Football: Jordan Rigsbee taking snaps at center, freshman Chris Borrayo coming out of redshirt

There was news out of practice Tuesday, after all.

Sophomore starting left guard Jordan Rigsbee spent the afternoon working as the first-team center.

“We’re looking at it,” Dykes said afterward.

Senior Mark Brazinski has started the past three games at center since Chris Adcock blew out his knee in practice.

He also confirmed that true freshman Chris Borrayo, a 6-foot-5, 290-pounder from from Paramount High in the San Gabriel Valley, will be pulled out of his redshirt year.

Borrayo was working at Rigsbee’s left guard spot on the first unit.

Meanwhile, redshirt freshman Christian Okafor took some reps at No. 1 left tackle, Freddie Tagaloa’s spot. Tagaloa got some time at right guard.

So, for much of pratice Tuesday, the Bears’ starting O-line featured just one player — junior Alejandro Crosthwaite — who played the same position when the team took the field Saturday against Oregon State.

Here’s how it looked: RT Steven Moore (back after battling strep throat last week), RG Crosthwaite, C Rigsbee, LG Borrayo, LT Okafor.

Stay tuned. None of it’s cast in stone and there are a lot of moving parts right now.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Dykes press conference today. http://youtu.be/Hkfr7i7ZW88

    Guy looks burnt out. And out of answers.

  • Juancho

    I feel like it would have been a breath of fresh air had he named kline the starter this week. Not naming him means the team wont have a week to rally around a new guy.

    Instead its typical of this new staffs “we just have to work harder” approach. Sometimes its about doing things different. Not just ramming your head into a wall.

    Its clear they dont want kline to start.

  • 707 Bears

    Desperate times….

    Since we’re talking offensive linemen, a question from the armchair: Why do O linemen wear the heavy knee braces, while D linemen don’t?

  • Juancho

    In the conference dykes said kline is behind goff in grasping the offense bc he doesnt have as many practice reps. no shit. Thats why you should give him all the first team reps this week. Not split em with the guy who already has enjoyed that all year.

    Dykes is dissapointing me. Hes sounding more like a young tedford. At least tedford recruited well. His staff anyway.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Agreed. Dykes is not stepping back from the situation to see he’s making a mistake.

    He thinks he is making a change by opening up the position. That is not going to result in a change because of the status quo. It’s only going to make things worse.

    He’s so busy picking which oar to use that he has not noticed the waterfall is only 10 feet away.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    I’m not big on burning OL redshirts unless the guy is a sure thing starter the next three years. That extra year of physical growth tends to be a nice advantage come their 5th year, and may even be the edge needed to get drafted to the NFL.

  • Woj

    Just watched the drive on Pac12 networks. Dykes is about as inspiring as the mud caked on the bottom of my shoe. Bor-ing. Can see why the players have tuned this guy out. He’s as monotone as the beep on the emergency broadcast system. And by the looks of the 0 wins over FBS teams – the teams is responding accordingly.

    Latest rout coming up in 4 days. The opponent doesn’t matter. Did Larry Scott get this game moved to 6am so nobody watches?

  • rollonubears

    JF, has anybody asked the AD about the fake turf as the possible injury culprit? I’m kind of shocked that we’ve gone this far and nobody seems to at least be looking into it. Comparing the exact brand/model to other stadiums where it’s installed (if any) and what the injury rates were there, pre and post install. Just seems way too coincidental.

  • H8sRed

    Rollon — It seems to me if the turf were the culprit, Cal’s opponents would be suffering as many injuries on the field as we are.

  • ThisisCal

    Heading up to Seattle on Friday, folks. A couple things I would like to see at the game:

    1. Kline start. At this point, why not?
    2. Coprich and Ervin get more carries sooner in the game. Same reason as #1.

    I agree with H8sRed about the turf. We’d see players from visiting teams suffer injuries as well. Does that mean it is a conditioning problem? Harrington was supposed to be a guru in this respect.

    So many questions and so few answers.

  • 1brsfan

    KA on WR ex-coach Wes Chandler… makes me wish Dykes would have kept a few coaches on board.

    “It was pretty dope to learn from a legend like him,” the rookie receiver said. “Just to learn his precision and techniques and everything he could throw at me, he’s a Hall of Famer for the San Diego Chargers so I tried to take it all in. We built a great relationship and I still talk to him now.”

  • rollonubears

    H8sRed, I was thinking about that, too, but opponents aren’t practicing on that field 5-6 days a week, several hours at a time, wearing down those ligaments and tendons. Not all of our injuries have come during the game, and not all of them at home, but the only thing that’s totally different about our program over the last 2 years is the turf, and the injuries.

  • CalBearister

    Re burning a redshirt, it does seem like a bit of a waste given that the season’s a dumpster fire, and I hate to make short-term decisions. On the other hand, if he’s ready to play, then let him play. Lord knows the five guys up front we’ve got at the moment aren’t playing at the level of a Pac-12 line – so either they need to get better, or get replaced.

  • Easy Ed

    Since this season has turned into a disaster might as well clean out the kitchen cabinets, throw everything into a pot and start cooking. Red shirts? Not in a one win season, you have to show these guys youse suit up Joe Kapp if you thought he’d help the team.

  • wehofx

    Burning CB’s redshirt? Yeah, kind of shame at this point, on the other hand, should be a incentive to recruits – insert cynical remark here – to know they can play/start as frosh.

    RE: Kline. Yeah, I assumed he start, per convo w Juancho and others. it’d be good for Goff to just chill for a week or 2 and observe.

    But to play devil’s advocate – as I’m still very Pro-Dykes – you have to assume Dykes wants a win. Really, really wants to win against udub. So, to state the obvious, he’s going to start the qb who he thinks gives us the best chance to win.

    per Bearly Legal in cgb, ZK had 2 bad back to back picks against our much maligned secondary. In same practice, Goff continued to carve up the D.

    Practice pressure vs game pressure. Agree. Almost as different as apples and oranges. But. I can see why, if they start Goff, SD/TF think he’s about to catch his second wind and break through frosh wall.

    imo tough call. From what I can infer, if ZK was tearing it up at practice or just outperforming Goff, he’d be declared starter and get all the reps w the 1’s. If he does start Goff, he’s got stick w him. If he starts ZK, he’s gotta give him 2 starts/2 weeks practice w the 1’s.

  • Juancho

    I’m not too worried about the redshirt.

    Except to me burning his redshirt is a sign that they’re not placing blame on Yenser for not an awful job at preparing the first group to play.

    Even Tagaloa is possibly getting benched. This is coaching. Keep burning redshirts and moving people around at different positions. That’s what they do b/c they’re hoping to find lightning in a bottle, instead of focusing on keeping their coach accountable.

    The more Dykes talks (press conference) the more blame he places on the players. And not these coaches.

  • Juancho

    At this point don’t start Kline.

    The coach pissed away a possible energy spike moment for the team. Now the team won’t rally around anyone this week.

    Now if Goff doesn’t start the team is probably smart enough to second guess it like we are, and say, why the hell didn’t you give him all the first team reps if he was going to be the guy?

    Instead of a half-baked decision.

  • Will

    Maybe we burned the redshirt because Kline is going to start and Coach wants to keep him alive.

  • ThisisCal

    If Kline doesn’t start this weekend, then it’s difficult to imagine a scenario where, barring injury or other unfortunate event, he would ever start. Dykes has shown that he’s not afraid to play Kline, but that, by virtue of being the starter, he thinks Goff is better. Based on what I’ve seen, I would agree, but Kline offers greater mobility and he plays with a bit more energy. I think you’ve got to give the kid a chance. Nothing is lost by starting him. In fact, Goff may profit from the experience of watching the game unfold from the sidelines.
    Bottom line is that we have to play whichever QB gives us the best chance to win. If Dykes goes with Goff against UW, this will be the last I mention about starting Kline. However, given our situation, I think Kline gets the nod on Saturday.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Dykes may end up challenging Holmoe as worst coach of our lifetimes. Like Holmoe, he seems like a good guy, just not a HC for a major conference.

    The worst part, presuming it correct that Dykes was the wrong man, he will get every chance to remain HC, moreso than Tedford, so long as Sandy remains on the hook for him.

  • Larry

    They should play this video for the Cal team this Saturday…


  • Larry


  • Juancho

    They should play the william hung video.

  • I thought Goff really played his way out of a start last week. Three terrible turnovers. Pick was right to the guy playing in his face. The fumbles were beyond ugly, esp the 2nd one. But Kline was not accurate over 20 yds. Surprisingly good with the dink & dunk, esp when he was rolling outside pocket. He clearly wants to run and does not appear to run thru his progressions. So, what do we have? Goff plays the system and throws over a good range, short to long. He is patient with the read and sees the run as an exit strategy only. That is in part b/c he is not a fast or athletic runner. He is a pocket guy. Kline is the opposite. Deep balls inaccurate or inconsistent. Doesn’t run thru progression. Looking for lightening in a bottle. That gives excitement but totally disrupts the concept of TFs offense and takes the other offensive players off the board. If Dykes/TF go with Kline they are essentially abandoning their offense to luck. Kline in at Oregon was a rescue extraction of Goff. Kline last week was an attempt to change the tempo and was a hail mary. Problem was it was too late. Kline should have been put in at the latest right after the whiff fumble. You have a young QB like Goff you pull him after the 2nd turnover or right after the third. You tell him he needs some time to settle, so he should just step back and watch the game from the sidelines for a while (here the rest of the game). Dykes and TF don’t want to play Kline unless he plays their game plan. They waited too long in the OS game to make a strategic switch and now, by not deciding up front this week to go with Kline for stabilizing purposes, have succeeded in messing with the heads of both Goff and Kline. That is not smart coaching.