Basketball: Bears pound SoUtah

Cal improved to 4-0 with a 75-47 rout of Southern Utah, coached by Nick Robinson, a former player under Mike Montgomery at Stanford.

Tyrone Wallace had 15 points and four rebounds and Richard Solomon contributed 14 points and seven rebounds.

Montgomery used 13 players in the first half, at which point the Bears led 39-20. The Bears scored the game’s first 14 points and held Southern Utah to 29 percent for the game.

The Thunderbirds (1-2) got as close as 17 before Cal quickly extended the margin to as manyh as 38 points.

Justin Cobbs had six points and eight assists, David Kravish contributed nine rebounds and eight rebounds, Jabari Bird battled foul trouble and scored eight, and Ricky Kreklow and Jordan Mathews each chipped in nine points.

The Bears are off until next Monday, when they face Arkansas in the opening round of the Maui Invitational.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Mitchie V

    Much better energy right out of the blocks.

    Good to see Kreklow drain a couple threes.

    Really like how comfortable/confident Singer looks out there.

    Guess we’ll see how good we really are next week.

  • KC

    While these games to provide top competition, they continue to give Monty opportunities to create additional depth. I’m excited about the rotation so far and see a real opportunity for better bench play this year. My hope is it means we have more energy down the stretch in February and March.

    On a related side note, I really believe more guys contributing also means less likelihood that guys leave the program which contributes to a better graduation rate.

  • 707 Bear

    Tale of two basketball programs.

    Last night Cal and Arizona both played weak teams and won easily.

    Arizona’s arena was packed (based on what I saw on ESPN) ; Cal not so much.

    How does Cal get attendance up?

  • wehofx

    Thanks, JF!

    Ya. From box, great to see everyone getting minutes and, more importantly, production.

    Limited sample side but I have a feeling I’m going to feel a lot better about singer giving cobbs a rest than I did w B Smith. Although to his credit, B Smith finally got his game back starting w last year’s Oregon sweep.

    707, winning. LA and Bay Area are both cities w a LOT to do and horrific traffic. $sc and ucla seem to have about the same attendance problem.

    Tuscon? I’m glad I don’t live there. If I did live there, I’d probably go to games, too. Driving to arena in a fraction of the time it takes in la or bay.

    GB49, Behrens sighting! – per box and twitter. We’re going to need productive minutes from behrens and rooks by mid February if we’re going to be the team I think we can be. If anyone can do it, Monty & Co can.

  • Juancho

    Our tickets are way overpriced.

  • Juancho

    Plus with the job market situation, those people who are working – are probably overworking and have a hell of a time making it to a weeknight game.

  • covinared

    Wehox: generally agree, but the Galen Center at Usc is a pretty easy get to. Pauley is a nightmare. Sc folks just don’t get up too much for hoops. UofA is the only show in Tucson.