Football: Don’t expect a see-saw at QB — Dykes doesn’t want Goff looking over his shoulder

Asked to expand on his postgame comments that suggested freshman Jared Goff will be the Bears’ quarterback for the rest of the season, coach Sonny Dykes left only a little wiggle room on Monday night.

“You’re never going to close the door on anything,” he said after practice. “We’ll see how it plays out. The worst thing you can do is have a quarterback looking over his shoulder all the time.

“Considering that, you can draw your own conclusions. If the circumstances warrant making a change we’ll make one.”

Goff, who held off a weeklong practice duel with Zach Kline headed into the Washington game, passed for 336 yards without a turnover in the 41-17 loss.


Late in the fourth quarter at UW, Dykes gave redshirt junior Austin Hinder a few snaps off the bench. Dykes said no one should read anything into the fact that it wasn’t Kline who got the call.

“He’s been here for four years,” Dykes said of  Hinder. “We wanted to play him in a game.”


Sophomore Freddie Tagaloa, moved from left tackle to right guard last week, got some first-team snaps at his new position Monday. Dykes said there will be an adjustment for Tagaloa, “It’s something we think he can do well. We want him to develop and improve.”


Running back Daniel Lasco, who has missed the past two games with a shoulder injury, may be ready to return Saturday against Arizona. But Dykes said Khalfani Muhammad and Daniel Ervin will get most of the reps this week.


Junior linebacker Khairi Fortt was announced Monday as one of 12 semifinalists for the Butkus Award, given to the nation’s top linebacker.

Fortt leads the Bears with 54 tackles, including three for loss.

Jeff Faraudo

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Frustrating. Tedford Part 2.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I think Dykes and I agree on one thing: We both wish that he were coaching at Texas Tech right now.

  • BlueNGold

    Coach Dykes is right. Nothing would be worse for Goff than having him obsessing over being pulled and replaced.

  • rotfogel

    Dykes = Tom Holmoe II

    Nothing would be worse than watching a horrific offense stick with the same QB for an entire year, not even giving another player, who has played WAY better than Goff when given the chance, a chance to start a game.

    This team from the very top (Barbour) to the very bottom (recruits) needs a complete, blow it up/start from scratch, overhaul.

    This last blow it up wasn’t big enough, getting rid of just Tedford wasn’t the answer. They need to atomic bomb the program in honor of the late Dr. Glenn Seaborg, the Cal professor who found plutonium.

  • covinared

    “…who has played WAY better..” ?

  • Jim

    Rotfogel: you sound like a sell low/buy high type of guy. you probably sold your entire stock portfolio in late 2008 cuz you thought the market was not coming back.

  • Motivate

    Start Kline, put Bigelow back at RB with Muhammed and Ervin. Establish the run in the first quarter. Continue to throw the ball to Rodgers and utilize Harper and treggs on screen plays on first and second down. Not only on third and long. These coaches need to step back and stop over analyzing a system based on speed and athleticism.

  • 707 Bear

    No disrespect to K. Fortt (54 tackles, 3 tfl, 0.5 sacks), but I don’t remember any impact plays from him this year.

    Once again, I’ll wax nostalgic for the 2011 season when 2 impact LB’s roamed AT&T:

    Mychal Kendricks (107 tackles, 14 tfl, 3 sacks)
    D.J. Holt ( 82 tackles, 10 tfl, 2 sacks)

    Go Bears

  • CalBearister

    There’s a word to describe sports fans who crap all over a coach because he didn’t turn a train-wreck around in 8 games. It’s not “smart.”

    HysterionicsBear – aside from the fact that you’ve got nothing to base your claim that Coach Dykes would rather be in Lubbock right now, it’s completely unfair to call Dykes “Tedford Part 2” when he’s still cleaning up Tedford’s mess. Did Coach Dykes recruit two consecutive classes (2009/10) that currently contribute fewer starters than I have fingers on one hand? Did Coach Dykes let the academics go in the toilet? Did Coach Dykes fake injuries to slow Oregon down? No, no, and no.

    Rotfogel – on what do you base your claim that Zach Kline “has played WAY better than Goff”? Who has a higher efficiency rating? Goff (by a wide margin – 126 to 99). Who has a higher completion percentage? Goff (60% to 54%, again, by a wide margin). Who has more yards per attempt? Goff (7.1 vs. 4.4 – once again, a wide margin). The only thing you can say about Kline is that he’s thrown more TDs per attempt than Goff (5% vs. 3%) – but he’s also tossed more INTs per attempt (5% vs. 2%). And Kline has played a lot of garbage time. So while Kline is a great kid, and a great competitor, and a great player, the idea that he has put up “WAY better” performances than Goff is absurd.

    The facts are simple: (1) we have no experienced talent on the offensive line – which is causing the lack of a running game, the sacks, and the failure in the red zone; (2) injuries and lack of depth have decimated our defense; and (3) Tom Holmoe went 1-10 with plenty NFL talent in his upperclass ranks (Boller, Asomugha…). Name one upperclassman for Cal that’s playing now that has a chance of playing on Sundays? Pretty much nobody (I’d say the closest thing to JR/SR NFL talent at the moment is Richard Rodgers and even that’s way marginal).

    So for the 100th time, give Dykes a chance to rebuild the program Tedford let burn to the ground. Harbaugh had two losing seasons before turning Stanfurd into a BCS power – and that was against a much less deep Pac-12. Grow up and be fans, not just whining little primadonnas who want everything now, now, now.

  • Easy Ed

    Ditto Calbearister

  • covinared

    I join in the Bearister’s argument.

  • rotfogel

    My point is that in the games which Kline has taken over, Goff had been God awful and the coach couldn’t possibly continue with him. Kline came in and looked at minimum decent. His first collegiate game was at Oregon and he played OK to Goff’s horrifically bad.

    The next time he saw the field was the same scenario but this time at home vs Oregon St. Goff played like garbage and Kline came in a looked, there’s the ‘WAY’ word, WAY better than Goff…Let me repeat: WAY better than Goff in those games which he had to come in.

    Dykes’ team has shown me a few things: One, the fundamentals are not there whatsoever, tackling, blocking execution. Two, Dykes does not know how to properly use the talent on his team. Stop trying to tell me this is not a talented team, even Dykes said himself before the season this was a very deep group. Now injuries are the main excuse? I get it, injuries have been really bad, but when your only victory is barely beating a bad Portland St. team? Geez, I don’t know what you guys are thinking.

  • rotfogel

    BTW, I don’t necessarily want to win “now now now”.

    Put thing in perspective a bit, use your brain. We’re in historically bad territory, not just “oh this team is disappointingly bad”, no this is written history bad. When your children’s children ask “Do you remember the worst Cal team, well the 2013 team will be right up there with the Holmoe era. Future Bear fans will look back on this period and ask “how?” How did this happen? Injuries were a part, sure, but the poor play from both sides of the ball is mind numbing, it doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. No Pac 12 team even comes close to looking as bad as the Bears…not even close.

  • covinared

    “Dykes does not know how to properly use the talent on the team.” How would Coach Rotfogel properly use the available talent? Please explain.

  • Jim

    Rotfogel: The sky is falling, again!

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    I agree with Rotfogel.

    CalBearister, I agree that on this post I’m venting and have no basis for my claims. I suppose you can see my other posts to see my claims and my arguments. In short, I think what Rotfogel wrote in his comments summarize my position re: Dykes.

    I don’t appreciate the adhominems (distorting my name). I could call you CalScumBucketLawyer or CalIMakeMyLivingOfftheMiseriesOfOtherPeople, but I won’t stoop to that level.

    Still, I’ve seen 8 games and I’ve seen enough. Dykes doesn’t know what he’s doing. I can live with a losing team, but I can’t live with a headstrong coach who will change everything except the QB (a la Tedford).

    Who yells at the players when they give a half-hearted effort? The coaches. Who yells at the coaches when they give a half-hearted effort? Yours truly — THE FANS.

  • rotfogel

    Covinard: As short an explanation as I can make:
    1) tackling was not practiced in the preseason in order to “preserve” health. Epic Fail
    2) Concerning the talent: Lasco was the best back from day 1, he wasn’t used correctly at all. If you couldn’t see that, that’s your bad.
    3) Kline v Goff. I went the spring practice, Kline was better than Goff. There’s enough throughout these blogs that you can see my opinion thoroughly.
    4) Lack of pressure from the defense. Initially, very little blitz packages. This is fine if your defense stops the opponent at least occasionally. The Bear defense never stopped anyone all year long and they never changed.
    5) If the blocking is so bad, you may want to consider beefing up the line using some 2 TE sets. Dykes sure has complained about the offensive line but he has not changed his scheme at all. At least he moved some guys around this past game.

    6) Good coaches make adjustments, bad coaches make excuses.

  • rotfogel

    I’m a passionate fan. I am not willing to watch Tom Holmoe part 2. I love Cal football and am not willing to sit and watch putrid football from my favorite team.

    I see you’re fine with it. I guess we’re just different in that regard.

  • rotfogel

    I bought a house in 2012. Not in 07 or 08. Also, I bought a ton of Yahoo stock in 2011 which I sold recently.

    Hope that clears up your misconception of me being a buy high sell low type of person.

  • Ray Finkle

    I was willing to give Dykes time to build the program, but this is ridiculous. This team has injuries, great, whatever, but the Total defense and penalties/pen yards per game are #120 and #121 respectively, out of 123 teams. That my friends is CRAPPY coaching. You can’t tell me our 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers on defense are worse than the 1st-4th stringers of UAB, Temple, air force, Kent st,New Mexico,Idaho etc….am I missing something. Great coaches get the best out of non-great players, this staff does not do that. Tell me I’m wrong, but do it nicely, since some of you are complete aholes on this blog.

  • covinared

    Coach Rot:
    1. the defense is made up primarily of seciond third and fourth stringers. There is a reason why they are not first stringers. More tackling practice in august would not change this fact.
    2. Its funny how you mention Lasco. I was in the minority of favoring him over Bigelow. Lasco was used equally with Bigelow in the beginning and was taking over until he fumbled on the 5 yard line agaist WSU. He fumbled again against UCLA and got hurt. I agree he has shown the best overall ability of the backs, but he is hurt and is a fumbler. Muhammad, Ervin and Coprich, for all their inadequacies are healthy and seem to hold onto the ball.
    3. I have seen both Kline and Goff play. I defer to the coach on who he sees as the best long term solution. As other have pinted out, Goff has better numbers across the board and most of Kline’s good works have come in gargbage time. Klinee came in as the savior. Its hard for some to accept that he may not be the best guy.
    4. Buh has been blitzing more. Washington’s 2 long TD passes happened during blitzes because it left our second and third string db’s to get badly burned in single coverage.
    5. Dykes offense, by defintion, does not have tight ends. It is designed to open up holes by spreading out the defense. In short yardage, he lines up the tight ends in the backfield for extra blocking, not on the line.
    6. I have seen adjustments throught the year, but the bottom line is that he is overhauling the entire program, with mostly marginal and/or youg talent and has decimated by injuries.

  • rotfogel

    I’ll repeat:
    Good coaches make adjustments, bad coaches make excuses.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    A big problem I am noticing in the arguments on these boards has been the lack of an attempt to comprehend some of the criticisms being sent Dykes way.

    I’ll switch sports to better explain that it is about the dicisions and lack there of much moreso than the results on the field.

    Think baseball. I’d be complaining if the pitcher threw a fastball every pitch, saying he needs to change pitches once in a while, as well as speeds and location. The response on these boards would be that the pitcher doesn’t have experience and can’t be expected to be Greg Maddux. See the problem? It’s not that the pitcher fails but HOW he is failing.

    My defensive concerns were noted before game one (where the response was “they have not even played yet!” if you recall). Even then, and let me be clear, I’m not saying they failed, but they are failing. They can still scrap the idiotic simple defense for a more complex route. Regardless, the concern remains that these coaches didn’t realize the blitzing was needed until last week.

    As for the QB, I won’t say it’s Tedford II, but a “Goff looking over his shoulder” scenario could have easily been avoided by simply saying (and doing) “Kline gets a week with the first team and a start. This is giving Kline an opportunity, but we’d also like our true freshman to see how a game goes from the sidelines to help his learning curve.” A week of not being THE guy or in a fight for the job could have been used as a teaching tool AND give the Kline camp a chance to see if his game play actually is better than his practice play (it’s been known to be the case with some players).

    I am at least marginally pleased that Dykes now appears to have realized a simple defense won’t work in the Pac 12. Now he has to can Buh. Pac 12 games may be an okay place for a QB to learn on the job. I want a DC that has graduated from high school Ds.

  • covinared

    Wisdom: give Kline camp a chance to see him play? That should be a factor? What about the Hinder or Mahalic camps? This is not the all star game where the fans decide. We got burned on 2 blitzes on Saturday. We may have been better off blitzing less.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Dykes opened up a competition. That means HE was also looking to see what Kline could offer. That is what I meant by Kline camp.

    Also, check today’s sfgate cal story, part of which I quoted in the next blog entry talking defense. You still don’t get it, exactly as I wrote above. Plus, that Dykes now agrees with my rationale on blitzes, does this mean he is just another lunatic fringe no nothing idiot? Use your own brain I stead of swallowing anything put in front of you by a position of authority.

  • Steve W

    I actually sympathize with both sides of the argument. Losing all those defensive starters is a legit claim for the horrific results on the defensive side of the ball. But the offense is regressing with most of the original nucleus intact, and that’s on the coaches. The offense is fairly adept at moving the ball between the 30-yard lines, but can’t punch it’s way out of a paper bag in the red zone. Just whom do we blame for calling Richard Rodgers’ number three times in a row on the goal line against UCLA when Cal still had a chance in the game? If your O- line doesn’t have the will and desire to blow the Bruin defenders off the goal line just once while you are still in the game, then maybe you didn’t work gard enough in spring ball, summer weight workouts and fall camp. And if as coaches you don’t recognize those deficiencies, where do you place the blame?

  • covinared

    I don’t think the failure to score against ucla was due to lack of will or desire. The ol guys just aren’t very good. Bigelow failed on 3 tries on the goal line the week before, after Lasco fumbled on the 5. It was Rodgers turn. The offense is regressing because it needs a credible running threat to work. Teams know that now. They can focus on stopping the pass and ignore the run. They also can drop 7-8 into coverage because they can put alot of pressure of Goff rushing only 3 or 4. The o line is down 2 starters, is young and not showing much skill.

  • rotfogel

    Call em’ out then. Exactly which guys specifically aren’t that good.
    I disagree with you. The talent isn’t the greatest, but it’s also not “get completely blown out in every game bad”.

    Look, we almost lost to Portland St. Please tell me about the players on Portland St who are more talented than the current crop of Cal players.

    Quit blaming the players and making excuses that aren’t legit.

  • covinared

    Rot: I doubt that any of our current line would start or see significant playing time for more than one or two other PAC 12 teams. Go back and look at the Goff sacks. How many feature a Tagaloa wiff? Adcock and Gibson were our best lineman in the beginning. They are hurt. The others have promise, but beside Rigsbee, aren’t ready yet. Its hard for a freshman to succede on the OL. Look what happened to UCLA.
    Last year the line was strong enough to run block adequately well some times but was not athletic enough to pass protect ever. This line can’t do either. Next year they will be stronger and more experienced, and hopefully will include Gibson and Adcock.

  • CalBearister


    Why do you see Jared Goff as the problem? Is Jared Goff failing miserably in pass protection? Is he failing to finish a block? And with all due respect, I think Coach Dykes knows a little more about how to coach football than you do.

    As for distorting your name, two quick comments: (1) you are engaging in hysterionics about Dykes, thus the play on your name (as for your highly creative alternatives, that might work if I did law firm work, but much like your attacks on Coach Dykes, you don’t know the first thing about what you’re talking about there either); and (2) you’re taking cheap shots at Dykes, that’s why I figure you’re fair game.

  • Heteroscedasticbear


    Okay. Lets have it your way.