Football: Still no word on starting QB

Cal completed its preparation for Saturday night’s game at Washington, but coach Sonny Dykes was taking one more day to decide who his starting quarterback will be.

Freshman Jared Goff, the starter for seven games, and redshirt freshman Zach Kline continued to share first-team practice reps Thursday.


* The latest on Cal’s struggles to reach graduation day


Afterward, Dykes said he plans to announce a starter on Friday. “I don’t see any reason to wait ’til game time,” he said.

“I think they both practiced well this week,” Dykes said. “I thought particularly Zach has picked it up the latter part of the week.”

Dykes reopened competition at the position this week after the Bears (1-6, 0-4 Pac-12) lost 49-17 to Oregon State, their fifth straight defeat. Kline replaced Goff in the third quarter of that game, throwing two late touchdown passes.

Whoever gets the call to face the Huskies (4-3, 1-3) is likely to go the distance.

“The last thing we want to do is somebody gets into a flow and another quarterback comes in,” Dykes said. “I’ve never found that to be particularly effective.”


Washington senior quarterback Keith Price, nursing a thumb injury on his throwing hand, is expected to be available for Saturday night, but coach Steve Sarkisian didn’t specify whether Price would start against Cal.



Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    QB is the least of our problems.Coaching and lack of player development,that’s the issue.

    Otherwise you wouldn’t see all these desperate moves to reshuffle the offensive line, move a running back to wide receiver and have richard rodgers at running back.

    Dykes I think, can get it done. He just needs to get assistants that can be difference makers. Not these guys who are his friends from good ‘ol boy Ruston.

  • Jim

    Juancho: STFU. Enough already.

  • Juancho

    Lets take a poll.

    Would you rather we have sandy barbour or tosh lupoi over the next five years?

  • PV Bear

    We should be able to hire top notch assistances, with the pay increases to coaches after the Tosh-gate disaster. Recruiting is only going to get harder. Our pitches has always been the value of a Cal degree. With the lowest graduating rate, what good is a degree if the majority of them can’t earn it?

  • rotfogel

    Sandy in a heartbeat. I don’t like people who jack me. Tosh jacked a number of recruits on his way out. He left when he knew it would demolish what would have been the Bears best recruiting class ever. Now we totally suck.

    On that note I hope that we can recruit some ‘students’ who aren’t completely brain dead. Most of the time the smarter players are also better on the field. And I’m not talking Einstein smart, just get some kids who can read and write with SOME efficiency. The current crop is ridiculously dumb.

  • rotfogel


  • Juancho

    Thank you rotfo for having the courage to answer.

  • CalBearister

    I’m not giving Sandy an A for her recent performance (didn’t learn her lesson from Braun, let Tedford linger), but F… Tosh. Tosh is the antichrist. Tosh shouldn’t ever be allowed to set foot on campus again, other than when he’s doing the be bidding of Sarksleasian. Tosh is in my mind largely responsible for the rot that infects the soul of Cal football.

    Moreover, I’m glad Gabe King is focusing on his academics, and kudos to him for that. But if the reason he’s quitting the team is that we’re losing, or he doesn’t like Coach Dykes (as some have speculated on here), then doubly good for him. Guys who quit because they are 1-6 are quitters. (Note: I’m not saying that’s why King left, so I’m not attacking him before anyone jumps down my throat). We need guys who want to fight, who have mental toughness, who have a fire to win. That is NOT what Tedford recruited in his final years. We need guys who fit at Cal, not guys who get stars on some recruiting service chart.

    As for Juancho’s continued assault on Coach Dykes, now attacking “good ‘ol boy Ruston,” give it up. I know people from the Bay Area hate the South and think we’re all dumb straw-chewing hicks. Well guess what – the Berkeley stereotype isn’t all that good either. Oh, and while you’re at it, learn WTF you’re talking about:

    Coach Dykes: From Texas, attended Texas Tech.
    Coach Franklin: From Kentucky, attended Murray State.
    Coach Ingram: From Alabama, attended MTSU
    Coach Likens: From Mississippi, attended Miss. State
    Coach Tommerdahl: From Minnesota, attended Concordia (MN)
    Coach Yenser: From Georgia, attended Troy

    So there you have it. Not a single offensive coach was born in or attended school in Louisiana. And the defensive staff isn’t from La. Tech (Buh is from CA) Give it a rest Juancho, give it a rest.

    And finally, in case I wasn’t clear. F… Tosh.

  • Juancho

    They coached together at la tech.

    I dont hate the south. My words were poorly chosen. And you are right in that regard.

    My issue is he hired his entire offensive staff from la tech. And so farmthesenfine gentleman are not proving up to pac 12 caliber.

    Yenser never was an o line coach before. And ingram has limited experience.

    As soon as we get some recruiting momentum ill pipe down.

  • CalBearister

    But what I don’t get is why your beef is with him doing that? I mean, they put together the highest scoring offense in the NCAA last season…why would you break that up? It’s totally normal for a guy to bring his assistants over with him when he’s had success with them.

    If he had brought his defensive staff over, then I’d agree with you. But he left those guys behind. And the jury’s still out on Buh, although it’s not looking pretty.

    Also, I noted this quote from the article on graduation rates:

    Cal’s football team also fared poorly in the APR results released last spring: Its multiyear score of 935 was the lowest in the Pac-12 conference and one of the lowest in the country.

    “I didn’t get the opportunity to fix it,” Tedford said. “We were on the right track to fixing it.”

    With all due respect to Mr. Tedford, I don’t know what happened to that guy. It’s like the Happy Days when someone steals Fonzie’s cool. Someone stole Tedford’s everything. How delusional can he be to think we were on the right track to fixing the problem – hell, he created the problem. I just wish he would STFU and fade away so I don’t have to lose what little respect I have left for a coach I loved for many years.

  • Juancho

    Bearister, my thought is that the success one group has in one location does not always translate.

    Look at bielema now at arkansas.

    With a new challenge sometimes some new blood is a good thing. Same guys in the room tends to lead to the same ideas. And when you are in new territory maybe it wouldnt hurt to take a lot of your old staff, but also look for some new guys who might challenge the thinking.

    Especially bc none of these guys were rock star california recruiters.

    But who knows maybe they turn it around. I hope so. I hope we get a w saturday. I hope whichever qb plays does a great job.

  • BlueNGold

    Juancho, if you expect a head coach who is hired to a new, higher profile position to go out and recruit assistant coaches he does not know and has never worked with before, you are delusional. It just does not work that way, either in college or the pros.

  • Juancho

    BnG you’re probably right.

    But, Kevin Sumlin who has made Texas A & M into a powerhouse brought in a co-offensive coordinator, not from his staff, who was at West Virginia.

    Sumlin also hired a WR coach / recruiting coordinator who was not from his staff. He was from Rice.

    A&M is doing pretty good right? Both in how they’re playing and how they’re recruiting?

    When you get a bigger and better job you keep your philosophy, but hot diggity dog you should be able to have enough connections to get recommendations on some new blood that can help in the new frontier.

    But if not – then not. Dykes will probably turn things around and do a better job. Probably with several of these guys.

    But he was smart enough to give everyone except for Franklin and Buh a 1 year deal. So essentially everyone on the staff will be re-interviewing for their job after this season.

  • Easy Ed

    As far as the graduation rates are concerned, here is our problem. It’s not hard to get a degree from Cal if you put forth the effort. Having said that, it’s easier to flunk out of Cal than it is at any other school in the conference. If you take a regular class load and don’t put in the time you WILL flunk out. I think that these Cal football players are protected in their academic load by putting them in safe majors and then giving them classes to keep them eligible but never moving them toward a degree. I personally think that these kids need academic counselors who are not part of the football program. These counselors should be more focused to getting a kid a degree as opposed to keeping him eligible, there is a difference.

  • 1brsfan

    Juancho makes some good points about keeping the same philosophy but also bringing in some higher caliber assistants. I understand he wants to bring the coaches he’s comfortable with and knows but he could have at least hired some with MORE experience at a BCS conference level.

    I get that they were the best offense in the country at La Tech but the level of competition they faces is nowhere near what there is in the P12. Players are bigger, faster and stronger. The coaching is top notch and they can adjust and figure out the simple offense.

    I didn’t agree with the Dykes hire from the start as I felt that DeRuyter and MacIntyre were better hires but once it was done I fell in line and supported the coach. I hope he proves me wrong in the long run and that this is a good lesson that will make him a better coach next season.

  • Juancho–I love your passion, but not so much your logic. These coaches did not select the players they have to coach. It may be hard to face, but ask yourself how many of the Bear starters that lined up last week would have been starters at the major schools that we have faced this season. You can continue wailing about the coaches, but in the end it is the skill of the players that largely account for the outcome of most games.

  • CalBearister

    @1brsfan – there was a time when I agreed with you about the spread being something that couldn’t work against talented teams. And I still think (like Texas Tech), that you may go 8-4 to 10-2 for a lot of seasons, but you never win the conference with it. On the other hand, Oregon seems to be doing alright. The key is: (1) having the horses; and (2) having the precision and consistency to execute. And O-Line is key – but ours is not, not good.

    As for MacIntyre – he’s not exactly setting the world on fire in Boulder. As for Fresno State and DeRuyter, let’s be clear – he’s feasting on the weak just like Dykes did in the WAC. The best team Fresno has played is Boise State, which itself got curb-stomped by Washington. So not clear he’d have been the guy. Let’s just give Dykes time and see where it goes.

  • 1brsfan

    @CalBearister- Of course we don’t know if DeRuyter or Mac would be a better coach, especially with all the injuries we have, but at the time I felt that based on what little I knew from that trio that Dykes was my personal 3rd choice simply based on DeR and Mac doing more with less. I felt that LaTech had good players as the south is fertile recruiting ground for the SEC. Like I said, I had very little knowledge and both of those coaches turned bad teams around, had experience recruiting in CA and appeared to be more balanced on both offense and defense.

    Who knows, Dykes could end up being the right one, which I truly hope he is, but at the time I didn’t think he was.