Football: Investigation into fight continues

Just spoke with UC Berkeley police Lt. Marc DeCoulode, who told me the investigation into the fight that sent freshman Fabiano Hale to the hospital is ongoing.

He expects interviews to be complete by the end of next week, at the latest, at which point all information will be passed on to the Oakland-Berkeley branch of the Alameda County district attorney’s office and to the UC Berkeley Center for Student Conduct.

The DA’s office would determine whether any criminal charges will be filed. The students also could face penalties from the student conduct office and from the athletic department or football team.

Lt. DeCoulode said both participants in the incident have been interviewed, but declined to provide the name of the other player or any details about the episode because the investigation continues.

Jeff Faraudo

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Boy, what a season. I feel for the players. I’m looking forward to the last home game to support the players.

    Go Bears!

  • Larry

    Are we sure he didn’t get hit by a flying pint glass from a former CAL QB?

  • 707 Bear

    Larry….nice one.

    Mr. Levy will always have the Big Game and the Vegas Bowl.

  • Juancho

    Who was that super old alumni that tried to beat up a guy on stage ?

  • Woj

    From a friend of mine who is also wearing his blue and gold bag over his head watching these putrid Cal games.

    “Dykes is losing control of this team. Can’t believe Barbour hired him. My guess is Barbour will be the next one hired to fix the Obamacare website.”

    Note to Stormy Dykes – instead of watching the really good quality football played tomorrow by Oregon (a team that waxed the floor with yours) and Stanford (who will do the same on 11/23), why don’t you get your overpaid incompetent behind behind some late night game film of CAL, you know the team YOU were hired to coach and win games for. You know that team that is 0-8 against FBS teams this year.

  • Woj

    Holmoe Era II is upon us. At least Tom won 1 game in 2001, I don’t think Dykes will do that. Final score = Colorado 35 Cal 24.

  • 707 Bear


    Your negativity vibe got me thinking of the clasic quote from the “Blues Brothers.” I saw at Wheeler in 198? while under the influence…anyway.

    [the brothers race around the mall parking lot]

    Elwood: We’ll be all right if we can just get back on the expressway.

    Jake: This don’t look like no expressway to me!

    Elwood: Don’t yell at me.

    Jake: Well whadda you want me to do, Motorhead?

    Elwood: Try not to be so negative all the time. Why don’t you offer a little… constructive criticism?

    Jake: You got us into to this parking lot, pal. Now you get us out!

    Elwood: You want outta this parking lot?… O.K.

    Go Bears!