Football: It’s more late night for Bears at UW

Cal will play its fifth night game of the season — and third in a row — when it faces Washington at Husky Stadium on Oct. 26.

The Pac-12 announced Monday that the Bears’ game vs. the Huskies has been set for an 8 p.m. kickoff and will be televised on Fox Sports 1.

Cal is coming off a 37-10 loss at UCLA in a night start, and faces Oregon State on Saturday at Memorial Stadium in a game that kicks off at 7:30 p.m.

The Bears also played night games at home against Northwestern and on the road vs. Oregon.

Jeff Faraudo

  • The Wisdom Cow

    This is getting stupid. Now 8:00?

  • DaveintheHills

    I think this is the right move for the conference. Hide terrible teams like Cal until we get better. Perceived strength of a conference matters come bowl time. I think we all know that all too well (right, Mack Brown?).

    Go Bears!

  • Woj

    The ONLY team I’ve ever liked that has never ever been a champion is the Cal football team. I’m sick of it. Utterly sick of it. Call me a moron or troll or whatever. And I’ll call all the supporters of Barbour, Tedfraud and the whole inept program suckers for continuing to support this mediocre at best excuse making doormat of the league.

    And I’ve read alums making excuses for the Cal ineptitude for decades. The excuse that’s most used is now turned on its head forever wrong. That was — Cal is an academic power that can’t be expected to compete for Pac12 titles. A huge WHOOPS. Stanford’s has qualified for 3 straight BCS bowls and won two of them. I said all along that was bunk and now Stanford with superior academics proved it was.

    In fact, for 35+ years of attending games & overall rooting for the Bears here is what I’ve received:
    0 Pac10/Pac12 outright titles. 0! days of utter New Year’s Day Bowl glory.
    2 Shared Pac titles but Cal was witch slapped by the champ each year so that’s second place in my book and the Rose Bowl Committee’s too
    0 Rose Bowls (2004 should have been the first- Tedfraud took the high road, refused to run up the score on S. Miss and you saw the sad sack undeserved outcome – Rodgers and Co. were sent to Holiday Bowl where the team was routed – I was there in Dec. 2004, the team mentally was not – trust me).
    … right move for the conference. Hide terrible teams like Cal

    Bingo! Doormats like Cal are lucky they play on TV at all. Give Larry Scott credit, if he is contractually bound to show Cal & Colorado on TV, better to bury the dog poop out in the back 40 of the yard so as not to stink up the finely manicured group of top 25 teams at the head of the pack.

    Being bottom of the conference is nothing new for Cal. Been following this team and cheering for them for 35+ years and they have finished 14!!! times in bottom 3 finishes of the conference:
    Count ’em: 1980,81,83,84,85,86,87,88,89,92,00,01,10, & 2012 interrupted by 6 good years where Cal was End of year ranked in top 25: 1991(8th),93(25th), 04(9th), 05(25), 06(14th).

    Again 35 years of support, and 2 end of year top 10 teams. No wonder myself and other realism fns are beyond frustrated. No appearance in the Rose Bowl since 1958. That’s just Cub-like. And now Stormy Dykes says that 37 points given up to the #11 team in the country qualifies as good ‘D’ good grief! No it doesn’t.

    And your 10 points with 15 possessions O looks like Bear Rout or Bear Heave not Bear Raid.

  • Bear Success

    The Bears should be hidden until we get a decent coach. I’m not going to enable Dykes. The Penn State coach NEVER MADE EXCUSES, even though he actually had some pretty good reasons to make excuses, with the players quitting, sanctions, etc. He was too busy coaching and building a positive attitude – that is the job of coach. I am horrified by Sandy Barbour’s selection. This is not what most Cal Bears want (are you listening Sandy?). I want a tshirt with roses on it, and I don’t want one from the Stanford,UCLA or USC bookstore – I want mine to say “Cal.”

  • Woj

    @Bear Success Says:
    October 14th, 2013 at 1:12 pm
    The Bears should be hidden until we get a decent coach. I’m not going to enable Dykes. The Penn State coach NEVER MADE EXCUSES

    What a great point! Penn St.’s coach never ever made excuses to lose. He said, we are Penn St. and we are going to play football the right way and win.

    He’s the anti Dykes who apparently thinks good D is giving up 37 and a competitive game is losing by 27. But hey- we throw it for 300 meaningless yards.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    You guys, the Mack Brown thing, and blame of Tedford, is slightly off the mark, still.

    The coaches of the Big 12 all changed their votes because it got their schools extra money from the BCS bowl. Mack Brown’s plea was the excuse. They all had no integrity.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I go back to my initial thoughts on the hiring. Dykes was supposed to mean offense, which it still does. The East Bay supported the Warriors year after year, making Cohan rich as sin, by giving “entertaining” offense. It didn’t matter that they lost. Cal needs money. The belief was that Dykes’ offense would put butts in the seats.

    The true tragedy is that even in the games where the offense has put up the numbers, it was not very entertaining, IMO.

  • 1brsfan

    @Woj- one correction to your rant… I do believe we stomped Clemson on Jan 1, 1992 so your “0 days of utter New Year’s Day Bowl glory” needs to be corrected to 1 day.

  • Woj

    @1brsfan on Oct 14, 2013 at 2:20 pm I do believe we stomped Clemson on Jan 1, 1992 so your “0 days of utter New Year’s Day Bowl glory” needs to be corrected to 1 day.

    I stand corrected. Before the age of BCS-ness, the Bears did earn a berth in the Citrus Bowl on 1/1/92 and they stomped Clemson. THAT was a wonderful day.
    1 New Year’s Day Bowl glory in 35 years and none in the last 21+ years. And with Stormy Dykes and his good D is 40 points at the helm it looks very like the run will be extended to 24+ years. Sorry, not enough.

  • Woj

    Why didn’t Cal give a head coach contract of 3 years max to an up and comer young coordinator? If Dykes wouldn’t take the 3 year max deal, then move on to the next guy who would have. It made no sense to bring in Dykes on a 5 year deal when he had proved nothing being a HC in a BCS league. He won the WAC and the league was so mediocre it doesn’t exist anymore. Seems to me he was looking for a job no matter what.

  • Juancho

    I have faith in Franklin. I think he comes across as a very honest guy. And those types of people typically fix things because they’re not afraid to admit when they made a mistake.

    Realistically, if we had a great running back, this offense would be really good. So who knows – maybe next year we will make a huge jump forward. Similar to Washington State.

    The receivers are good. I don’t think they’re great. But they’re good. Great was Desean Jackson, Lavelle Hawkins and Robert Jordan.

    Treggs is a good player. Not a first round pick type player, but good. Harper is probably the best of the two. Which is crazy. Because I was way wrong about him. I used to think they gave him a scholarship to appease Treggs when he was thinking of decommiting for UCLA. And I said Harper wouldn’t be that good. Boy was I wrong on that one.

    Coprich too. I said he would never see significant playing time. Proved me wrong.

  • 707 Bear

    8 PM…Larry Scott is the devil.

    Late games, Thursday games, Friday games.

    Unless you’re a couch potato or an athletic department, how is this new Pac 12 a good thing?

    Might turn-in my season tickets and just buy walk-up tickets for games that begin during daylight. Pretty sure there won’t be any sell-outs any time soon.

    Go Bears!

  • 707 Bear


    Just for fun…

    I have no idea if Dykes will be successful.

    My only complaint with his hire is that if he is successful at Cal, he’ll leave for a Texas school.

    He’s from Texas. His wife is from Texas. They were married in Texas.

    Most of the folks I meet from Texas who are working in California can’t wait to get back.

    I await abuse from Texans who love Cali.

  • Woj

    Pity Larry Scott. Word is he is asking around if any TV station will pick up the Cal at Colorado game. He’s set the start time at 1130pm PST. That should match the 3-6 (0-6 Pac12) Buffs against the 1-9 (0-7) dink and duck no D Bears.

  • Rob Bear

    Quit cryin’ on the times guys. I love 7:30 starts. There’s nothing like a cool, night game. Beats the hell out of those scorching 1:00 PM Venus temperatures that require sun screen, hats and long sleeve t-shirts. Bring on the Night! Go BEARS! With Extreme Prejudice, of course

  • 707 Bear

    Rob Bear

    1. Would you agree there are fewer people at your average 7:30 PM start vs the average 1 PM start? Let’s compare the crowd this week vs the Washington State game.

    2. Would you agree that the ever increasing number of late night, Thursday, Friday games probably will have a dampening affect on season tickets?

    3. Would you take your young kids to a 7:30/8:00 start?

    4. Would you agree that many Old Blues (many don’t like driving at night) may be less willing to travel to night games? These folks make-up a big part of the donor base.

    5. Would you agree that a casual fan who doesn’t normally come to a Cal game might be a bit intimidated to travel Telegraph Avenue after 11 PM on the way back to their car?

    6. Just wondering, what’s your commute time from Memorial to home? I got home just shy of 1AM from the Northwestern game.

    Just saying these non-traditional start times may be a long term negative. College football is about tradition. The new Pac 12 TV deal is making it harder to maintain traditions and I’m not sure these new start times will establish new traditions.

    Go Bears!

  • KC

    I’ll be there on Sat night for the dreadful 7:30pm start, not because I love the job the coaching staff is doing but because I want to support the players. It’s not like they’re not trying to get better and win games while representing Cal. They deserve my support, so I’m going to suck it up and go for the players, who don’t deserve to run out of the tunnel to an empty stadium.

  • Randall

    Cal football attendance is poor no matter the game time, so better to cater to the television audience. The program can’t improve without television exposure (see recent NYTimes article on Louisville’s ascendance), and the only exposure we’re going to get is at night. No casual observer in her right mind would watch a Cal game on a Saturday afternoon while three or four better games are on. That it might be better to hide the current product at mid day, though, would be a valid argument.

  • HeteroscedasticBear


    here, here. i’ll be there to support the players. Go Bears!

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I too am dissapointed by the performance of these Bears, no doubt. But not a single one of us had any delusions of grandeur for this green squad 2 months ago. Every “realist” Cal fan KNEW this was going to be a tough season for a wide VARIETY of reasons: new coach, new QB, new RBs, new O-line, new defense, tough as it gets schedule, toshgate, etc etc etc.

    When you add torrential injuries (and a dismissal) to basically EVERY KEY DEFENSIVE PLAYER you get crap football.

    Excuses? Or reality?

    This season sux donkey, can’t disagree with that. There are better starting defensive personnel on some mega-high school teams in socal and texass.

    But, I’ve been rooting on these Golden Bears since my father trekked me up to tightwad hill and into beautiful Memorial Stadium as an infant in 1976. I’ve seen no Cal Rose Bowls. And I’m still optimistic about the Sonny hire, at least from the offensive standpoint. And I think the defense is gonna be MUCH improved next year, how could it not be? So, with that being said, I am holding off on all judgements of the SD hire until mid next-season, when (hopefully) we get to see what he can do with a healthy, more mature roster.

    Go Bears!

  • 707 Bear

    Blake my brother,

    I’ll be there Saturday, but few predicted the team would be this bad.

    The blog from 8-28 asked 10 true/false questions.

    #8 was: Will Cal win 4 or fewer games?

    24 of 30 said false.

    The six that said true were: Camtand, TC, Mark, Crawford, 93Bearinoregon, Brent.

    We’ll be lucky to get 3.

    18 of 30 said we would make a bowl game. #10 question.

    Go Bears

  • wehofx

    #15, 17, 18, 19 Couldn’t agree more.

    For me, 2 home night games per season. Which means, I suppose, 2 night games on the road. Letting L Scott whore us out for tv rights for 1/3 of the season is the price of doing business today. Larry Scott pimp.

    The Bear never quits.

  • Rob Bear


    Since you asked,

    1. Irrelevant. If the team was winning, the crowd would come. If not, the faithful, alumni will come and the whiners will find a reason to stay home.

    2. See #1.

    3. I DO take my kids to all starts, 1:00 or 7:30 and part of my response was on their behalf: they hate the hot, 1:00 PM starts and will take a 7:30 start any day of the week.

    4. Take BART or public transportation if night driving is not conducive to your schedule or preference.

    5. I am not afraid of Telegraph Avenue at 11:00 at night or 1:00 in the afternoon. In fact, as both a student and now a 50+ year old I feel at home there, just as I did many moons ago as a student.

    6. Our commute time is a bit over four hours, one-way. We are season ticket holders living south of Fresno, CA and I will continue to support our alma mater until I am fodder for ants. The homeboy above is right: the bear will never quit on his Bears. Put me on that list, win or lose. The only difference is that we do it with EXTREME PREJUDICE!

  • 707 Bear


    You are the fan of the year….what’s on the radio at 3 AM on Sunday morning on the 99?

    Go Bears! (Up with a sick dog at midnight)

  • clonedoc

    Woj, your post #3 above is quite frankly one of the best posts I have ever read on this blog. To a tee, all correct. Speaking from my standpoint only, you’re preaching to the choir. There are no excuses to be made year after year after year (a few strong years in between notwithstanding) and fellow alums who try to do so accept mediocrity and/or may not be true football fans.

  • EricSD

    Sort of disagree with #3 w.r.t. ‘superior academics’ at Stanferd. When I attended Cal, 93-96, I had friends over at the ferd that told me they could retake a course if they didn’t like their grade (I mean completely erase it like it never happened). I can only imagine the sorts of exceptions being made for their football players.