Football: Cal post-game notebook

Cal’s blocking and tackling — the two basic building blocks of football — both were better Saturday in a 33-28 loss to Arizona.

Coach Sonny Dykes said the offensive line had its best day and the defense tackled better than it has all season.

He chalked up the improvement to continuity. “We’ve had some consistency in some of the players,” he said, referring to the fact that the Bears haven’t been forced by injuries to make lineup changes the past couple weeks.

Quarterback Jared Goff, who was not sacked, called offensive line’s performance “probably their best game so far. They did a great job of protection.”

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Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Where is brother covinius with the report from the colorado v ucla game.

  • 707 Bear

    “The Cal student section at Memorial Stadium had perhaps 200 fans when the game began at 12:30 p.m. — a bit early for college kids on a Saturday. It filled in gradually throughout the game, but never was close to capacity.”

    Thanks Jeff for confirming my earlier reporting on the lamest student section in college football.

    It certainly wasn’t too “early” for every fraternity I saw to have spirited games of beer pong; those drunkards will be given an excuse for their tardiness.

    Set your alarms for the high noon start against U$C next week.

  • Juancho

    When i was a student aaron rodgers, marshawn lynch, and desean jackson were playing. And they won. And it was a sell out every game that last rodgers year i believe.

    The team is terrible and had been blown out every week. If students want to study or party at the frats more power to them.


  • Juancho

    Brother seven hundred and seven. I hope the students come out en masse for bball. Jabari bird is a star who will have a long nba career.

  • 707 Bear


    You’re right about the ESP seats. Big trouble ahead.

    The ESP section was half full. The cheapest seat in the ESP is $2700 per year and goes up way over $10,000. That’s a lot of cash “missing” every year.

    However, sections T and TT (just north of the empty student section) and the bench seats with backs (to the left and right of the ESP section) were packed.

    IMHO, people would pay close to $100 per game to be between the 30 yard lines if they had a real seat—you know with a back and a cup holder.

    So when I become AD, we’ll move the students into the north end zone (like every other successful program) and put in seats on the east side between the goal lines. This would reduce capacity closer to our actual fan base.

    I await your abuse.

  • Juancho

    Brother seven. Did you know that the athletic department gives out a number of esp seats free every week to try to recruit buyers and so it doesnt look so empty? And that they started selling single game tickets there. So its scary nbc even if theres 100 people in the seats we cant believe those 100 are esp and season ticket owners.

    When im ad ill be fired withn a year.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    HAHAHAHA Daddy said the students have finally woken up by staying away from the games.

  • rotfogel

    Hey there’s Moron…man, we’ve missed you. You’re ultra douchy comments are reading gold. Maybe a name change would help your perception, there are no more NCs coming USCs way.

    I’ll say it again because it was obvious: If Kline stated the game, Cal wins by at least a TD.

    Goff’s inability to escape the pass rush and inability to scramble whatsoever really hurt the offense. There were times when Arizona only rushed 3 and there were running lanes everywhere but even Goff knew he is too slow to make anything out of it.

    Dykes really swung and completely missed on the QB competition. It’s ultra sad, in the two games Kline has come in he has looked, not a little bit better…WAY WAY WAY better than Goff has.

    I want us to win a fraking game! Start Kline let’s get a win and at absolute minimum you won’t hear me complain anymore.

    I’m really starting to hope Dykes is a one and done along with Barbour (that said I cannot possibly fathom how that woman has a job).

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Looking for 10 straight wins against the cellar dwellers this Saturday.

  • Jabes

    I’ve said it over and overl. Move half the students to the end zone(s), like basketball. Create scarcity on the premium student seats, students will need to arrive early for the better seats.

    * Preserve the midfield student tradition with motivated students
    * Student noise in the end zones–for bigger games that actually draw them of course
    * T & TT are packed with mid range donors, R and RR would be too — mid range donors become high end donors

  • Jabes

    Dykes is playing for next year, that’s the only reason he completely rebuilt the o line. He believes Goff is the guy, you can generally chart success with the level of experience of your starting QB.

    If Dykes thought otherwise, it would be Kline all the way, Kline has his shot pre season, a couple of game experiences, and the recent competition week when the o line was retooled. He hasn’t shown that he will be better for Cal in 2014 than Goff.

  • rotfogel

    Jabes: You’re correct but I think you needed to add one small phrase at the end: In Dykes’ opinion.

    I disagree 100% with Dykes based on what I’ve seen. I understand if you have an opinion to stick with it, but when the opposite of your opinion is glaringly true, perhaps it’s time to change your opinion. Something I’ve seen is that Dykes is very slow to make adjustments.

    He is not qualified to be a D1 coach, he is in way over his head.

  • jim

    when coaches start listening to fans’ expert opinion, they end up being fans pretty soon

  • Jabes

    Dykes is slow to respond to fan pressure on making adjustments, that’s a good thing. Otherwise, he has been adjusting his axe off where he sees fit.

  • Juancho

    Thats true. Just ask maynard and tedford.

  • covinared

    no PAC 12 network, but Starkey and Pawlawski really called good game. Lawler stepping up is good sign. It seems that he always lost his footing trying to make a catch before Saturday. Lasco appears to be that man now. Shame on the Cal students. In my day we showed even when we were bad.
    I thought Colorado was well coached. They keep mistake to a minimum, especially the personal fouls that seem to plague us. They lack speed but did a god job controlling the line of scrimmage. They have a big strong running back. Richardson is not 100%. Let’s hope it stays that way for us. I see it as a game that could go either way in Boulder.

  • Woj

    It seems as I predicted Dykes first win over a FBS team will have to wait until 2014 … or 2015. 1-11 full steam ahead.

    Is Vegas taking odds on what come first, Barbour’s termination (finally) or a Dykes coached Cal team’s first win over a FBS school?

    This team is so rotten it counts the one rare close loss (yesterday) as a win. It’s not a win. Yesterday was the competition playing badly and Cal still losing. Sure they try hard – like washing machines do and the boy scouts. Score was 28-33.

  • Easy Ed

    Woj=Moron! Come on loser stand up and be identified, this aka crap is pitiful. BTW, Daddy wants you to change your name.

  • Larry

    Woj= With Out Job?

    Woj= Weak Online Jabs?

    Woj= Wussy Online Jackass?

  • Missed large chunks of 2nd half and most of 4qtr. But what I saw was a team with more offensive balance, discipline on defense, good intensity and on balance a competitive entity. I vote that as a strong positive. Play out the year with the same profile and I will be looking forward to next year.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Where is the Academic Advisor to the football players who visits this site along with the Bear Insider? Why has he been strangely AWOL? It can’t be because Social Welfare is such a rigorous line of study.

    We demand answers to the epic academic failure of the football and basketball programs.

  • Juancho

    Brother wehofx. My dearest brother wehofxilius. Can you monitor jaleel wadoods twitters today ? There may be news.

  • Bobsac

    I have missed MoreNCsarecoming. One theory I have heard is that she was a pre-teen girl who got old enough to drive, has a life, & no longer has time to waste upsetting Cal fans. My own theory is worse for us. Cal is now such a bad joke at football that no one would waste time trying to upset us except that MoreNCs feels sorry for us so she/he tries to post once in a while.
    Wisdom Cow was right from the beginning. No sober, sane, competent AD would hire the guy who had the worst defense in the country last year to be the new Cal head coach . A hiring mistake at USC or UCLA means 7 or 6 win seasons & minor bowl games. A hiring mistake at Cal or Stanford means being the conference doormat & the risk of going winless.
    This era is an unmitigated disaster.

  • Easy Ed

    New players, new offense, new defense. We’re in this thing for the long haul, next year will tell the story, I always figured when we fired Tedford it was at least a 2 year step back, if not 3.

  • Juancho

    It’s funny. I think the NCs coming person actually does itself a disservice with its posts. It wants to make fun of us and talk about how bad we are. And we are bad. We’re terrible as a football program. And in my life have never been to a rose bowl, I agree.

    But by posting it actually gives the bloggers here someone to team up against. Instead of just letting us be and letting us rant about how crappy we are.

    If anything the cartoonish posts from that individual distract from the fact our program is awful, and instead turn this into an us vs them, where it is the them, and them equals unfortunate individuals.

  • Juancho

    And to top it off the Raiders are getting killed. Good grief.

  • Jake

    I don’t get why people think there needs to be a “step back” or that Dykes needs time to “rebuild” the team? A good coach is a good coach! And it’s not like Tedford had a winning program his last year.

    This is all Barbour’s fault. She hired the wrong guy and he’s not at all qualified to be a HC in a major conference. Confirming the fact that she’s not qualified to be AD at a D1 University.

    Can’t wait until both Barbour and Dykes are gone.

  • Easy Ed

    Jake I must disagree, last year. Dykes proved he was a good coach, his team performed well against some tough competition. Unlike UCLA or USC, Cal is not a “Reload” program, the program has been in decline since 2007-08. Give this guy a chance and let’s see where we are in 2015, Hell we’ve waited this long for a Rose Bowl a couple of more years won’t matter.


    The worst thing Dykes did was to set high expectations. The cupboard was bare, especially on the OL and defense. He pretended it wasn’t at least in the press.

    The personnel moves he does make seem to be well thought out and positive, and we know he has handled QBs well in the past, so why all of a sudden would he be 100% wrong on Kline?

    The passing game is not the problem. Blocking, running, tackling. covering, academics. Kline isn’t going to change that. Dykes gets another 1-2 years regardless.

  • H8sRed

    Jabes — What did you expect Dykes to do, announce that his team was hideously bad? That’s ridiculous.

    I also reject your assertion that the cupboard was bare. It may have been a little thin, but who could have imagined an injury situation that was even worse than last year? The number of games missed by players projected in the two-deep has to be appreciably greater than any other FBS program.

  • wehofx

    Juancho, just checked J Wadood’s twitter, still says, “Cal commit.” No other tweets about DeC.

    I know rivals changed his status to soft verbal but, as I understand it, they always do that for recruits taking additional visits(?).

    Re: OL Chris Borrayo (sp?) could be very, very good. Yenser recruit.

  • Gobears49

    Like the Jabes (No. 10) suggestion of moving half the student body over to the end zone, at least for a few years. Benefits would include —

    1. Incent students to come early to get the good seats.
    2. Allow Cal to sell more good seats at a good price for the period Cal commits the experiment will run for. They need to think about that to pay back their huge stadium loans. I think a lot of colleges put their students in the end zone, or at least near the goal line, but I’d like to hear what other people say about that. Was at a Georgia game recently and I think most Georgia students were near the goal line, certainly not at the 50 yard line.

    After a few years the experiment can be reviewed to see how students react, the temporary financial benefits from that decision, and what would be projected financial benefits if the experiment was continued.

    I am not wedded to this idea but I think it should be considered. I look forward to comments regarding this subject.

  • covinared

    Juancho: Ceck out Chris Brown LA Loyola. Ol recruit. No stars, lots of offers, including us.

  • covinared

    Juancho: Check out Chris Brown LA Loyola. Ol recruit. No stars, lots of offers, including us.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Daddy told the AD never to call him again. He isn’t interested in buying season tiks until she is gone.

  • 707 Bears

    Jabes and Gobears49:

    Yes, a thousand times yes, take away all/some of the 50 yard line from the students.

    It would be one thing if they showed up, but they are the worst student section in college football.

    We have over 25,000 undergrads (25% live in university sponsored housing, 10% in the Greek system, many more close to campus) and there were 200-300 at the start of Saturday’s game.

    Put in real seats and make some money.

    On making money, how about dropping the alcohol ban. They sell booze before the game at Maxwell Field. They sell/give away booze to the one percenters in the ESP.

    How nice was it at the Nevada game a few years ago to have a beer and watch the sun go down over the Sierra Nevada. Then the carnage began.

    But nooooooooo, we can’t have a beer in the Pac 12.

    Thanks for listening. I await your abuse.

  • Steve W

    Sonny’s tough decisions this year are nothing compared to the ones he might have to make next year at quarterback. If Rebinzer comes in next semester and impresses in spring ball, how shocked would everyone be if Dykes tells Goff and Kline to wear some headphones for the rest of their years at Cal?

    I cringe every time Cal has a third and one because everyone – including the defense – knows what’s coming. It’s always a running play that gets stuffed with no read option to run for the quarterback. If you look at the successful hurry up spread offenses in the conference, every one of them has a quarterback who is a feared threat to run on every play. Price, Hundley, Mariota and this JC transfer from Arizona all fit the bill. Even the 6-6 kid from Utah is a threat to run and keeps the defenses honest. Not so at Cal, and that needs to change in my opinion.

  • rollonubears

    What’s more, beer sales are inversely proportional (per fan) to the performance on the field. A perfect hedge for those seasons (like this one) where the attendance chips are down.

  • Bobsac

    The folks who want to take the 50 yard line seats away from the student section need to rethink. When the team has a good year the Cal student section is one of the best in the west. Having gotten in to Berkeley they are smart enough to not waste much time on Saturday watching the horrible football being served up this season. A good thing about Berkeley is that this being college football, the college students get great seats & get them cheap. Duh.

    If the 50 yard line seats were taken from the students, this being Berkeley, there might be a riot & in any event, they would be empty because no one would pay high prices for those seats to see awful football.

  • 707 Bear

    Rollonubears, you are wise.

    You mentioned down attendance; here are the official numbers.

    58,816 Nortwestern
    43,594 Portland State
    62,467 Ohio State
    44,682 Wash State
    44,671 Oregon State
    41,874 Arizona

    I’m the first to bitch about night games, but the two lowest attendance games were played under a brilliant afternoon sun. The people have spoken.

  • 707 Bear

    I guess we should be happy.

    Here’s the 2001 attendance. All loses (if you blocked it out)

    38,150 Illinois
    33,043 BYU
    35,172 Washington
    34,552 Oregon
    26,222 Arizona
    33,506 USC

  • Gobears49

    Bobsac (comment #39),

    There are pro’s and con’s about moving the students. There are many ways this could be done, but I think moving the students to one side, having their seats run from, say, the 20 yard line to one-half of the end of the stadium, ending midway between the goal posts.

    Potential pro’s —

    2. Could be a money raiser for Cal to charge more for seats in the middle side of the east part of the stadium than Cal now charges students for those seats.

    Con —

    1. Takes away Cal’s rooting and noise advantage when Cal has the ball near the goal line on the opposite side of the field.
    2. Could possibly detract from overall attendance when the students get the best seats in the middle on the east side of the stadium.

  • 707 Bears

    Haven’t been able to find a school that gives its students the 50 yard line.

    Not Stanford, UCLA, Notre Dame, Michigan, Arizona State, Nevada.

    Cal students pay $99 for the “year” for the 50 yard line.

  • 707 Bear

    More on money and Memorial.

    How does Cal football expand its fan base, raise revenue, pay off the bonds, etc?

    My hope is:

    1. 49ers move to the South Bay (done deal)
    2. Raiders move to LA (possible)

    This would leave the Bears as the only football game in the East/North Bays. The 49ers, Stanford, and San Jose would fight for the football dollar while the Bears would have a huge opportunity to expand its fan base.

    Many changes would need to be made to bring-in new fans, but the hope of a permanent expansion of the fan base would be possible.

    Just as USC rebuilt/expanded its fan base with winning teams and no NFL in LA, maybe we could do it at Memorial.


    It’s not about other schools. The midfield location for students is a Cal tradition, we had it as students and current/future students should have the same. However, since it’s rare that 50% of the students show up for kickoff, it’s completely reasonable to reduce the size of that section by 50%. The students who arrive before kickoff are the noisiest students anyways. Even in the best Tedford years, there was plenty of space in R for us to slide over from QQ, and both R and RR were less impactful rooters than S and SS.

    T and TT are overflowing, We sell plenty of tickets in U and UU, I’m sure that demand would extend to R and RR.

  • Gobears49


    My nephew, who went to Michigan, says their student section is from the 20 yard line to the middle end zone. He says the school can’t afford to not get high paying alums to buy seats in the middle of the field. But then Michigan has a favorable problem — they always sell out the Big House, the biggest stadium in the country (and Cal can’t come close to selling out their much smaller capacity stadium).

    Still think, in light of Cal’s huge obligation to repay loans relating to stadium reconstruction and new stadium facilities, and in light of recent lousy student attendance, that they consider doing something. Your suggestion is one to consider.

    Another one, which would not reduce the size of the student section, is to divide it up, reducing the size of the 50 yard line student section and placing another student section in back of the end zone. But, to do that, someone would have to keep track of the number of students coming in to sit in the middle section, and that would be difficult. And, unless there is a fence, students would just try to move from the end zone seats to the 50 yard line seats. So maybe I have just explained why my idea won’t work.

    But perhaps other ideas should be considered. Send them into this blog so Sandy Barbour can read them.