Jeff Faraudo

  • Joshiemac

    The academics are cause enough for a firing here. She has to go.

  • Larry

    Sandy will be gone within the year. Whether she ‘saves face’ and steps down or gets axed, I don’t know, but
    she’s gone. Cal fell too far down the shit hole for her to stay.

  • GldnBear71

    Fire Sandy and all those affiliated with the academic support system for the players.

  • covinared

    its not for knowledge that we come to college, so let’s have another glass of beer!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    HAHAHAHA…daddy just said that you guys are going to go back to the 1960s when ineptness on the field was considered a mark of glory. See you in the cellar of the Pac 12 for the next 10 years until another Mike White comes along who will cheat his way to a couple of winning seasons.

  • Woj

    Sandy B. is the largest!!! reason by far Cal stinks in football. She should have been canned 5 years ago for the egregious Tedford extension. Then the financial boondoggles of Memorial which are approaching the veracity of Obama’s ‘You Can Keep your current Healthplan if you like” pledges. Now the Dykes hire and WAY WAY too long 5 year expensive contract he and his entire staff was given. A totally unproven with a slim track record was given muulti millions per year for 5 years. And the worst offense of Sandy B- the horrible academic performance of the football and other teams. Dead last in the Pac12. And the 2013 football team – an uncompetitive joke.

    Fire her – get over the 2fer background she has and look at the utter incomptence.

  • Woj

    Save your time and $$ watching on Saturday.
    Arizona tore up WSU which handily beat the Golden Doormats.
    Final score – Arizona 55 Cal 21.
    Cal gets 10 garbage points in 4th quarter against AZ’s backups. Dykes lamely states in a monotone voice – Cal is making progress & fails to mention the progress being made by his team to finish as the worst BCS conference team in college football this year.

  • Woj

    Go ahead and hate all you want.
    Facts are facts —
    Out of 123 div. 1 teams cal ranks 120 in points per game allowed
    121 in yards per game allowed123 in pass yards per game allowed
    123 in points allowed in 1st quarter
    121 in turnover margin110 in rushing yards per game allowed
    Kind of makes you miss the Holmoe years doesn’t it?
    A little of this can be because of what happened a few years ago when Tedford lost a top ten recruiting class because they followed the recruiter to Washington. He was making about $150k at Cal and Washington offered him about 500k anhd a houseboat. He left and took the recruits with him. Still doesn’t come close to explaining the utter mess that is the 2013 football program. Nothing done by Dykes should inspire confidence he can right this ship.

  • calbearclaw

    Win or lose, I love the Golden Bears and will be lustily rooting them on this Saturday. And that’s all there is to it.

  • 707 Bear


    I know Shaq Thompson went to Washington with Tosh, but were there others?

    I know we lost others to UCLA and Oregon.

  • Ray Finkle

    Anybody know what Sandy makes per year and if she has a contract for multiple years? Just curious