Football: Would Sonny Dykes, Sandy Barbour sign on all over again for `The Drive?’ Absolutely

Cal coach Sonny Dykes won’t tune in next Wednesday for the latest episode of “The Drive,” the weekly documentary that chronicles the Cal and Arizona State football seasons.

He hasn’t seen the show yet.

“The worst thing you can do is watch yourself on television and you come out here and you’re an actor,” Dykes said. “I’m having a hard enough time being a football coach right now.”

The Golden Bears will try to write a more upbeat chapter to the series when they visit Colorado on Saturday afternoon in a battle of the two teams still winless in Pac-12 play.

But even at 1-9 overall, the Bears say they’d agree all over again to be part of “The Drive.”

“Absolutely, we would,” Cal athletic director Sandy Barbour said.

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Jeff Faraudo


  1. Please ask Sandy B if she would HIRE Stormy Dykes again.

    I’m thinking the answer to that Q wouldn’t be the same answer she gave if asked to be part of “The Drive” again.

  2. @Dykes said. “I’m having a hard enough time being a football coach right now.”

    The paychecks are still being cashed right Sonny?

    You think it’s bad for you – Cal fans collectively are having a real hard time watching you coach your winless (FBS opponents) team and rout after rout.
    It seems woehoefox and QuEasy Ed have adjusted to the weekly beatdown but most of us expected far more.

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