Football: Will Jared Goff’s turnovers provide opening for Zach Kline to step in at QB?

Cal’s football team suffered no new injuries, other than a deepening scar to its pride, in its 49-17 loss to Oregon State.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be a lineup change before Saturday when the Golden Bears visit Washington.

More than at any time since August, the quarterback job seems up for grabs after coach Sonny Dykes pulled freshman Jared Goff in favor of redshirt freshman Zach Kline for the second time this season.

There will be a competition this week in practice, as there was three weeks ago after Goff coughed up two fumbles in the first quarter during a monsoon rainstorm at Oregon.

Weather was no factor this time, but Goff had three more giveaways, pushing his season total to 11 — seven interceptions and four lost fumbles. Asked about his frustration level, Goff said, “It’s very, very high right now. I’m extremely upset at myself. I need to play better to give us a chance to win.”

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    The right move is give kline the start and the first team reps. Goff has two tds in the last four games. And hella interceptions and hecka fumbles.

    A “competition” means sharing first team reps at practice which favors the starter.

    Give Kline the keys for a week. Its time.


  • Juancho

    Goff after the game looked defeated. Again.


  • Juancho

    Kline on the other hand looks like the leader. http://youtu.be/fMPNfEbytAs

  • Juancho

    Lets take a quick poll of the brethren. A vote.

    Who do you want to start saturday?

    Juanchos vote may surprise you. But i vote for Kline.

  • Juancho


  • discdude

    I’m on board at this point, Kline.

  • Juancho

    Kline 2, Goff 0

  • Will

    Since you’re my arch nemesis, Juancho, I should vote for Goff.

    But I vote for Kline.

  • Will

    Though I haven’t given up on Goff, and it wouldn’t be the end of the world if he starts (we have much bigger issues). I just think that in a lost season, we might as well give Kline some meaningful minutes to see who is better suited to lead this team next year. You can only glean so much from how good a player looks in practice.

  • Juancho

    Will, you are my nemesis. Excellent rope work aside.

    Kline 3, Goff 0.

  • Juancho

    Goff isn’t the problem.

    But if you look at it as a team looking to find something to believe in so the next weeks don’t seem like an eternity. A new QB may provide them with a spark. If nothing else it’s at least a difference to keep them engaged.

    The issues keeping this team from improving are not QB. They are not Goff. But if I’m a receiver, or lineman, or running back, a new QB for a week gives me a short term reason to believe again.

    Hey maybe Kline is the gentleman with the magic touch. Again, look at the links I posted. Kline post game, versus Goff postgame, not even close.

  • Juancho

    Jeff any coverage from the Baseball alumni game today? As a season ticket holder it pained me to not be able to get out there today. But this hot diggity doggone BART strike makes it impossible for someone without a Car.

  • Easy Ed

    Does it matter who starts at QB? With our offensive line the play book should be entitled “Run for Your Life”!

  • Juancho

    Easy it does matter. B/c one quarterback can run better than the others. And because if you name a new starter those lineman might find some new motivation.

    If I buy you a moscule mule can you vote Kline ?

  • Steve W.

    The season is over, so I vote for playing them alternate quarters or halves for the the remaining five games. That way, Dykes and his staff will have something to evaluate in the off season to see which one performs better in all situations. I think the QB recruit from Arizona is going to be starting within two years, anyway. He fits the system. The other two guys don’t.

  • Woj

    Kline or Goff, Goff or Kline. It’s simply shuffling of deck chairs on the deck of the Titanic at about 1230am in the morning with 5 bulkheads jammed with water. The problem with the cal doormats is the incompetent AD hiring an over his head (but well paid) head coach Stormy Dykes who brought on as D coordinator a guy who is woefully over his head and lacking coaching talent Buh.

  • Woj

    What would fix this team quick is to have a D coordinator battle and then a battle of head coaching.
    Calling Bob Ladoceur – please sign up for open Head Coaching competition against Stormy Dykes.

  • Steve W.

    RIP Don James. The 91 squad he brought into Memorial was a once in a generation team. I still think it’s the best game I have ever seen a Cal team play, albeit in a very close losing effort. I remember the crowd giving the Cal players a standing O when they walked off the field.

  • Josh

    I was Kline, then Goff, and now back to Kline… Kline just was the moxy and energy that Goff doesn’t have… even if Goff is more accurate at this point we need the leader

  • Crawford


  • Juancho

    Kline 5, Goff 0

  • H8sRed

    It’s time to see what Kline can do as the starter. Cal’s offense is in a funk, and the defense regressed this week as a result. Sonny needs to shake something up. Besides, Kline’s scrambling and escapability give Cal’s offense another dimension for opposing defenses to worry about. With a weak offensive line and no running game, it might just be the thing to get the offense clicking again.

  • wehofx

    Kline – for now.

    Competition is good. What #15/SteveW said. As long as by 2 weeks into next Summer Camp, a starter is picked, just like SD did this year.

    Juancho, from your posts on Goff, ima guessing you’re a very good baseball coach from managing people/kids perspective – don’t know about bench tactics:) How old are the kids you coach?

    I promised 707 an Over/Under on attendance for osu game but didn’t have heart to post my 39K number. Glad to see it was 41K plus and it seemed like energy was good.

  • daredevilfan


    Also, I’ve been quiet for a few weeks since mad/depressed. But here are my thoughts for the future:

    1) Draft more intelligently. We don’t need so many Qbs (I’ve ranted on this in the past), and now we don’t need so much obsession over WRs either. Yes this offense may use more, but we need to be well rounded, not just focus on one area. And in today’s world of spread offense, we need top players and depth at DBs and Defensive line. LBs may not be as important going forward. And then of course OLine is vitally important.

    2) Utilize JC xfers. We’re not gonna have a great class with this year’s record, but we need a shot in the arm somehow because coaching isn’t our only problem this year, its also just some guys who may not be talented enough to have the impact we need. So let’s fill some gap and get some depth with some older, seasoned JC guys. They may not be home runs, but there is more film on them so they shouldn’t be strike-outs either.

    3)Demote Buh and hire a new/temporary D-Coord from an NFL team that is geting rid of theirs. This strategy worked pretty well with Clancy. Let’s find someone similar and give him a 2 year contract. If he can turn around our defense in 2 years and make a name for himself, then he can either get a HC job at some other school, or if Sonny hasn’t impressed by then, we can buy Sonny out early and the DC can take his job. So this hire, while being extra money (because I don’t think they will fire Buh, so let’s just demote him and have an extra body to help), both gives us a big shot in the arm for defense and recruiting, but also gives us a backup plan for Head Coach.

    4) Or, consider hiring Tosh back and giving him the same kind of deal. I know that might rub some people wrong, but our admin was quite a bit to blame, and we need the recruiting spike, so everything should be considered.

    5) Assess every coaching spot and upgrade where we can. We won’t have top recruits so we need to coach them up. If that wasn’t done this year, we may need to immediately upgrade. That’s just the way it works in college football. Coaching is so important so no learning on the job.

    6) Oh, and play Kline. We need to see what we have with both Qbs. This season is just training for next season. So let’s give him a few weeks and see what we’ve got.

    They haven’t lost me as a fan, but they’ve lost my business for awhile. I won’t pay or travel to see this mess til I know it has turned around. They’ve pissed away a couple “spike” events where we could have leaped up – new facilities, and new coach. Instead they sunk lower. That smells of an infrastructure problem. Time for more tough choices and quick action. I hope they can get it done.

  • 1brsfan

    I vote for Kline. Let’s give him the rest of the season to see what he can do. Not giving up on Goff but we need to see if Kline can manage the game and limit turnovers. Goff hasn’t taken care of the ball and with our defense it’s essential to not give other teams the ball back.

  • Dan

    Daredevil- one of the most poignant things I’ve read on here in a while- Cal missed, er you said “pissed” away a couple of “spike” events… New facilities, new coach. I don’t think that can be overstated. Like you only get one chance to make a first impression, you only have only one chance to leverage these new facilities. Keep in mind EVERY program now has stellar facilities. The excitement of the newness is gone, drowned out by some of the most pathetic and overmatched college football I have ever seem. Opportunity LOST. HUGE LOSS.

    This program hasn’t, just nosedived into the earth, it has hit and finds itself in a mile deep crater. Whether the mess this season is all Tedfraud’s doing (these are ALL Tedford’s players that have been ruined by St. Jeff) or Dyke’s deserves some of the blame- heaven knows there is plenty of that to go around, the person most responsible for the epic fail of what is BY FAR the most important program at Cal is SANDY BARBOUR. She has been at the wheel, seemingly mostly asleep, during this epic nosedive.

    Knock Tedfraud, knock Dykes and his staff all you like, but the buck should stop at Barbour. She needlessly extended Tedfraud’s contract for mediocre performance at that point, which hamstrung Cal with Tedford too long, she clearly does not understand her most important asset, football, well enough to see what was REALLY going on and then be decisive. She clearly didn’t understand how bad it had gotten under Tedfraud, and what it was going to actually take to get the coach who would GUARANTEE a Cal turnaround- Chris Petersen anyone, what was his price? He has his price. I’m not completely off Dykes, he still has my support – what choice do we have and who knows just how bad the lack of talent here is and just how poorly they were developed by Tedfraud. And don’t forget she was clueless and asleep at the wheel again for the whole Tosh Lupoi debacle. Where is her accountability?

    You win Juancho, I vote to give Klein a couple of starts- do it now. But be careful what you wish for Juancho, it’s a suicide mission.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I vote for Kline. Two scoring drives. He’s got Mojo. The post game interviews say it all. Goff doesn’t know what to do to score TDs. Kline has proven he could do it.

  • covinared

    From what I have seen, Goff is better so long as we have a credible running threat and adequate pass protection. Since we have neither, give Kline a shot. I like his swag. Reminds me of Pawlawski. Still, I can see how Goff beat him out. Zack looks pick prone.

  • rotfogel

    Kline gives/gave the Bears the best chance to win since day 1. His release is much quicker, he is less prone to sacks, he has already made some incredible throws in game. He may be more risky, but he, like Goff, is a first year qb. His upside is higher because of his talent level, which is higher than Goff’s.

    I went to the spring practices, I saw, I thought back then (I am noted on this blog as doing so) that Kline looked better and gave the Bears a better chance of winning. Dykes thought differently. The competition was very close and Dykes doesn’t like to have a two qb system, which is very obvious.

    Time to give the keys to Kline for at least a couple of starts, this season is over anyway so there is no harm no foul there.

  • ScottyBear

    Kline, definitely. He looks like a leader and acts like he expects to move the ball. That is contagious and we need this now more than ever. It is time.

  • Juancho

    Pretty much a unanimous vote. Time to play Kline.

    Wehofx, I coach 8th grade baseball, in addition to dabbling in 3-5th grade when they need me. But my bread and butter is the older kids.

    Each year I have a Goff situation on my hands. At a much lower level obviously. Where we’ll have a kid who is a stud on the pitcher’s mound. But then after a while other teams figure him out, and you just need to give the kid a break and play him somewhere else for a while so he realizes the struggle is temporary and can be fixed.

    Otherwise the kid, and the team around him tune out and you end up with the “here we go again” mindset. And I bet that’s what happened when Goff fumbled. I can imagine his teammates saying “here we go again.”

    The biggest issue is still recruiting. If we don’t make a huge splash, then we’ll need to have another “spike” event to have a shot. And there’s only really one way to do that. Replace a coach. And Dykes doesn’t deserve that. He inherited a program in dissaray, and works for a leader who is clueless.

    But I think the writing is on the wall with Buh and maybe even Yenser and Ingram. Those two young guys were supposed to be recruiting studs, which justified their inexperience. Right now they’re just proving to be inexperienced.

  • SteveNTexas

    Kline because Goff is getting lots of experience – he should have some watching experience as well just for perspective. It may make him hungry to play better. Kline has been so highly touted he may transfer if not given a fair chance.

  • Jake

    Totally agree with Daredevil. Barbour is the one to blame on this debacle. People will cry that we should have kept Tedford because this is Holmoe II, but I disagree. The problem was not in firing Tedford (which should have been done a lot sooner IMO), but in who Barbour hired. Dykes is not a proven HC, and now he is being asked to compete with giants. What we are seeing is David being SQUASHED by goliath. I don’t see it getting any better.

    Chris Petersen was on my wish list too. I like Daredevil believes Barbour should have made a better run at him. Didn’t hear much from her at all about their discussion, if they had any. Maybe Tedford told him not to come work for Barbour and that was the end of that discussion. Whatever it was, she has done a horrible job at the helm, showing that she understands what it takes to run a DI athletic program.

    First thing on my list would be to get rid of her. Without doing that, I don’t see any way of righting this sinking ship.

  • Steve W

    I was more apt to blame Sonny for the team’s woes a couple of weeks ago, but more reflection on the matter leads me to Tedford’s doorstep. Go back and look at his “highly regarded” recruiting class from 2010. Those guys are now redshirt juniors and seniors, and should be leading the team to victories. But none of those vaunted recruits – NOT ONE – has done anything significant this year.

    We can throw out Keenan Allen because he is in the NFL, and I guess we can also throw out Whiteside and McCain, who were tossed out of the program. And I guess we count count Wilkerson, who bolted for Arizona in training camp. That leaves Gabe King, who has made one tackle this season, and Jacob Wark, who caught a 5-yard touchdown pass in garbage time Saturday night. There is Austin Hinder from the Elite 11 camp, who hasn’t thrown a pass in college football. There is a guy named Crostwaite who is starting on the offensive line by default. I forgot to mention that the star running back from that class, a guy named Briggs, never saw the field.

    Cal is starting the JV team from De La Salle this year, and whether we are expecting too much too soon is open to conjecture in my view.

  • Wehofx

    Juancho, I think ingram has recruited very well w enwere and Watson(?)/corona.

    Yenser not so much.

    Buh is supposed to be a very good recruiter. He might be able to save his job w coupla big recruits.

    Per Twitter: Jalen Harvey decommitted. Not that big a deal cause Hawaii transfer had huge camp. Dj Calhoun deC from $c.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    “And there’s only really one way to do that. Replace a coach. And Dykes doesn’t deserve that. He inherited a program in dissaray, and works for a leader who is clueless.”

    One problem here, Juancho. Dykes didn’t “inherit” this mess. He interviewed for the chance to be paid to take over. He was not drafted. He was not forced. He chose to come here. He talked Sandy into hiring him.

    Don’t pity Dykes.

  • Juancho

    Wehofx, this team is loaded with 3 star guys like Enwere and Watson.

    Those guys are not going to help us make up the talent difference against Stanford, Oregon, Washington, USC, Arizona State, Arizona, UCLA, Oregon State, Utah, etc.

    Harvey decommiting is a red flag. The scuttle butt is that Jaleel Wadood is going to decommit and end up at USC if they get a decent coach. That would mean we lost our top two commits.

    Ask yourself, what top recruit will want to join a ship that just lost its two top talents?

  • Juancho

    I don’t pity him Bovine. I envy him. But at the same time I don’t think he should be fired yet.

    If we’re in the same boat next year then everyone’s going to get fired. Hell they’ll probably kill the baseball program again.

    What is tough to swallow is that as time has passed Dykes’ value is really Tony Franlin.

    Everyone else on the staff, Dykes included – doesn’t seem to be adding much value.

  • Gobears49

    We need to give Kline a shot for at least a few games to provide a true game comparison between him and Goff, which will be helpful in making a more intelligent choice next year as to who should play QB. We would certainly not be giving up by putting in Kline. I would not favor this for other positions, only because Kline are Goff are easily close in talent.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, really, really hope you’re wrong about Wadood.

    RE: stars – a number of us have been round and round that bone of contention. I’ll say what I’ve said before, “osu – and now – utah and wsu are filled w 2 and 3 stars – no 4 stars. It’s about evaluation.

    That said, sadly, I don’t think Yenser has even recruited any 3 stars(?).

    RE: J’s Baseball team. Hope you manage to slip blue and gold into their unis.

    J Harvey – honest guy, if true – Per twitter:

    Harvey: “The main reason I decommmitted, it wasn’t from them losing or anything, was because they wanted me to score higher on my SAT.” #Cal

    “I don’t want to disappoint my coaches off my grades but at the end of the day you know how [#Cal is academically].”

  • rotfogel

    Well, Jalen Harvey wasn’t that impressive on tape anyways. Not a big decommit if you ask me, there are probably some better WRs in the Bay Area we need to focus on.

  • Easy Ed

    Good luck to those young men. One kid was having trouble with the SAT and qualifying for Cal academically, no such problem at Arizona State!

  • EastCoastCalFan

    I’m on board with Kline; Goff seems like a nice kid, but he is in WAYYY over his head right now, and makes too many silly mistakes. Plus the fact that with Goff back there it’s target practice for the pass rushers. Kline is light years more elusive and gives us a chance to succeed if / when the protection breaks down. He’ll have to work on his accuracy and touch, the areas that Goff is ahead of him on, but I’d let him see what he can do. And frankly, if neither can do it, I’d think about Hinder. Is he really THAT much worse?

    GO BEARS!!!

    P.S. – Anyone see Brett Watson (Agent Grant Ward on “MARVEL’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” do a bit during the fUCLA telecast two weeks ago? He proudly announced he was a Cal Bear alum and stated his pleasure that Stanfurd lost that day! And finished with a robust “GO BEARS!!!”