Football: Gabe King leaves to focus on academics

Junior defensive tackle Gabe King has left the football team to concentrate on his work toward graduating next spring with a degree in African American studies, Cal announced.

King, in his fourth year in the program, will remain on scholarship for the remainder of the academic year.

He played in 17 games for Cal, all off the bench, recording six tackles.

Jeff Faraudo


  1. This speaks to players literally quitting on this staff.

    When we are so thin due to injuries, and players like him and Logan still would rather just go home. Wow, speaks volumes for Dykes inability to rally this team.

    I can’t believe it’s sunk this far this fast. It’s been nonstop bad news.

    Jeff how about you repost what those preseason survey results were. What were we predicting 6 wins? 35 points a game?

  2. A good coach can transform a program and a bad coach can ruin a program. A school like Cal has to take a risk on a coach to be an elite program and Dykes was given a huge opportunity to bring Cal back. What does Dykes do- hire bad assistants, struggle to get the team focused to play and go nowhere with recruiting. He has proven he is in over his head and his team is quitting. He may turn it around in two years but he will never get Cal to 10 wins. Sandy should have fired Tedford the year before when there were some good candidates or she should have kept him another year trying to find a better candidate. The Dykes hire will end up being a waste of 4-7 years of rebuilding.

  3. At least someone talked him into getting his degree. The grad numbers sure need it.

  4. You all are free to read into this what you want, but part of rebuilding is housecleaning. King was a four star bust. Even with the state of the DL this year, he only got in few plays Saturday and immediately jumped offside. He looked overweight and his scout.com high school evaluation stated he lacked intensity. I wish him well but his scholarship could be put to better use.

  5. 1. He played regularly this year
    2. Like keenan he was a hs honour student
    3. Last year he put out a statement on how football was so important to him
    4. Hes not the first guy who would rather leave dykes lost staff, logan, wilkerson

  6. This isnt housecleaning. This is players screaming WE HAVE NO HOPE.

  7. scout.com had his high school gpa at 2.8. Did not he also greyshirt? Why would an honor student do so?

  8. Rebuilding is adding more new value than you lose.

    This is decaying. We lost our top offensice commit harvey, a top 250 overall player in the country. And wadood is supposedly going to decommit.

    When you lose more than you gain its decay.

    Dykes isnt rebuilding. They suck at recruiting.

    Dykes is decaying the program.

    Sandy time to go.

  9. I was way wrong on the gpa. I thought i read something last year that talked about how he was a great hs student.

    My mistake.

  10. is Harvey the guy who decommitted because he did not want to try to improve his SAT?

  11. Yes. He decided this when he was on an official visit to asu.

    Asu being the good team on the reality show.

    Unlike tak mckinley who chose to go to a cc to go to cal.

  12. If we had a great recruiting class itd be easy to say we dont need him. But reality is to win football players we need better guys.

    The excuse this year has been lack of depth.

    If we were doing well with top players with great grades its a moot point.

    But were not.

  13. King was the type that you would count as a sign of good recruiting when he came in. He made six tackles in his career. Its too early for you to count this year as a recruiting bust.

  14. Covina i can agree to that.

    This however is late in the recruiting year. Its too late for us to move into the top 25.

    And we are trending the wrong direction.

    Recruiting is 75% over.

  15. Were expected to lose 2 out of our top 3 recruits. How can you spin that as a positive?

    Oh wait. Mixon was at the oregon state game! Im sure he wants to commit now!

  16. If I were Mixon, I’d see an opportunity to play early at Cal.

  17. He’ll play early wherever he goes.

    Id see an ill equipped and unqualified running back coach. And a program that is not on the national radar.

    Oregon does okay though right. Oklahoma? Florida?

    We get him if he needs to stay home. Otherwise doesnt make sens. Unless he views academics equally important as football.

  18. Here’s a post from G King from last year. Sorry, JF. The only place i could find it was BI. Football was becoming less important to him. He seems like a thoughtful guy who burned out on FB and prefers academic pursuits. I could be wrong but my guess is he’s thinking about grad schools and gre’s


    Note line about DC. He REALLY disliked pendergast. Pure speculation: he would have quit last year if jt and cp weren’t fired.

    I recall article/post about buh or sacks getting on GK for lack of effort. Couldn’t find it.

    I know on depth chart he backed up DC. But he had the body to play tackle or end. Kragen and campo bust their asses. I appreciate their effort but NO way should they beat GK – at 100% effort – out as a 1. In FB he was a 4 star bust.

    Speaking of which, I don’t get why Puka isn’t starting.

  19. And a staff that abandons the run instead of holding an unqualified running back and o line coach accountable.

  20. Hes the third guy that said no thanks to this staff? Wilkerson, logan, king. Or am i missing someone.

  21. AND ITS MOOT TO ME IF THESE GUYS RECRUIT WELL. BUT THEY HAVENT. And hopefully they will. But until they add to Cal. Theyre just Tedfording us.

  22. Wehox: thanks for the link. I have a lot of respect for King. His head is on straight.
    Jauncho: if the line can’t block, why is it the running back coach’s fault?

  23. If its just the line you stick with the guy eho is getting better thanks to coaching. If you start moving guys to new positions its worrisome to me.

  24. In good news. All the assistans are out of a job after this season. Except for sonny and the coordinators every assistant was here on a one year contract. So expect huge turnover.

  25. Covina you are my brother. And i resoect you and your opinions. Even if we disagree. Maybe i am wrong and you are right. Thanks for being a brother on this blog.

  26. Wehofx

    Thanks for the link….reminds us that there’s more to life than football.

    How many more hits can this defense take?

    I hope someone is scouting the junior colleges; we need grown bodies now.

    Go Bears

  27. McCain was a greyshirt. Wilkerson bailed because he was buried on the depth chart. He never had an injury free season at Cal – hell, I doubt he had an injury free month! Bigelow was moved to receiver because he had 4 fumbles in 5 games & couldn’t be trusted. The OL has been crap so no one is going to have success running. Harvey is a decommit because his SAT scores were too low to get into Cal & he knew it. Most 8th graders could get into either arizona schools. Dykes wasn’t expected to win this season but no one expected this! The injuries & lack if experience was way too much to overcome. If this continues next year his seat will warm up & if it still is in year 3 his seat will be scalding. I expect a lot of improvement next year & more the year after. If not, it’ll be another coach.

  28. juancho is overreacting. It was clear that King had come to the conclusion that he felt he was being exploited by college football, as evidenced by comments he made before the season began, and combined with his lack of playing time, I am not surprised he called it quits. I am not sure what you expect from the youngest, most depleted team in the nation playing one of the toughest schedules in the nation. It is going to have an affect on performance and on recruiting. Sonny did not contribute to this team’s youth, it injuries, or its brutal schedule.

  29. Who has contributed to the offense doing worse every week since oregon ?

    How about goffs fumbles and picks. They moving him to receiver?

    Who on the team looks better than last year versus same or worse ?

  30. How about the Buh prevent defense. Is that tedfords fault or the players fault ?

    Is the poor recruiting the players or the injuries fault?

  31. UCLA HAS PLAYED 17 true freshmen this year. Forget this excuse of being young. MORA CAME IN AND RECRUITED AT AN ELITE LEVEL IMMEDIATELY. WHICH IS WHY THEYRE GOOD.

    They took advantage of their spike event.

  32. Lets take a poll.

    Who would you rather have on staff for the next 5 years. Sandy barbour, or Tosh lupoi.

  33. Juancho: the sky is falling!

    You have no life. And you are an idiot with both the quantity and quality (lack of) of posts.

  34. I am still upset at the Tosh Lupoi scandal. Shaq Thompson would’ve been a safety @ Cal, which we desperately needed. So many guys de-committed on the defensive side that year, which we could’ve use. All this talks about how thin we are now started from that recruiting disaster. We have yet to beat Washington since and I don’t think it’s going to happen any time soon.

  35. It’ll be alright if we go 1-11 this year and somehow land Mixon.

  36. “Who would you rather have on staff for the next 5 years. Sandy barbour, or Tosh lupoi.”

    Neither of them.

  37. Seems I heard all these comments a year ago…..Yeah, it was about Mike Leach at WSU. He kick a dozen players off before the season started and then some started to quit. Their leading receiver quit at the 8th game, with some nasty comments.

  38. Bill is right. Leach went into WSU and changed the culture. Those that didn’t like it moved on. Let’s face it, our team has been soft since about 2005 when Holmoe’s recruits were gone. That culture has been in place for a good 6-7 years and now Dykes is coming in to change that. It’s natural that some will choose to transfer or leave the team because Dykes is demanding more from them.

  39. Sonny clean house. We all said last year that this team was as soft as puppy crap! Hey man if this season is chemo therapy then give me the stuff and let’s cure the cancer that Cal football has become since 2007.

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