Basketball: Bears lose 7-foot recruit to UCLA

Thomas Welsh, a four-star 7-footer from Loyola High in Los Angeles, committed Tuesday night to UCLA, according to Scout.com.

Welsh was a major recruiting target of Cal, having made two visits to Berkeley this fall.

He is rated as the nation’s No. 45 overall prospect by Scout.

He told the recruiting-based website that UCLA’s coaches, players and rich basketball history all played a role in his decision.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Crawford

    MAJOR loss…Bears real thin in the front court with Solomon departing next year…Ivan Rabb 2 years away…Rabb is a MUST get

  • Gobears49

    Cal is at a real disadvantage as the Stanfords of the world get a lot of the players who have top grades and SAT scores and are also great players (why not go to a top academic school where you also can play at the top collegiate level and still be trained to play in the NFL/NBA if you’re good enough to make it and want to play there). “Storied” football and basketball schools tend to often get first pick on the best athletes that are not great students but want to play at a “storied” school in a certain sport, like basketball, or Oregon or even USC in football. We are between those two extremes and thus miss out on a lot of good talent that wants to go to Cal rather than Stanford (top academic school with a very good athletic program) and UCLA (great basketball tradition which has sent a ton of players to the NBA).

  • Gobears49

    The good news for the Cal basketball program is the 6’9″ Christian Behrens played for the Bears against Southern Utah. While not a great player, at least not yet, I thought Behrens showed potential last year. He is athletic and agile and not too skinny (225 lb., not far from very sturdy Soloman at 235 lb., who is an inch taller). The question is how high his basketball skills are and whether he can use them to produce on the court.

    I think Behrens has the potential to produce more for the Bears this year than Rooks, who is taller and probably is better on offense close inside and a better shot blocker when guarding a player, but who is not nearly as agile as Behrens and who seems to foul a lot. Rooks, however, could ultimately be very good under Monty’s tutelage.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Coach Monty is on the downside of his career. AD Barbour made a safe hire but don’t expect for Monty to do what he did at Stanford. The academics are suffering terribly in both your football and basketball programs.

  • The Wisdom Cow


  • Crawford

    Idrissa Diallo now a Cal Bear…I’ll take the size

  • BlakeStreetBear

    I’ll take the athleticism of Idrissa over the height of Welsh. These two will battle for years to come, Idrissa will own Welsh when its all said and done! Go Bears!