Earlier in the season, I think it was the same way when Boehm was in at QB. He got the call to run the ball. If I am right about this, it seems we are really tipping off who is going to get the ball and thus what the play is.

  • covinared

    I don’t see the Rodgers experiment continuing. It worked the first few times but it was easy to figure out. Looks like Darren Ervin wil get a chance to show his stuff now. Muhammad needs to work on hitting the holes, especially in short yardage. He also goes down easy. Vereen went down easy his first year, but got alot stronger after that. Lasco looks like the best all around back so long as he stops fumbling. Bigelow looked good in the slot except for the drop on the first play of the game.

  • covinared

    Also, Re: the comment on a previous thread that the poor tackling was a reflective of bad coaching: half of the open field misses were by King who is in only because Forbes isn’t back yet. King has a good nose for the ball but puts his head down and lunges. You can get away with that sometimes in high school but not in the FBS. He missed an easy one on the line against Northwestern that went for 50 yards. Walker missed a few also simply because he lacks strength. his form was fine. He will be good, but could have used a redshirt to fill out. Camporeale and Kragen each looked bad on one play. Still, take King out of the equation and it wasn’t so bad. King is a good guy to have running down on punts and kickoffs, but not on regular downs.

  • Bear

    I wouldn’t worry about the play being obvious when Rodgers lines up in the backfield. The game is still played on the field, not in the minds of spectators sitting in the stands, and, if the defense can’t handle Rodgers running into them and gaining 3 – 4 yards a play, it is a good call, and a call I would make often if I was Franklin.

  • BlueNGold

    The injury problem seems to grow larger and more significant each season; at least that is the perception I have. I do not know the answer other than to have better players down the depth chart. You cannot expect to be a winning football program if a significant number of your starting players are injured every week.

  • Berkeley Bear

    You would think the program’s strength & conditioning program would lessening the likelihood of players getting injured. Hope insufficient or excessive workout schedule isn’t contributing to the injury rate.

  • EastCoastCalFan


  • EastCoastCalFan

    Inadvertently (I believe) this sets up perfectly for Joe Mixon to stay home and be a Bear. At least I hope so, or the next few years could be worse. If that’s possible.

    GO BEARS!!!