Football: WR recruit decommits, ASU-bound

Wide receiver Jalen Harvey, a three-star prospect from El Cerrito High, decommitted from Cal and announced Monday he will attend Arizona State.

Harvey confirmed his change of plans to Phil Jensen of the Bay Area News Group after initially announcing the news via Twitter that he had decommitted from the Bears.

Harvey originally gave the Bears an oral commitment last April.

Harvey said in a phone interview that he had been trying to get his SAT score up and qualify for Cal academically.

“It was starting to stress me out. I didn’t want that to keep stressing me out, so I had to make a move. I had to do what’s best for me,” said Harvey, who said he’s going to take the SAT again. “I didn’t want to let them down.”

Harvey and El Cerrito teammate D.J. Calhoun both made official campus visits to ASU last weekend. Calhoun, a four-star linebacker who committed to USC, texted to the newspaper that he has decommitted from USC but that he has not settled on a new college destination.

Adarius Pickett, another highly-recruited senior from El Cerrito, tweeted that he is still 100 percent committed to UCLA.

Jeff Faraudo

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Good luck to Jalen, but Cal shouldn’t have wasted time recruiting him if he can’t pass his tests. There are so many other kids across the country who CAN (and already have) pass their tests that Cal should be recruiting.

    Plus it doesn’t sound like he wants to actually try to pass the test because it is “stressing him out”. So he’ll fit right in down in Tempe, its not exactly the Berkeley of the SW. Its more like the world’s biggest Junior College. And no offense to my one of my alma maters (30 credits), Solano CC. Go Falcons! Go Bears too…

  • Josh

    I want to say Harvey was a Tedford recruit … Not 100% sure, but sucks to lose him… Sounds like an honest straightforward kid

  • Hungry

    Stay classy BlakeStreetBear. Jalen – good luck to you except when you’re facing your own home team. Go Bears.

  • rotfogel

    I really don’t feel bad. I saw Jalen’s tape, he’s not that good. Alas, recruiting is going to take a HUGE hit because of the abominable play of the Bears. I used to think we had a good chance of landing Joe Mixon. Well, that dream has passed.

    Not sure which direction Cal is going in right now. What I don’t want is what happened under Tedford. Tedford, and Dykes mind you, always talk a good game when it came to recruiting Bay Area/Northern Cali kids. Tedford started off correctly, most of the recruits were indeed Northern Cali kids. Then Cal got good and he starting recruiting all over the country. Meanwhile, Sean Mannion (Pleasanton), Damonte Horton (Oakland), Vince Budiger (Concord/San Jose St.) and many many others weren’t being offered scholarships by Cal but went on to other schools and tore it up. Each one of those players are better than anything we have at those positions. I hope Dykes just sticks to recruiting heavily in Northern California. We don’t need anymore North Carolina/Texas kids, there’s a reason they come here and usually it’s because no one else will offer them a scholarship. Meanwhile, Cal thinks they’re being big shots on a national level when the truth is they’re getting a bunch of other teams’ throwaways.

  • Josh

    @Rotfogel – Have you seen tape of him this year? I follow several scouters on twitter and it seems Jalen is having an impressive year… anyways I guess the point is moot now

  • Juancho

    Harvey was not a Tedford recruit. And Cal does need to recruit him, until he can’t qualify. I thought we were all on board on locking up the top local guys?

    We are shooting and missing this year in recruiting. The argument that we should not have wasted time on Harvey only holds weight if we lock up other better guys. So far no. Especially if now Wadood decomitts.

  • Larry

    Harvey who?

  • Larry

    I guess he has been watching ‘The Drive’

  • EastCoastCalFan

    A committment (or decommittment) in October is as good as the paper it’s written on. Stop hating on the kid, and let him do what he has to do. Did you see where he said he “didn’t want to let them down”? Read between the lines – it means he CARES about what they think of him, and wants to do well FOR THEM. So don’t assume it’s over just because of this, just like you shouldn’t have assumed it was over when he COMMITTED in April. Jalen, I feel you, my brother. Do what you have to do, but know there’s a place for you in Memorial Stadium and a life past college football that a Cal degree will give you, that a pigskin… errr, SHEEPskin, from ASU just won’t. GO BEARS!!!

  • CalBearister

    I say kudos to the kid for recognizing that you need the SAT scores to come to Cal, and in being straight up in what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Cal’s not for everyone (a lesson Tedford and Boy Tosh didn’t really appreciate it seems), and I think Dykes is spot on in recruiting for fit (there’s a nice story about that in this month’s alumni magazine).

    I say good luck to Harvey, and if he gets his scores up and wants to come back to Bear Territory, he’d be more than welcome (i.e., not to pull the douche Pat Fitzgerald move). And if he ends up at ASU, good luck to him.