Football: Bears gain sense of hope, unity from improved attitude during loss at UCLA

It didn’t produce a victory, but Cal’s players and coaches saw a change in the team’s attitude and resolve midway through the UCLA game they hope will spark a change in fortune the rest of the season.

“We came together in the middle of the game and definitely felt the unity,” freshman quarterback Jared Goff said. “I think the confidence level was a little shaken early in the year, but it’s back to where we want it to be.”

Cal lost 37-10 at UCLA, dropping to 1-5 on the season, 0-3 in the Pac-12. But after after falling behind 17-0, the Bears fought back to within 17-10 before the unbeaten Bruins gradually pulled away.

“There was definitely a different mentality on the sideline. He’s definitely right,” said slot receiver Richard Rodgers, echoing Goff’s remarks. “Toward the middle of the game we came together and started clicking a little bit.

“We haven’t seen that. Sometimes guys get their heads down. But UCLA was different. We came together and were really battling and fighting to stay in the game.”

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Jeff Faraudo

  • eephus

    We lost the second half….by not as much as usual!!!

  • Malarkey, pure malarkey.

    That’s what you call all this blather about unity, hope. improved attitude. It’s just pie-in-the-sky babble geared to hanging on to fans for the rest of the season. The casual fans have already bailed. They know the Bears are a hopeless mess. Unfortunately, the hard-core types, like me, will never bail. We’ll just bitch and bitch and bitch. We’ll also make fun of commentary like the above claptrap from players.

    It’s hard to accept the ugly reality that Cal will win
    just one game this season–that narrow victory over crappy Portland State.

    Shame,shame, shame…

  • Josh

    Like the mentality… the wins will come

  • Easy Ed

    In 1968 I had the good fortune of seeing my first football game in the Coliseum, Cal v. USC. Cal lost. Maybe it was the dark blue helmets with the metallic gold “C” or the gold pants, but I was hooked. Imagine my thrill when I was accepted to Cal as a student. I was in heaven, that ’75 team, Roth, Walker, Rivera and of course Muncie. I graduated and moved back to LA, I remained a fan through some lean years then came Snyder with Russell White, Sean Dawkins and Mike Palawski. Some hope with Mariucci then the Tedford years. Now? Who knows but I tell this story to say one thing, for 45 years I bled blue and gold. Blessing or curse, I love Cal football. Vent, bitch and moan, I’ve done them all. Stay with us, GO BEARS.

  • NWBear91

    I would normally share the skepticism expressed by sportskaster, but I’m actually glad to read this report this morning because I felt like i perceived the same thing – i.e., that the Bears looked so much better (at least on defense, and at least in terms of effort) in the second half Saturday than they did in the first, or than they have since the NW game.

    The Bears’ poor play early in the game seemed typified by that disgusting screen play to the left sideline where at least six Bears defenders misplayed or missed tackles to allow a big gain. But the later stages of the game, to my view, were typified by LBs and DBs blowing up plays at or behind the LOS. I’m sure there were exceptions (after all, ee are playkng with lits of 2nd and 3rd string players), but I still thought I saw a marked difference in the “fight” of the Bears’ defense later in Saturday’s game. And it does give me an unexpected ray of hope for more competitive games going forward.

    I look at the schedule at this point and I see three realistically winnable games for the Bears: Arizona, SC, and Colorado.

    Go Bears!!

  • Juancho

    Great post sportskaster. Thats how i feel. I never bail. But i do bitch when were awful.

    If we had chemistry students on a reality show getting Fs. Id bitch about that too.

  • 1brsfan

    I’m with all of you. I bleed blue and gold through thick and thin. I try to find the silver lining in everything and although we lost again on Saturday I saw the same thing the players felt/saw. I hope that we’re turning the corner and although it may not lead to more wins this season I hope it’s building for 2014 and 2015. I too will bitch and moan like the rest of you but it’s nice to have others to listen that have the same passion for our Bears that I do.

    It can’t get much worse, right?

    Go Bears!

  • Woj

    Jared Goff said. “I think the confidence level was a little shaken early in the year, but it’s back to where we want it to be.”

    Cal lost 37-10 at UCLA, dropping to 1-5 on the season, 0-3 in the Pac-12

    IF ‘winless’ and ‘hopeless’ is where the Cal football team wants to be. Congrats – you are succeeding!

    This sounds like a bunch of losers that got participation trophies for showing up.

    This comment brought to you by the QB of the most doormatty of doormats the Pac12 conference has this year. Careful – this could be multiple years of doormatty doormatness settling in. Dykes is preaching the same excuses and defintions of ‘success’ too. I mean that college baseball player hired Buh who again was canned by Harbaugh less than 4 years ago from the same position at Stanford.

  • Woj

    @1brsfan Says:
    October 16th, 2013 at 11:19 am
    It can’t get much worse, right?

    YES it can.
    -The Oregon St. year in year old dootmatty Beavers (1975-1995)

  • Woj

    What is the correct term for the Cal football team this year? The Cal Doormats or the Cal Golden Doormats?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Again just bringing a little levity to this putrid year that is going to result in only 1 narrow win over the Portland St. Viks.

    And isn’t the Vikings abbreviated VikEs not Viks like the cough syrup.

  • Woj

    Is Nike redesigning the Cal uni. again for 2014 so it replaces the growling bear in black gloss paint on the sleeves with a limp torn doormat?

  • Gobears49

    I agree Cal had a lot of fight against UCLA. They never quit. We are just severely undermanned, in part because of our overall talent level (particularly on defense) but mainly because of the unbelievable injuries we have suffered. Plus, we are very, very young.

    All of the agony we are going through now should translate to a very good season next year, provided that we recruit well. Dykes should think about getting some top notch JC talent to fill key areas, which I would say are lineman on both sides of the ball. We need new good players and more depth.

    I was at the Georgia – Missouri game last Saturday and much the same thing is happening to them. They lost their top; three receivers and their top two running backs. I never saw those guys play but Georgia fans said there was a huge difference in talent level between the lost starters and their reserves. Result — Georgia lost a game they were favored to win, though Missouri is not bad.

    Let’s be patient. We are moving the ball well and have put a lot of points on the board. Plus, our schedule has been absolutely brutal. I think the Bears could surprise people in a few games this year. The Bear does not quit; the Bears does not die!

  • Joshiemac

    I see it as a positive sign that they showed some heart and fight after falling behind early. I mean, it’s obvious this team is bad. Injuries and a lack of top talent due to bad recruiting in 09 and 10 have taken their toll. The only thing us die hards can do is keep hoping to see signs of improvement and hope to see better things come next year. Yes, it’s an incredibly frustrating thing being a Cal fan. Yes, it really sucked to pull an Icarus only to crash back down to earth in the 2nd half of 2007. But let’s not fool ourselves. We’re not going anywhere. As old blues we’ve earned the right to bitch and moan when things are bad. But those kids on the field deserve to be cheered when something positive happens, even if it is just another form of “glorious defeat”. So Go Bears!

  • Woj

    How is scoring 3 points in the only half that mattered (the 1st) against Oregon and 10 the entire game against UCLA ..A lot of Points on the board?

    It’s not. Dykes supposedly knows offense but Cal has among the 5 worst run attacks (word used loosely) in college football and the points put on the board are scarce against UCLA and Oregon.

  • Steve W

    Nw bears,

    Just what do you see about USC that you deem that game winnable? Year after year, they recruit the best talent on the West Coast. They desperately lacked leadership and have it now with Ed Olgerin. USC has OWNED Cal over the past 10 seasons. That especially is not changing now.

  • Picard

    I’m frustrated by our season thus far and want to launch personal attacks against both Woj and Steve W. Woj for his/her incessant whining and Steve W for being boring. But, alas, that won’t help our beloved Bears win football games.

  • Steve W

    Anybody who prefaces a statement with “our beloved bears” can’t be taken seriously. So launch away, Picard. Don’t bother me.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I’m getting real tired of reading Dykes quotes that always start with “We’ve had a lot of injuries.” He keeps saying it over and over, along with “injuries happen” and “I’m not going to make excuses.”


  • Picard

    Steve W – Might want to consult your dictionary prior to posting, buddy. I did not preface my statement with “our beloved Bears.” I’m going to take a wild guess here: you didn’t go to Cal, did you.

  • Steve W

    Picard, don’t challenge me on the written language, pal. You will lose. You impress me as one of those weenies who ties his gold and blue sweater around his neck and whines like a stuck pig when a real fan stands in front of you to cheer an exciting play. And what a snob you are to imply you need a Cal education to enunciate clearly on the blog.

  • Picard

    Now you’re just wasting my time. Re-read your posts. You’ve got a ways to go before laying claim to a mastery of the written language. I’d also note that your lack of skill in this respect is duly matched by your lack of creative commentary. Try again, buddy. This time proofread your draft before hitting submit.

  • Steve W

    Picard…the lesson here is to say your piece on the blog, but don’t make personal attacks on others. I’m surprised you didn’t learn that with your Cal education. Book smart, perhaps…people smart…not so much.

  • Easy Ed

    I think it’s instructive to look at Mike Leach at WSU. This Air/Bear Raid offense requires a unique skill set of the players that does not easily translate into the skill set utilized with a pro style offense. Going into his third season Leach has WSU competitive again and I think they’re only going to get better. We have a young team recruited by a pro style coach (Tedford) decimated by injuries. While Mora has done a great job at UCLA he did not radically change the style utilized by his predecessor, he just coached them better. My belief is we have at least one more season to suck it up before this team is really competitive. Patience my fellow Bears, patience.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Easy Ed, valid point on personelle, but only to a point. The offense is pretty stacked at WR.

    As for UCLA, though, pretty sure they did change everything. Remember, they were running the pistol.

    I’ll be shocked if WSU ever challenges for the North under Leach. I don’t believe in his Air Raid at all. Franklin’s version is much more apt to be competitive, but they will need the OL to be able to do it. I don’t see that aspect of recruiting improving over the guys Tedford left him over the next 3-4 years.

    But let me get this straight. You think one more year of suckage before he has the players?

    Cause he is recruiting L Tech players this year, not upper tier Pac 12 players. I see no reason to think he can do a Mike Riley and compete with coached up players. This class is likely to get worse, not better, after this season, and if things suck next year, you can’t possibly expect the recruiting to improve much.

    I still have hope he can put together an offense with smart 2 star recruits. The defense, however, no way. You have to bring in the studs or the big boys going to our rivals will just march all over them.

  • Larry

    I’ll be there tonight. With the BART strike, I’ll say 10,000 show up. 5,000 of which will be OSU fans.