Football: Cal-Washington preview


RECORDS: Cal 1-6, 0-4 Pac-12; Washington 4-3, 1-3.

KICKOFF: 8 p.m., Husky Stadium, Seattle.

TV: Fox Sports 1


SERIES HISTORY: Washington leads 50-38-4. The Huskies won 21-13 last season, Cal’s only single-digit defeat during their ongoing 11-game losing streak to FBS teams. The Bears have won just three of 14 matchups in Seattle since 1976.

STORYLINES: Freshman Jared Goff will be back at quarterback after coach Sonny Dykes announced Friday he has retained the job in a week-long competition with redshirt freshman Zach Kline. … UW quarterback Keith Price, nursing a injured finger on his throwing hand, was announced as the starter. … The Bears have shaken up their offensive line, with Jordan Rigsbee moving from OG to C and freshman Chris Borrayo coming out of his redshirt year to start at OG. … The game matches teams with the longest current losing streaks in the Pac-12. Cal has dropped five in a row and UW three straight since starting the season 4-0. … Cal will wear helmet stickers honoring UW coaching legend Don James, who died Sunday at the age of 80. James was 12-2 against Cal, winning 12 in a row through his retirement in 1992.

INJURY UPDATE: Cal — RB Daniel Lasco (shoulder) and OG Matt Cochran (ankle) are out. Washington —  LB John Timu (ankle), OG Dexter Charles (shoulder) and Saf Kevin King (arm) are questionable.

MATCHUP TO WATCH: Cal’s front seven vs. Washington RB Bishop Sankey. The Bears have faced a series of prolific passers, but now engage the Huskies’ star junior, who has rushed for at least 100 yards in 12 of the past 18 games. His 921 rushing yards and 10 touchdowns are more than the total of all of Cal’s backs. Sankey had 189 yards and two TDs at Cal last season, but last week at Arizona State was held to a season-low 22 yards on 13 carries.

STATS THAT MATTER: The combined record of Cal’s first four Pac-12 teams is 22-6, 12 in the conference. The record of their next four Pac-12 foes is 15-11, 3-10. … The Bears have not beaten an FBS opponent in 378 days. … Cal ranks last in the Pac-12 in sacks allowed (22) and turnover margin (minus-11).

Jeff Faraudo

  • rotfogel

    (My Cal at Washington Preview)

    Washington will be able to score on their first five possessions to make the score 31 to 3 at half.
    Goff begins the third quarter and after his second fumble is pulled from the game where Kline gets mop up duty as usual.

    After the game the Cal fans really begin to wonder about the future of the current head coach.

  • Juancho

    We keep it close. And lose 35 to 31.

    But the kicker is the way our luck is this year shaq thompson gets a pick for a td.

  • covinared

    What’s the over under on our late hits, false starts, linemen jumping and total penalty yards by a Rigsbee?

    These things can be controlled.

  • Juancho

    Thats right. Who did we designate as the official over under line setter for the blog?

    Was that brother wehofx ? Or was it rope man will ?

  • Easy Ed

    My hope? On an out pattern to Richard Rodgers, Shaq Thompson drives him out of bounds and they both land in a heap on top of Tosh Lupoi. Lupoi is carted off of the field with a broken leg. I’d like a win too!

  • Woj

    Final score Washington 48 Cal 17. I’m truly not sure why any Cal fan has any hope in any game this season. The entire Pac12 is good except of course Cal which ia a woeful doormat. Between 2008 and 2012 just about every Pac12 team got better except 1 of course- the Cal Golden doormats. Thank you Tedfraud for creating this mess and Barbour for hiring the wrong man and giving him WAY too long a contract to fix it(Stormy Dykes) and Stormy for hiring an incomptent D coordinator (buh).

  • wehofx

    #5 EasyEd I second that scenario with Extreme Prejudice

    I think/hope that Rig’s move to center is not only to make the OL more athletic but also to give Rig’s more responsibility. I like OL w nasty streak but his PF’s and the cut block against the wsu DL was N Suh dirty. I’m hoping w more responsibility, he’ll finally fulfill his potential.

    My prediction is that SD/TF are going to pound the rock. Run on first and second down, sometimes even 3rd and long. The Bear Raid goes nowhere – and Goff gets mugged – without a run game. So…

    #4 Juancho and Covinared, here you go:

    OL penalties 4.5 Me: Over

    Rig’s penalties/PF’s 2.5 Me: Under

    KM yards rushing 85 Me: Under

    Total yards rushing 140 Me: Over

    Total Yards passing 400 Me: Over (if we get run game going, JG get’s his groove back.)

    Game ends before 10/27/14 Me: Under (see: run game)

    Vegas O/U points 65 Me: Over

    Vegas udub +26 Me: Cal (victory to put sark’s – and the ‘ho – ass back on Hot Seat!)

    Yeah, I know, Ima dumbass optimist.

  • al

    Easy, tigers. Cal might have a chance to win…..against the buffs. I like Dykes (for now) & believe the team will improve next year & even more the following year. While the run game has been the worst I can remember, the passing game has shown improvement for the first time since ’06 – & that’s on Tedford. In order for Cal to get out of the cellar they must get a running game because this offense works best when it’s balanced! Last year’s la tech offense passed 53-55% of the time & was pretty great, especially considering who they were (still are, of course) the inability to land big time recuits in sec country. Cal has better players & athletes but are so damn young & have so little experience.

    Sandy may not be the best AD but she has accomplished a few things. She helped get Memorial Stadium rebuilt & Simpson Center done. She also hired Montgomery, Boyle & then Gottleib & oth hoops teams have really improved, especially the women! Yes, the stadium is a long term investment that looks bad (financially) now but winning will change that & the financing to pay it off was designed to be done over 3 decades so there’s lots of time yet. She has done some things I disliked as well. I wasn’t happy when Cal put several teams on the chopping block! It wasn’t all on her but she was involved. Most notibly was baseball & rugby, which has been the most successful (if not thee) college sports team in the history of collegiate sports! I’d also like to see Coach N get her field completely upgraded since her softball program has been consistently good for a couple decades.

    Keep in mind that there were many factors coming into this job that were going to make Dykes 1st season a mission impossible. He had to pick up & improve the P12’s worst grad rates. Cal is 1 of the best universities in the world but their football & hoops grad rates were abysmal. This can be attributed to douche lupoi recuiting good players who weren’t necessarily good students – & Tedford signed off on it only to get bured by that douche then by the recruits. Look back at how many recruits have dropped out or transferred because of academics over the last 5-6 years. Some aren’t even making it on campus! Dykes did drop a few of Tedford’s commits because they were projected to be marginal to poor students but did retain 2 DL who ended up not qualifying. I admit that I wanted Tak to make it simply because of his story & potential as an athletic freak. He recently said he still really wants to come to Cal & will do all he has to at the juco level in order to be able to transfer in 1.5-2 years. If he does, I sure hope Cal will still take him! Cal already had a brutal schedule in place & didn’t have a lot of experience, especially after the 1st stringers. Some of the injuries were already there, some came in the spring, some in the summer & most in the beginning of the season. It seemed as if it has been contagiousbeen due to the quantity of injuries! I agree that Buh hasn’t impressed & the defense can’t seem to make the proper adjustments or stick to their assignments. We all have to remember that he doesn’t have much to work with after the injuries & all the inexperienced players. He’ll get another year and Dykes will get 2. We really shouldn’t give them their final judgment for another year.

  • Juancho

    Recruiting is all that matters for me this year.

  • Easy Ed

    Looking at UCLA v. Oregon and I was just wondering what our defense would look like with Arik Armstead and Ellis McCarthy? I hate that piece of $hit Tosh Lupoi. I hate Washington!

  • daredevilfan

    I spent a bunch of the day driving and listening to sports radio yesterday, and there were a few key takeaways for me on College football that I think Sonny and company could learn from:

    1. In today’s world of potent, high-scoring offense, one commentator spoke of things in bowling terms, about “you can’t afford to have many open frames”. I think that Sonny has slowly fallen into a bit of the Tedford trap over the course of the season and is trying to achieve “a respectible loss”. I would rather us lose by more but show more balls and excitement on offense. At least then we could catch the eye of offensive recruits (and maybe defensive recruits will salivate at being able to turn things around). So I would consider cutting Cole L. and never punting again this season. Heck, if we give up the ball on our side of the field, it only accelerates the inevitable scoring by the opposition and gives our offense back the ball quicker. Let’s become the crazy offensive football team and let the defense catch up next year.

    2. Defensive focus on redzone and turnovers. Again, the realization is that it is really hard to slow down the offense in college football now. So there should be a strategic focus on defense to be able to “make your stand” in the red zone or “sell out for turnovers” on the rest of the field. As mentioned above, if we think of the other team’s scoring as a sunk cost, then maybe we just use this strategic focus as a way of not overwhelming our young D but instead turning them into specialists. If we can’t be jack of all trades, let’s master a few things and to heck with the rest for now.

    3. Hit the QB. The only way to impact some of these offensive teams is to wrattle that QB. So again, continuing a theme, lets not worry about conservative defense. Let’s send the house and lets hit that QB early, even if we pay the price in short term. Heck, blitzing may expose us a bit, but it also narrows the number of options that we need to defend. There should be a way to turn that into our advantage. And if not, then when we knock their QB around, that should help.

    Anyway, I think some of the above would be a few goals that the Bears could shoot for in a wasted year. Let’s score a lot of points and be exciting in our losses. We have some excuses this year, but we need to show “potential” and seem like we could be the next hot thing. So go for it Sonny!

  • Easy Ed

    Juancho my man you are right. UCLA is starting two freshmen on the right side of their offensive line. It’s not how many freshman you play, it’s how GOOD are the freshmen you’re playing!

  • Juancho

    My easiest brother. Doggone right b

    Ucla has played 17 true freshmen this year. Youth is secondary to talent.

    If we get a lot better we need to recruit better.