Football: Thursday night update

I was at the Stanford-Oregon game, so I didn’t make it to Memorial Stadium for Sonny Dykes’ post-practice session with reporters.

But Dykes reiterated what he’d said Wednesday, which is that he expects slot receiver Richard Rodgers to play Saturday against USC while wearing a wrap and a device to immobilize the thumb he had surgically repaired on Tuesday.

He also said he expects linebacker Khairi Fortt (biceps) to play, despite the fact he barely practiced all week. Expect Michael Barton to start.

And cornerback Trey Cheek, who was taken by ambulance to the hospital after Wednesday’s practice when he collided with fellow freshman Darius Allensworth, was released Thurday morning.

Dykes said Cheek is doing fine.


And if you didn’t watch Stanford-Oregon, oh my.

The Cardinal was very impressive, its offensive and defensive lines shoving the Ducks around while forging a 26-0 lead on the way to a 26-20 final.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Dan

    Was at the Oregon-Stanford game last night, and JF’s “Oh my” about says it all. That Stanford performance last night was the most impressive performance in college football to date this season- at least the first 55 minutes was. Weird fluky end to the game. And oh what an electric, big game atmosphere. Was a great night to be part of, and to be there to see a shell shocked group of Duck fans.

    Stanford’s biggest weakness continues to be David Shaw’s play calling at seemingly the most critical junctures, IMO. I have seen this in the biggest games at the biggest moments since he took over. It’s a shame, because he’s doing 97% of his job about as excellently as a coach can.

    Settling for all those field goals last night due some questionable prior play calls almost came back to bite him, not to mention how the last attempt went.

    The Stanford D is spectacular. Fast, strong, fundamentally sound, fly around like crazy. And they are the best tackling team I’ve seen, on any level, in years. In a time where I see the worst tackling at every level up to the NFL, I was so impressed how many absolutely picture perfect tackles the Cardinal delivered- break down, wide stance, explode into ball carrier, head up, face into chest area, slide the head to the side, wrap up, and drive drive drive the legs. Man, they put on a clinic, over and over.

    Stanford’s O line is a dominant force. Look, it wasn’t as if they were blowing off a tremendous Oregon front 7 ten yards off the ball. But they were completely controlling and mostly dominating a very good defense for the entire game- from the first play to the last. It isn’t exciting, spectacular offense, it isn’t revolutionary, not many programs in the country could do it successfully enough to be a national power- but Stanford can and does. And boy it is so impressive to see in person.

    How in the world they laid an egg in Utah is beyond me. no excuse. It will likely cost them a trip to the NC game, and that opportunity doesn’t come around very often, certainly it hasn’t for the Cardinal or for the PAC 12 recently.

    With that said, GREAT game last night, HUGE win for the Cardinal, nothing but the greatest respect for Shaw, his staff and that tough, smart, impressive team.

  • 707 Bear

    Football is both complex and simple.

    Control the line of scrimmage and good things are likely to happen. Stanford did. We can’t.

    For the followers of the recruits: Are there any JC recruits that might offer immediate help on our lines?

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Today, out of respect for a great performance by our rival over Sith Knight and Nike U, I shall write of the Junior University across the bay with it’s proper spelling for the remainder of the day.

    With any luck, this will also be my last post of the day mentioning Stanford.

  • wehofx

    I know it’s sacrilege but when not playing us, I enjoy watching furd play for all the reason detailed above.

    I haven’t checked the stats but I’m guessing they must’ve run at least 90% on first down. Some use of pulling guard but not that much. Mostly 1 on 1.

    furd game will be a good measuring stick for DL and OL. Ya, I know, the distance measured might be really, really long.

    Go Bears! Beat $c.

  • rollonubears

    geez dan, you and stanfurd need to get a room. shaw is a lot like jt in many ways. his team is loaded with talent right now, and he’s succeeding, but like you mention, the play calling is suspect. you can win with the pro offense when you team is that loaded. i still think they may be getting “a little help from their friends” in some way. when players are head and shoulders faster and stronger than anyone else on the field, it usually means doping. maybe this win will be vacated in a few years. i also think the more you watch cal football, the more the top 10 teams look like the greatest thing since sliced bread. i have never seen so much stanfurd pole massaging as i’m seeing right now by posters on this blog. really embarrassing. i enjoy watching stanfurd suck. that is the only enjoyment i get out of stanfurd.

  • clonedoc

    U$C should be considered the goal victory to get at this point, not Stanford. I know this is the minority opinion and I’m not trying to fly completely in the face of tradition but I’m also not going to misspell their name out of some ridiculous sense of spite. They are still our natural rivals and I’ll never cheer for them outright, but let’s be honest. Great respect needs to be given for how they play football. The way it was meant to be played. Line up across the line of scrimmage from your opponent and simply beat them into submission. Bear raid/air raid (or whatever name one wishes to use for this type of offense) might win some games, but will never be successful in competing at the highest level. Running game and defense, none of which we will likely exhibit any time soon with the current regime (and I hope I’m wrong in saying this)are the key.

  • Larry

    Lowly Utah gave them a Loss, so they aren’t that great.

    They did beat the hell out of Oregon, which isn’t good for the Pac-12, but I don’t need to respect Furd or their fans. They didn’t bend over and kiss our a_ _es when we were good, so I’m not going to start kissing their _ss now.

  • Larry

    Pucker up some of you buttercups…