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Football: If 62 points seemed like a lot . . .

By Jeff Faraudo
Sunday, November 10th, 2013 at 10:21 pm in Football.

The 62 points USC scored Saturday represented more than the highest total the Trojans have ever scored against Cal at Berkeley.

They were the most any opponent has put on the scoreboard at Memorial Stadium, which opened in 1923.

Cal did surrender more in a 72-0 loss to Washington in 1915, but that game was played at old California Field on campus.

Here is a list of games featuring the highest point totals by Cal’s opponents at Memorial Stadium:

62 — USC (62-28) in 2013
59 — Oregon (59-17) in 2012
55 — Arizona (56-55) in 1996*
55 — USC (55-14) in 2001
53 — Kansas (53-7) in 1961
52 — Arizona (52-41) in 2002
52 — Miami (52-24) in 1990
52 — Ohio State (53-34) in 2013
52 — Oregon (52-30) in 1995
50 — USC (50-14) in 1973
50 — Washington (50-31) in 1977

* Cal won 56-55 in 4 overtimes.

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  • 707 Bear

    Many years from now I’ll be able to tell people I was there when USC scored 62.

    IMHO, the 2001 USC loss was worse…it rained, and the stadium food wasn’t nearly as good as it is today.

    Go Bears

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Switching topics…
    Jabari is a winner:
    Go Bears!

  • Easy Ed

    What goes around comes around. Run it up Trojans, sometime in the not to distant future you’ll have a team that will wonder why Cal is still throwing the ball while up by 35 points with two minutes left in the game.

  • covinared

    I was at this one, and remember SC running up 61 or so at Colosseum on a bago trip when I was in school. Disagree with Easy Ed, don’t think SC was trying to run it up.

  • Steve W

    Easy Ed,

    Disagree with you on the “not too distant” future part. As long as the Trojans continue to lock up the best recruits on the West Coast year after year, they are going to continue their dominance in the series. They were supposed to have been weakened by the Reggie Bush sanctions over the past few years and they are still boat racing Cal. I hate it, but it’s reality. I was in Memorial when Russell White ran all over USC in 1991 and set an All-time rushing record against them. Beginning to think that was a solar eclipse.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Coach Dykes is making history!

  • Woj

    Oh Stormy Dykes. Settign records and still getting paid an infinite amount per win over a FBS level team (0 and counting).

    Anyone who shows up for the Stanford game is a glutton for punishment and must be into bondage at least lightly.

    2013 Cal season is 1 big LOL.

  • Woj

    USC running 4th quarter off tackle runs with an occasional pass looks like running up the score to any bottom dweller. If you don’t like it, play better and stop them.

    It’s just envy all the vitriol against USC. USC = good academic school that graduates a lot of its players, wins conference championships and beats the snot out of bottom feeders. Cal = good academic school that doesn’t graduate a lot of its players, doesn’t hold bad coaches and a bad AD accountable, + the opposite of all the rest.

  • Easy Ed


  • Woj

    @Easy Ed Says:
    November 11th, 2013 at 10:18 am
    What goes around comes around. Run it up Trojans, sometime in the not to distant future you’ll have a team that will wonder why Cal is still throwing the ball while up by 35 points with two minutes left in the game.

    “not to distant future you’ll(USC) have a team that will wonder why Cal is still throwing the ball while up by 35 points with two minutes left in the game.”

    THIS is the defintion of both moronic and polyanna devoid of reality kool aid drinking. Or as Johnny McEnroe says – Are you Serious??

    Easy actually thinks Cal will up by 35 on USC in some game I suppose before the next decade under Stormy Dykes but Cal hasn’t had a halftime lead on USC in any game since 2006. Heck Cal hasn’t beaten ANY FBS team in 1.5 seasons.

  • Easy Ed

    Woj=Moron! Hey Moron, is Daddy still drunk?

  • Bobsac

    Easy Ed– We probably shouldn’t call folks some suspect to be USC fans or whatever, like Woj, “Moron.” Herb Caen or one of the other SF Chron writers did a column a few years ago on the many bad football seasons experienced over the decades by Cal fans–giving one meaning for the term “Old Blue” . I think if neutral 3d parties were to judge the issue, they would conclude that we Cal fans, including alums, are the Morons for failing to rid ourselves of the curse of being Cal fans. Maybe Sonny will finally be our cure, so to speak.

  • ScottyBear

    Sonny has me headed towards a cure, and unfortunately it’s the wrong medicine. This had to be the easiest 62 points ever scored in a college football game. Untouched on the punt returns. Blocking and tackling fundamentals nowhere. The Bear Raid offense has already been digested and easily defended and that’s why our offensive numbers keep dropping. Yes, being a Cal football fan is torture!

  • 707 Bears

    U$C scored 62 points on 51 plays.

    Cal ran 96 plays.

    Not sure what it means.

    Nickerson out for last two games….has there ever been a season like this one?

    1. Number of games lost to injury
    2. Two players “retiring” from college football
    3. Average margin of defeat and total points
    4. Total starts by freshmen and sophomores
    5. Alleged assault in training facility between players
    6. Record low academic rating

    A truly unforgettable season.

    Go Bears, beat the Buffs

  • 707 Bear


    7. Best defensive player kicked-off team
    8. Ongoing disaster of ESP non-sales

    Again, truly unforgettable.

  • Woj

    @707 Bear:

    and Barbour the AD of the university still has her job. That’s Obamacare like accountability. Are she and Sebelius sisters of Alpha Kappa Teflon?

  • Woj

    Go Fresno State!