Football: Cal-UW game thread

FINAL: Washington 41, Cal 17. Khalfani Muhammad’s 73-yard TD run with 5:06 left capped the scoring. The Bears (1-7, 0-5 Pac-12) have lost 12 straight to FBS opponents and 10 in a row in the conference. They haven’t held a lead at any time during their six-game losing streak. Goff finished 32 of 54 for 336 yards with a touchdown and no turnovers. The defense allowed 40 points-plus for the sixth time and the Huskies (5-3, 2-3) totaled 642 yards. 

THIRD QUARTER: UW 38, Cal 7. Not getting any better, is it? The Huskies are two points shy of becoming the sixth team to crack 40 against the Bears. UW has 557 yards through three quarters. Price is 18 for 29 for 365 and a pair of TDs. Goff is 28 for 48 for 279.

HALFTIME: UW 24, Cal 7. The Bears got on the board with a 13-play, 75 yard drive spanning the first two qtrs, with Goff going 8 for 9, including a 6-yard TD strike to Harper. The teams then exchanged eight punts, a nice stretch of defense for the Bears. But Sankey’s 59-yard TD run with 1:08 left in the half pushed the Huskies’ lead to 17 points. Goff is 20 for 35 for 180 yards in the half. Sankey has 16 carries for 188 yards. Cal does not have a turnover.

FIRST QUARTER: Huskies draw first blood, moving 97 yards in 11 plays, capped by Bishop Sankey’s 3-yard TD run with 8:48 left. QB Keith Price, who supposedly has an injured thumb on his throwing hand, was 6 for 6 for 74 yards. Price’s 68-yd TD pass to Jaydon Mickens makes it 17-0 with 1:41 left in Qtr. Bears now outscored 127-34 in opening period. Qtr stats: UW 219 total yards, Cal 66. Goff was 7 for 11 for 38 yards.

COIN FLIP: Cal wins the toss and will take the ball first.

Game time weather: 54 degrees. Cloudy, but still no wind.


Greetings from Husky Stadium. A cool evening here in Seattle, but dry and windless. A good night for football, even if the game figures to end close to midnight.

A few depth chart changes for Cal:

— Puka Lopa will start in place of Kyle Kragen at rush end

— Joel Willis for Adrian Lee at cornerback

— Michael Lowe for Damariay Drew at free safety

And, the offensive line will look like this:

— Redshirt freshman Christian Okafor at LT

— True freshman Chris Borrayo at LG

— Sophomore Jordan Rigsbee at C

— Junior Alejandro Crosthwaite (over Freddie Tagaloa) at RG

— Redshirt Steven Moore at RT

And, yes, Jared Goff will start at quarterback.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Dan

    If you’re pissed about Cal football, Tedford, and now maybe Dykes, and are either really pissed to mildly miffed at Sandy Barbour, read this short, excellent article by Ann Killion in today’s SF Chron.


    If you do read it, I GUARANTEE you’ll want Barbour gone. First thing Sunday morning. How does she still have her job?

    Barbour’s boss(es) is/are as clueless and as asleep at the wheel as she is.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Fire Sandy Barbour! She needs to be held accountable. Get a new AD who will scrutinize the Dykes hire.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    One way to quiet the angry fans is to make sure there are less of them. Dykes is doing a pretty good job.

  • Woj

    Another terrible result and effort by cal. Dykes simply has no answers. He’ll keep rolling out the same lame excuses, strategies, and D coordinator leading to the same lame losing results.

    Sandy B hired a beaut as football head coach. Hired him for too long, for too much $$ (AGAIN like Tedfraud) and hopefully this hire gets both her, Dykes, and her putrid academic results by the athletes all fired.

    She should have been terminated before the Dykes hire.
    read this short, excellent article by Ann Killion in today’s SF Chron for more reasons why:
    She hasn’t been canned because of her gender and sexual orientation IMO.

  • Rollonubears

    She’s a two-fer. Hard to find. Even harder to let go. Hard to fault the hire, in my opinion, though. I was sold on it at first. At least we should get our money back from the search firm.

  • CalBearister

    Sorry Wisdom Cow, but my complaint with people like, and Woj, and every other member of the anti-Dykes brigade is that you seem content to cheer on failure because it lets scream I Told You So about Coach Dykes. You don’t like him. We get it. Some of us think Coach Dykes was handed the keys to a giant turd of a football program (one tranformed back into a turd by Coach Tedford) and should be given time to turn it around. You want instant gratification, try b…ing off, not beating a dead horse.

    As for Sandy, I do think she should be fired. Not for hiring Monty or Dykes, but for not firing Braun or Tedford earlier. Killian’s article is spot on – and she can’t take accountability for the embarassing academic performance but escape any consequence.

  • Dan

    By the way, I am not in the Fire Dykes and Fire Buh contingent. I was underwhelmed by the hire, but willing to give him the chance to see what he can do. I also realize and understanf how far down Tedford had driven this program in the dirt, and factor that into my position of what’s transpiring right now- though this is way worse than I was expecting and would have even dared expect in my worst nightmares.

    What is happening is what i feared could happen. Just look at Braun and the basketball program. Monty has done a decent job somewhat reviving the program, but there is still no passion, energy or consistently good crowds at Haas. Apathy was brought in by Braun, it remailns in large part even with Monty. I feared having Tedford here too long would repeat that with the football program, even said that many times here going back 3-4 years ago, and it has happened. I saw that and got that, but Barbour? Nope. And thats her job. Maybe the most important part of it. She has failed miserably in so many ways.

    I do think that Barbour should be fired. Killions article puts the truth about Barbour all in one short article and makes the compelling and obvious point that she is an abject failure. And Killion doesn’t even really get into the whole complete botching of her attempt to drop 5 sports and how badly she butchered that whole process. I have been so unimpressed with
    her lack of leadership, vision, accountability and basic understanding of sports.

    CalBearister above at #55 sums up my position quite well. And I also agree about the ridiculousness and incessant whining of Woj and company re: the nature of the program
    right now. I get it, you guys hate Dykes and Buh. In fact, I agree with the great majority of what you all say. But It goes back to the saying that it’s not what you say but how you say it, added with you say something so much you water down your message and you either drive everyone else nuts or everyone just tunes you out. Yeah I get it Glenn Close, you won’t be ignored.

  • Shaka

    There is pono and there is turning away from what is right. What’s right Bears Hui.? Not our words, not how we say them, but what is pono. PC in dictation, what’s next? Please make a difference….we deserve the best. Go Bears!

  • Darius

    ive been watching football for 31 yrs and the game is about making adjustments for this reason alone i would fire Dykes.1 & done why do u need 4 WR to call a running play,why do name a starting RB but the 2nd & 3rd string have more touches than the starter,how do u have 1 of the fastest Guy in the country in Khalfani muhammad but u dont put him in space with a slow LB,why u call the same WR screen to bigalow that gets no yards because the whole Defense knows its coming than u blame ur players becuz plays dont work i could go on & on just can him hes an idiot

  • Darius

    Bear fans wonder what happened to Cals offense that was our only bright spot.I’ve watched every Cal game this season and every game their points went down because Sonny Boy calls the same plays every game since Northwestern the only play that ive only. seen once is the fake fg play but i will continúes to watch just to see if i see a play that i havent seen in the past game and ive seen all 7 plays cal runs but he call the same play to the right than to the left so to him he has 14 plays.If we could grade Sonny plays on being original he would get a F yeah yeah i know Sonny dont call the plays what does he do but look stupid on the sidelines and hotel losers