Football: Marvin is marvelous for Bengals

Former Cal wide receiver Marvin Jones had the game of his life Sunday, catching a team-record four touchdown passes in the Cincinnati Bengals’ 49-9 win over the New York Jets.

Jones, who played at Cal from 2008-11, caught eight passes for 122 yards Sunday. His touchdowns came on plays of 9, 6, 17 and 6 yards.

He is the first NFL player to catch four touchdowns in a game since Randy Moss and Terrell Owens each did it in 2007.

Jones had totaled four TD receptions in 18 previous games over his two NFL seasons.

A fifth-round draft pick by the Bengals in 2012, Jones is on the rosters of fewer than 1 percent of all of ESPN’s fantasy teams, according to SportsCenter.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Woj

    Posting at 2am to give Cal fans on the fence an early scoop on the last 4 games of the season.

    Save your $$, don’t attend any of these last 2 upcoming home games. Cal plays home vs. Arizona, home vs. USC then at Colorado and then at Stanford.

    Larry Scott checkign to see if the CAl @ Colorado game can be shown at 5am Pacific Coast time to minimize viewship of the 2 worst teams in the conference.

    Cal will lose all these games. Cal will lose 3 of these games in routs (i.e. 20+ point margin of defeat or more) and 1 game will be a decisive loss.

    The Cal offense has been exposed as yard happy and woeful at putting up points.

    Final margin of victory:
    Arizona by 22 over Cal, USC by 27 over Cal, Colorado by 1 over Cal and Stanford yuks it up and just annihilates Cal by 35. Final tally: 1-11 as I predicted many weeks ago/

    First week after season’s end: Dykes officially on the hot seat (to save any shred of face Barbour Twofer has left with the admin.) & Buh tossed overboard as Stormy’s first act to save his own hide.

  • Woj

    Sorry Buffalo fans – correction: Colorado by 14 over Cal. My apologies. I did not mean to disrespect the improvement your team has enjoyed under McIntyre. There is signs of positive football coming out of the Buffaloes.

  • joshiemac

    Yes, Woj. Things are horrible for the Bears. I can’t argue with you there. But can’t you save these comments for EVERY OTHER FB THREAD ON THIS PAGE? Man, we can’t even celebrate an old blue doing something great without the negatrons of the Bear universe coming out in full force.

    For what it’s worth, great job Marvin! Great to see a good Bear do something special in the NFL.

  • H8sRed

    It bears repeating: Woj </= Moron

  • calbearclaw

    A cursory assessment of Woj’s grade school writing ability makes it clear why he/she was not accepted at Berkeley. The sting of that rejection has induced a peculiar lifelong obession with our beloved university. It’s quite the compliment to those of us who actually managed to get in and have succeeded in life because of it!

    GO BEARS!!!!

  • Juancho

    Marv is a great player and man. I wish my raiders would have picked him. Reminds me a lot of tim brown.

  • Easy Ed

    I hate to admit it but it’s now clear, Woj=Moron. He/She/It hid it for most of the season bu the last few post gave it away. Any “more NCSs” coming for USC?

  • wehofx

    Ya #4 #5 #7 woj = moron

    Obsessive posting – at times when most of spend time with our loved ones.

    Moronic puns. Predictions. Excessive boasting. HIJACKING threads.

    Even though it is a “regular,” it will pretend not to know who moron/amy is. Right, woj? You never heard of amy/moron et al?

    “Woj” will disappear and it will use another one of it’s innumerable sn aliases. see previous thread where it was talking to itself via sn aliases.

    woj = moron/amy = coward = punk

    (In the future, I will do my best to resist feeding the troll.)

    So back to the subject, PROPS to Mr Jones!

  • Woj

    You are right I do need to get a new college football team to root for. This one’s an utter doormat.

    But why do most of you Bear fans take solace in the academic aura of your once grand university when you really shouldn’t? Grad. rates of your football team are dead last in the NCAA. Dead…Last! Juancho said himself – there are plenty of as good or better FBS academic universities than Cal. I’ll name 5 quickly – Duke, Norte Dame, Vanderbilt, Virginia, and Boston College. but there’s many many more.

    Academically, your special university stopped being great (defined as Stanford-like = top 20 universities) academically about the time entrance to it ceased to be 95% merit-based. Since the 1980s, UCB student population has been overrun with quotas and set asides for unqualified racial, gender, sexual and other ‘under-represented’ groups. Don’t doubt me on this – look it up. And UCB’s rankings tumbled downward at the same time (about 25 years ago) according to U.S. News and World Reports. Please change you label of Cal academics to ‘good’ from ‘great.’

  • Woj

    Go Fresno State!

  • joshiemac

    Sorry, but I must feed the troll here. Woj, Cal is still ranked as the #1 public university in America. Please go away until you can come back with some facts: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/top-public?int=a557e6

  • clonedoc

    I am not the U$C troll but will have to agree with everything it said about our beloved university on the football field. This is still the top public university in the U.S., as was correctly referenced above, and as such we need to demand excellence on the football field as well. There is no legitimate reason that can be given as to why this should not be the case. We have a joke of an AD who wouldn’t know a football if one hit her in the face. A clean slate in the athletic department is needed with somebody who knows the importance of COMPETING year in and year out in the money-generating sports.

    However, I should point out that if there was any possible way we could pull out a victory over that trash to the south in a couple of weeks, then the pain of another lost season will have been ameliorated in a significant way. Minority as I admittedly may be, I’m of the opinion that a victory over $C is more important than a win in the Big Game (no misconception of positive feelings toward the ‘furd should be gleaned from that statement however).

    GO BEARS!!! Proud class of 1994 member.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Woj is right about the academic failures as well as the football failures.

    Maybe the esteemed advisor of the football team who posts on here (as well as Bear Insider) can explain how he has failed so miserably from the academic side? Dummy down the academics as you have done and the standards only fall with it.

    I doubt the esteemed advisor will show up. When the heat is on SB is never to be found.

  • 66Bear

    Marvin Jones’ collegiate career and low draft pick are the products of the Tedford/Barbour/media-talking-head narrative about the Maynard/Allen combo that kept Zach Maynard playing for two full seasons in a position in which he could not succeed–to the detriment of the team’s success, most particularly Marvin Jones. I recall a lot of really incredible receptions that Jones made, in really clutch situations, where Maynard’s delay in deciding to throw the ball to him required the impossible receptions that Jones kept delivering. If Zach Maynard were capable and had not spent his career staring at his brother’s route on every passing play while he ignored everybody else, Marvin Jones would have had a great collegiate career and received the recognition and accolades that his talent, motivation, and hard work would have commanded had he played on a team with better leadership. I am delighted that he is starting to get that recognition and those accolades now that he is playing in the NFL. Thanks Marvin for your hard work and loyalty to the Bear football team. 🙂

  • Easy Ed

    Nice try Moron, you magically appear when your alter-ego is exposed. Woj=Moron

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Maybe, maybe not Easy Ed but why can’t you deal with the substance for once.

  • Easy Ed

    There is no substance to you Moron!

  • Boaltblue


    Please name the quarterback on our team’s roster that you believe was better than Zach Maynard. While Maynard was far from the best Cal QB in the Tedford era (I place Aaron Rodgers, Reggie Robertson, Nate Longshore (when healthy), and Kevin Riley above Maynard), he was several notches above any other QB on our team during the last two years. Maynard helped Marvin Jones perfect the sideline route. Maynard made Keenan Allen the most productive Cal receiver ever. Stop bad mouthing those who gave so much to our team, which would have been much worse without their efforts.

  • Boaltblue


    Why don’t you try writing to Lane K. I understand he is looking for a pen pal to fill up his days.

  • 707 Bears


    You’re being a bit tough on Maynard.

    Marvin played one year with Maynard and he has his best year, 62 catches.

    His junior year he had 50.

    Maynard’s junior year was a big year and Marvin was a beneficiary.

  • 707 Bears

    Lies, damned lies, and statistics edition.

    How nice that AT&T season looks from 2013.

    Maynard’s nearly 3,000 yards passing—third most all-time, more than Rodgers in 2004.
    Over 150 catches between Allen and Jones.
    Ise’s monster year running the ball.
    Won 5 of 6 home games—loss to USC on Thursday night.
    Holiday Bowl.

    We didn’t know how good we had it.

    Go Bears

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Still now word from the esteemed advisor. I would go into hiding too with those deplorable results.

    Come on SB. We need another skateboarding story to make everyone feel how connected you are to the players.