Basketball: Rorie officially signs with Cal

Ahmaad Rorie, one of the nation’s top-rated point guard prospects, has officially signed his  national letter of intent with Cal.

Rorie, from Tacoma, Wash., gave Cal a verbal commitment 18 months ago.

He is playing his senior season at Monteverde Academy just outside Orlando, Fla.

“Ahmaad has been committed to us for a long time and we are excited about him becoming a Golden Bear,” Cal coach Mike Montgomery said. “He is a terrific young man with a great future.

“He will come in and help us with the departure of Justin Cobbs next season. Ahmaad is an unselfish player. He is a very good passer who also has the ability to make shots.”

Rorie, at 6-foot-2, was a two-time Tacoma News-Tribune First Team All-Area selection, competing for Clover Park High his first two seasons and Lincoln High as a junior last season.

ESPN.com ranks Rorie as the 13th-best point guard in the 2014 class. Scout.com lists him as a four-star prospect and the No. 17 point guard prospect. Rivals.com gives him three stars.

He guided Lincoln to a section title (Narrows 3A) and a third-place finish in the Class 3A state championships last season. An All-USA Washington Boys Basketball team honorable mention selection by USA Today, Rorie averaged 21.0 points and 5.0 assists per contest as a junior. The guard was also a member of the Tacoma Weekly All-City Boys Basketball Team and an All-SPSL selection by the Seattle Times.

Rorie led Clover Park to the Class 2A state title and a fourth-place finish in the state tournament overall as a sophomore in 2011, averaging 33.7 points in the tournament, including a career-best 46-point performance against Ellensburg High.

Rorie averaged 16.7 points per game as a freshman on the Warriors’ state championship squad.

Jeff Faraudo

  • wehofx

    Recruiting. Now if we can land one or both of the Bigs.

    In Monty I trust!

  • wehofx

    .,..oops. Welcome to Cal, Mr Rorie.

  • Gobears49

    I’m a big fan of Monty, but his biggest weakness is not being able to recruit very highly regarded big men (6’9″ and taller, not 6’7″ guys like Kreklow). His inability to be able to do so has resulted in the biggest weakness in this year’s team — lack of enough quality big men. I think the only Monty recruit that falls in this category is Soloman, but please correct me if I am wrong. Maybe Kravish was a top recruit (and even if he wasn’t, he has turned into a great player for Cal), but I don’t recall reading about him being in that category.

    I get jealous when I read what Stanford is about to do (i.e. recruit two very highly regarded big men), which we haven’t been able to do:

    “The Stanford men’s basketball team signed Reid Travis of De La Salle High-Minneapolis, rated as the No. 7 power forward prospect by Scout.com, on Wednesday and is expected to assemble the nation’s 11th-best recruiting class.

    Previously committed to the Cardinal and expected to become official during the early signing period are point guard Robert Cartwright of Flintridge Prep and center Michael Humphrey of Sunnyslope High-Phoenix. All three players are top-100 prospects, according to Scout.”

  • Me

    Let’s be realistic. 6’9″ is a really tall college player. Look at the nation’s top 22 rebounders (22 because there are four guys tied for 19th). 8 of those 22 (36%) are under 6’9″. One of the remaning 14 is a Cal guy — Richard Solomon. So, I’d say that, among top 20 rebounders nationally, Cal has 7% of the guys 6’9″ or taller. That’s really good.

  • wehofx

    Cal Bigs – maybe

    twitter: ‏@JeffFaraudo 19h

    PG Ahmaad Rorie of Monteverde (Fl) Academy officially signed with @CalMensBBall. Bears await word from big men Thomas Welsh, Idrissa Diallo.

  • BlakeStreetBear


    I’d be happy to have an entire squad of 6-footers if a single Russell/Wilt/Shaq/Duncan was playing center. Its not always quantity that is important, quality matters too, and nobody can deny the talent, effectiveness (and maturity!) of Solomon and Kravish. And don’t deny the rebounding abilities of these guards, especially Wallace. This team may not have a bunch of trees, but it does have a bunch of high-flyers and athletes who are not scared of getting their hands dirty.

    The greatest basketball team of all time, the ’96 Bulls, had Longley/Wennington (lol) and Rodman in the paint…so I think my point is made.

    The glass is half-full, really! 😉

    Go Bears!

  • Gobears49

    Me and BlakeStreetBear,

    I have always been a fan of Kravish and have come on board with Soloman. Both were extremely effective against Denver, albeit against smaller players. I recently posted that I thought those two could be the best two big man tandem in the league.

    Rebounding stats combined with height of the players getting the rebounds can, by themselves, often be misleading. If you’re 6’7″ and surrounded by a bunch of small guards on the floor, you’re likely to get most of the rebounds and thus be ranked high nationally on that stat, but what does that stat mean in that situation? That leaves out the factors of scoring inside and the ability to effectively defend against the other team’s big men.

    Cal’s success last year was due in significant part to having a very effective third big man, Robert Thurman, come in as a substitute to spell Soloman and Kravish. Without him, we could have easily not made the NCAA’s last year. I don’t see anyone on the Cal squad now, at those that now suit up, who can close to comparing with Thurman.

    During the year, let’s look at the starting five and top substitutes of other teams in the league to see how many guys 6’9″ are in that group. I’ll bet most teams will have three players that meet that criteria.

    I’m not saying Cal can’t do well without a third good big man. But it’s always nice to have some options to have enough big men to have two on the floor most of the game if you want to, which we effectively did most of last season since we had three good big men that we could revolve around to keep two on the floor.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I love playing devil’s advocate with you brother and I think that we will continue to have this debate all season. You are correct, Thurman was an absolute beast off the bench the last season and was instrumental in the success of last year’s squad. He will be missed. But others, maybe not as big/tall as Thurman, will step up.

    I guess I am just of the mind that in Basketball athleticism and chemistry/effort are more important than size – as evidenced by the greatest team to ever play – the ’96 Bulls and similarly the Pac-10 champ Bears of a few years ago.

    Go Bears!

  • Crawford

    Im a die gard Cal fan but i’m being realistic here…if your an elite 6’9, 6’10, 6’11, 7ft players you’re not going to Cal you’re headed to the Kentucky, Kansas, Duke, Arizona’s of the world… Be happy with any big man Monty brings in- He can develop the majority of the bigs that sign for him

  • Me

    Who the third big will be is the big question. Rooks at least takes up a lot of space and I think he’ll be asked to do that when they need depth up front. Despite lack of size, Moute a Biadas is intriguing as a rebounder. Does anybody know Behrens’s status? I take it he’s still rehabbing his knee, because I assume he’d get a shot if he were available.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    OMG, what is such a big deal about a third big man!? Please, somebody, show me evidence at ANY level that a 3rd big is a make or break situation and necessary for a successful season.

    Look at the Miami Heat of last year. They didn’t even have a center worth anything, not to mention 3 good post players. Bosh doesn’t even post up. So how did they beat Duncan and the much BIGGER Spurs? Athleticism, hustle on defense and clutch shooting did it as it does with almost EVERY championship basketball team. This Bears team can excel despite the dreaded “not having a good 3rd big man” situation that everyone is so caught up in. The Randle/Christoper/Robertson championship team had Boykin, Omoke and Sanders-Frison as bigs, none taller than 6-7, yet they won the championship. And yes, I will bring it up again: the greatest team to ever take the court started Luc Longley and Bill Wennington at center, enough said. It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog!

    Go Bears!

  • Gobears49


    A third big man is not a necessity to win a lot of games, but it helps, as it allows you the flexibility to put men on the floor that match up well with the certain teams or just in certain situations. Ideally, you want flexibility to go big or go small, and have good backups for each type of style. As I said before, without Robert Thurman being able to come in and do a good job while Soloman or Kravish got some rest, I don’t think Cal would have done as well last season. I think that most of the time Cal had two of their three good bis on the floor last season (at least 80% of the time)

    Also, while I didn’t think I would need to get into this subject as much as I have, I should point out that weight is almost as important as height to establish a good offensive or defensive position in the paint. You list Boykin, Omoke and Sanders-Frison as a example of a good front line. Those guys were not that tall, but they were mostly BIG guys, weighing a to more than our current bigs. Here is there height and weight (per the 2009-1010 Cal roster) —

    Boykin – 6’8″ tall and weighed 240
    Omoke — 6’7″ tall and weighed 225
    Sanders-Frison – 6’7″ and weighted 275

    Now lets look at Cal’s current front line —

    Soloman — 6’10” and weighs 235
    Kravish — 6’9″ and weighs 221
    Bird or Wallace — 6’6″ or 6’5″ and weighs 190

    Current biggest subs who will play a decent amount of time (I don’t think that currently includes the very tall and very heavy Rooks) —

    Kreklow — 6’6″ and weighs 210
    Powers — 6’7″ and weighs 223
    Moute a Bidias — 6’7″ and weighs 200

  • me

    Having a third big isn’t just about rest. It’s also about foul trouble, which is a big deal in college basketball (and with Kravish’s history of foul problems).

    Also, having big guys isn’t just about talent and posting up. It’s also about having size for defense. Last year, Miami had five PF/C who played at least nine minutes/game: Bosh, Haslem, Anderson, Anthony and, yes, Lebron.

    The 95-96 Bulls had Longley (26 mpg) and Wennington (15 mpg) at center, both excellent defensive players. They had Rodman (32 mpg), the best rebounder of his era. They also played Dickey Simpkins (11 mpg) and John Salley (11 mpg). No, their size wasn’t super-great, but they had a lot of it.

    And let’s make sure we get all the guys from the 09-10 Cal team:
    Boykin and Sanders-Frison started at PF and C position. Bigs. There was Amoke, who actually also played a lot of 3. Why? Because he was the fourth big man: they also had Harper Kamp. Kamp would be the biggest guy on the current team. Cal’s starting SF in 09-10, Theo Robertson, was bigger than any backup big on the current team other than Rooks.

  • me

    Oh, my bad, 09-10 is the season Kamp missed. Still, bigger team than the current one.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Longley and Wennington good at defense!? um…no. But they could hit a jumper from 16 feet, set some screens and get the hell outta the way of the athletes coming down the lane. Keep trying guys. It is athleticism, defense and chemistry that wins basketball games. A guy like michael carter williams is the future of the league, he is a lanky and lean ball-handling athlete who will dunk right in the face of ANY seven-foot “big”. And please, let’s not give Dickey Simpkins and John Salley any credit for the Bulls’ run, it was the athletes that got them the rings: Harper, Jordan, Pippen and Rodman. I will stand by my assertion that you only need two good post players to have a good squad if the back court and wings are loaded – as is the case with Cal. Cal will play some 4-out this season and I think we will all like the results with this group of slashers and athletes. But basketball philosophies are as varied as baseball philosophies, we’ve all got our viewpoints and I respect all of the other commentators. This has been a fun discussion. 😉

    Go Bears!

  • steve sceeles

    Saw Ahmaad Rorie in Seattle why did he leave Montverde?