Football: No QB decision; Rigsbee says O-line needs to shoulder blame for offensive woes

While Cal coach Sonny Dykes confirmed Jared Goff and Zach Kline will duel this week for the starting quarterback job, Jordan Rigsbee says the line takes responsibility for the Bears’ recent offensive slide.

“We feel like for the most part the offense struggling a lot of times is on us,” said Rigsbee, a sophomore starting left guard. “It doesn’t matter how good your (skill) guys are, if you don’t have a good O-line, you can’t play.”

The Bears (1-6, 0-4 Pac-12), who visit Washington on Saturday night, have slumped sufficiently that Dykes pulled freshman Goff in favor of redshirt freshman Kline in the third quarter of the 49-17 loss to Oregon State.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    That’s a bull decision by Dykes. Having them compete and split first team reps heavily favors Goff.

    If he had the stones he would name Kline the starter and give him all the first team reps so he can prepare as best as possible for Saturday.

    Still seems to me Dykes is putting Kline in a spot to not beat Goff.

  • Larry

    Dykes had the stones to pull Goff during the Oregon and Oregon St game. I think Dykes is desperately trying to leverage any advantage he can with Washington by not saying who will start. Not my style, but what else does he have at this point?

  • Very hard not to rationally conclude at this point that Goff has played his way out of the starter position. The turn-overs and lack of production in the red zone are really pretty compelling. Don’t understand Dykes strategy. Goff seems to understand the position he is in, both based on body language and actual language. Dykes must retain the trust and sense of fairness held by both Kline and Goff. This seem irrational at best.

  • noah

    There’s not enough talk about Rigsbee’s play. Forget the line’s inability to block. I’ve been at or seen 5 of the 7 games so far this season. There have been at least 5 horrible snaps in each of those games. None of those plays have had any semblance of a chance of success.

  • noah

    Duh, RIgsbee hasn’t been at Center, Adcock has. Hopefully Rigsbee moving there will help. Coudln’t be any worse.

  • noah

    Okay, apparently Adcock’s been injured the last few weeks. I’ll just stop with names. The snaps have been awful all season. Done.