Football: Cal gets some good news on recruiting front — 4-star WR flips from Washington

After two days of tough news on the recruiting front, Cal has reason to celebrate: Erik Brown, a four-star wide receiver from Summit HS in Fontana has flipped from Washington to Cal, according to both Scout and Rivals.

Brown originally committed to Washington in July, but changed his mind, despite Cal’s 1-10 record.

At 6-foot-2, 170 pounds, Brown is rated as a four-star prospect by both Scout and Rivals.

His change of heart comes on the heels of Cal recruiting losses earlier in the week:

— Four-star cornerback Jaleel Wadood of St. John Bosco in Bellflower, a “soft” commit to Cal, decommitted and plans to attend either USC or UCLA.

— Four-star basketball recruiting target Thomas Welsh, a 7-footer from Loyola HS in Los Angeles, opted for UCLA.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    Wehofx you got your man.

  • KC

    Awesome news, reminds me a bit of Marvin Jones coming to Cal. Go Bears!

  • CalBearister

    Up yours, To$h Lupoi. Go Bears!

  • DaveintheHills

    would love to know what caused him to flip. It’s not like we’re weak at WR, so immediate playing time can’t really be the reason

  • Easy Ed

    After another 7-6 season, I hope coach Sarsleazian and his entire staff (including Tosh “piece of $hit” Lupoi) are let go. Welcome aboard Erik, you should get a ton of playing time in 2014.

  • Joey

    ister and I agree on something. Up yours Tosh!

  • rollonubears

    fun to hate tosh as he screwed us, but i’d rather be in the spot we’re in now, than with JT at the helm and tosh still on board. glad we figured out what the guy was made of, and moved on. glad we almost have this horrendous season behind us and are now either going to get better next year or get another new coach. if jt were still here, we’d be mired in stagnation for another decade, likely with tosh, perhaps as dc.

    also, it’s november, not february, so this “flip” means as much to cal as arik armstead and shaqs commitments. zilch until he’s signed on the dotted line.

  • covinared

    Nothing is certain until the fax is received on signing day. Those who change minds once are likely to do it again like Jordan Payton.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Rollon, I would have agreed with you before the season, not so sure now. JT + Tosh and the talent level on the team would still be rising. Tedford would have to luck his way into a decent QB at some point, and the D would have been monstrous by now.

  • wehofx

    Great news! I am hopeful his commitment will staunch the bleeding. And ya, F the ‘ho.

    Juancho, twitter is rife w rumors that T Watson is thinking of bailing. True?

    My brother, I accept your challenge: Mike Riley

    Jerry Pettibone 1995 2 – 9 1996 1 -10

    1997 Oregon State University Mike Riley 3 8
    1998 Oregon State University 5 6
    2002 Oregon State University Dennis Erickson 8 5

    2003 Oregon State University Mike Riley 8/5 8/5
    2004 Oregon State University 7 5
    2005 Oregon State University 5 6
    2006 Oregon State University 10 4
    2007 Oregon State University 9 4
    2008 Oregon State University 9 4
    2009 Oregon State University 8 5
    2010 Oregon State University 5 7
    2011 Oregon State University 3 9 2012 Oregon State University 9 4

    So Riley starts to turn the program around and then goes to chargers as hc. (Not sure of the charger’s thinking.) Comes back and has good years. Then…

    09, 10 and 11 are the downward trending years. (Worse than JT???)

    After 11 – inclu loss to Davis(?) or some D2 – a lotta people here would have been screaming for his head, ie JT. 12 rebound – which JT, to state the obvious, did not do.

    Patience was rewarded w 2012.

    This year they started by losing to another D2 – e washington(?).

    I’m sure people were screaming for Riley’s head or at least DC M Banker’s head this year and in 10/11. Riley had the balls to stick w his man. (However, as stated previously – it’s probably unfair – I hope SD fires Buh.)

    Riley is also a good example because – sadly – I think for the next coupla years, we’re going to have to follow the osu/boise recruiting model(w addition of Cal academic requirements).

    Evaluation. 2/3 stars – that are over looked by the Hot Programs – that develop into All Pac 2nd team by the time they’re jr/sr. IF SD and Co are not great evaluators then, the chances are good his time at Cal is limited.

    imo, there is reason to believe they are good at recruiting and evaluation, ie C Borrayo, J Hunter, C Walker.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Welcome Erik! Finally, some good news!

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Wehofx, that’s what I believe Rivals was reporting last week. That Watson is thinking of decommitting. Realistically a lot of the current guys are going to have these rumours float up between now and signing day in February.

    Wehofx – your example does not show a coach that started this rough – and made the Rose Bowl.

    I think most folks, at least I do, feel that Dykes given time can make us an average team in the conference, a la Oregon State.

    It’s just that I was hoping he would be the guy to get us to a Rose Bowl. But that is still a possibility. There’s always next year.

    Also your example shows the guy who went 1-10 got fired, and replaced, producing a spike moment (as seen by the increase to 4 wins).

    We had the opposite this year. Sure injuries was a big reason for it. Not on the offensive side though. That was coaching.

    They’ll have to prove it to me over the next couple of years how good they recruit before I am a believer in their ability to assess talent.

    They certainly missed on the JC transfers: Drake Whitehurst, Sione Sina, Kyle Kragen. Just about all the best players this year were Tedford guys:

    Harper, Treggs, Lawler, Goff, Fortt.

    Borrayo does look like a heck of a player though.

  • Drizzlyboy

    Weclome Erik! You’ve made the right decision. Not that it matters much, but, er, how well do you play DB?

  • Juancho

    And if we are not going to be a Rose Bowl program, then that’s fine. I’ve gone this far in my life without ever going to one. So I can deal with it.

    It’s just we should re-assess how much we compensate our coaches & staff if realistically we are just hoping to be in the middle of the Pac.

    If that’s the case – we should just be honest and be a stepping stone job, that pays less, but gives guys exposure to move on to the SEC or what have you. We shouldn’t be paying $2.3 MM for a head coach, + $1MM for an OC, and $500K for a d coordinator if what we are striving for is getting back to the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

  • Juancho

    By the way – this Brown kid looks legit. So kudos to the staff on getting him. Let’s hope he’s ready to kick butt.

    Also – I don’t think it’s reasonable to replace Sonny. So I hope my critiques come off as a fan/alumni just sharing an opinion, and not calling for him to be fired.

    As I was recently instructed by a brother, I looked in the mirror and realized I am the problem with college athletics.

  • Gobears49

    Any comments on the disadvantage of moving to a different part of the country to establish ties to and contacts within California and how long it takes to do so? Dykes and Co. must be totally new to everyone in California, though maybe some of their hires have California connections (I certainly hope so). Would be interesting to see how many players Dykes recruited to La. Tech. This sounds like a job for Juancho.

  • Gobears49

    Should point out the Dykes must have established good California connection from his Arizona years, which ended in 2009.

    BTW, here’s a fairly long article on Dykes in Wikipedia.


  • covinared

    positive news and so many of the regular posters are silent. Looks like a nice kid. I like the retro doo.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    A pleasing signing, always a good thing, but WR is pretty much the only position of strength currently. It helps, of course, but a top OL, DL, or LB signing is what I need to get excited.

    I feel lost as lost can be regarding football. I just don’t care as I did. I still look, but it’s not with hope.

  • Sounds like Kline is leaning toward transferring. That certainly cannot be good news for next year’s team. But who would blame him? He has been a real trooper this year.