Football: Lots of changes, same results

All the changes Cal made during the week — and the one that didn’t happen — had no impact on the bottom line Saturday night at Husky Stadium.

Bishop Sankey ran for a career-best 241 yards and two touchdowns and Keith Price passed for 376 yards and two TDs as Washington dominated the Golden Bears 41-17 in front of 62,328 fans.

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Coach Sonny Dykes shuffled his offensive line and let freshman quarterback Jared Goff compete all week for his job, but none of that prevented the Bears from losing their 12th straight game to a Football Subdivision opponent and their 10th straight to a Pac-12 rival.

“It feels similar … frustrating,” Dykes said afterward. “We certainly don’t ever don’t want to get used to losing. They all sting badly.

“It’s tough because you play good in spurts, but that’s not good enough against the people we’re playing against.”

Cal (1-7, 0-5) has not even held a lead at any time during a six-game losing streak since a Sept. 7 win over FCS opponent Portland State.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Bobsac

    This is so bad that Northwestern’s record 34 game losing streak may get broken. This team knows it is beaten before the games start. There will be no hope until there is a new coach. Sonny Dykes had worst defense in country last year, worst team this year. I feel bad for him. But the hundred or so players are more important than the paid coaches. They are entitled to have a coach who can give them a chance to at least be in some of the games. I mean, how do you go 6 games in a row without ever having the lead?

  • rotfogel

    Well, time to nip it in the bud. So long Sonny, this team is way too much Tom Holmoe for us to go forward with you as our coach. It is embarrassing. Dykes has no idea of how to be a head coach at this level. He makes Tedford look like Bill Walsh.

    Also, Sandy Barbour has to go at this point as well. She really doesn’t know what is actually going on. Dykes was her hire, Dykes is not a D1 head coach, sure he can go to La Tech and have some success, but the Pac 12 is for the big boys and Dykes is woefully unprepared to hang with the big boys.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Dykes doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s in way over his head. The only thing he’s sure about is Goff. This frustrates the fan base, especially after seeing what Kline is capable of doing. I don’t know why coaches are so stubborn about the QB. I feel sorry for the players. I feel sorry for Kline. Just give him a shot. What else do we have to lose? We’re not going to a bowl game. We’re already being blown out by half time. Is Dykes afraid of being blown out by the end of the first quarter? Is that what he’s afraid of?

    God, what makes all this frustrating is Dykes stubbornness. I don’t mind losing if we’ve exhausted all possibilities. But there’s one possibility that he hasn’t tried yet and it’s obvious to everyone.

    I wish I were a rich as Phil Knight. I’d pony up the cash and fire dykes right now. Are there any billionaire Cal alums out there–who love football as much as I do? Please step up and do good for our great university.

  • Larry

    Sunday morning, not much to say. 4 more games, 2 more at home. Can’t wait until it’s over.

  • Gobears49

    Can’t understand why Dykes give Kline the same (or almost the same) reps as Goff during the week and then puts in Hinder to mop up. If Dykes was really serious about Kline potentially starting, he should have used him in relief to see what he can do (again) in a real game and not just in practice. Hinder can get his shot later in the season, but if you practice a guy a lot he deserves to be the first substitute in a game.

    Still, I’m not close to giving up on Dykes as many of the readers of this blog appear to be.

  • 95pvbear

    Goff is not the problem so let’s not focus on that. I was as excited as anyone after the first two games. However, we have not been at all competitive and yes I understand all about injuries – they have been horrible. Dykes looks clueless on the sidelines and the job is too big for him. Somewhere JT is smiling. We are embarrassing to watch. Fire him now, please!