Academics: Latest graduation rate scores and estimated APR for football encouraging

Cal football has gotten some encouraging news from the NCAA on two academic fronts: 

  • The Graduation Success Rate: The Bears earlier this fall recorded an embarrassing GSR score of 44 percent for players who entered school in 2006. Now, the NCAA reports that the GSR for football players admitted to Berkeley in 2007 has risen to an estimated 65 percent, an increase of almost 50 percent.
  • The Academic Progress Rate: The APR, which measures real-time academic performance and student-athlete retention, also shows substantial improvement after scoring a substandard score of 923 last spring. The the latest estimate for this year’s rate, according t0 the NCAA, is 969. If sustained, that rate would result in a graduation rate of about 85 percent. The NCAA will release final, audited numbers in the spring.

Here’s the complete news release from the UC Berkeley public affairs office.

Here is a link to the plans unveiled Thursday by athletic director Sandy Barbour to form a task force that will include faculty, staff, students and alumni to identify and examine the key factors that play a role in the academic achievement of Cal’s student-athletes.



Jeff Faraudo

  • Larry

    “I think Larry is Sandy B’s Uncle and Stormy Dykes’ cousin.” -Moron/woj

    Hey Moron/woj, your father must be Sandy Barbour and your mother must be Lame Kiffin. You are the offspring,Corky.


  • Larry

    Hey Moron/Woj,

    How’s the singing career going?

  • Gobears49

    It may be interesting for us football guys to delve into academic subject, like help project for Sandy “the key factors that play a role in the academic achievement of Cal’s student-athletes.”

    I’ll go first.

    1. It’s almost a “duh,” but I say what a player’s grade point average was in high school.

    2. Very close to #1 is the players total SAT score, though perhaps you could eliminate the math score as not being relevant.

    3. Not very close to #1 or #2 is the major the player plans to graduate in.

  • Woj

    At least something is trending positive with the football program. I don’t think this will eliminate the embarrassment of the pasting Stanford will administer to Cal this Saturday.

    Heard Buh is likely back for 2014 from his incompetent bro Dykes. Here’s why: I (Stormy Dykes) are too freaking cheap to pay Buh to go away before year 2 out of my huge pot of money. 2-fer Barbour knows her days are numbered too and she’s got a pot of money she’s not touching.

    I(Stormy) know this is a trainwreck, but this is is the only HC gig I likely will ever get (my hero Tom Holmoe never got another one after 2001). If I can;t lack an AD job like Holmoe, I may need Andy Buh to hire me 4 years from now in his new gig.

    No change = no hope. 0-12 possible in 2014.

  • Nor-Cal Scott

    Some positive news for the football program! Yay! #gobears!

    Woj, so nice to see a REAL Cal fan on here. What bridge do you live under, you troll?

    Sonny gave his “vote of confidence” to Buh the other day. BFD. Just more coach speak. Sandy didn’t learn a thing after Tedford’s contract debacle since she gave Buh a 3yr Guaranteed contract. WTF?!

    By making such clueless contract decisions with key personnel in the AD how does she expect to keep her job? Her future is as gloomy as this mornings weather.

    Uncle Ted on ESPN posted a “next year” column yesterday. It’s a good read, check it out.

  • calfanz

    thanks Jeff for presenting the entire story. Unlike the Comical or Wilner who just like to focus on anything Negative.

  • Woj

    Troll!!??? If that means a fan utterly fed up with the incompetent half century excuse making football program created by Sandy B and well paid & coached (word used generously) by Stormy Dykes and Andy 21-points = a Buh, guilty as charged.

    This is the worst season in Cal football history and Woehoe and other blue and gold kool aid drinkers refuse to see Cal as the worst BCS conference program it currently is. Amazing but true. Some lunatics are saying give Stormy three years. If that’s the case expect zero good recruits to come to Cal and vendors outnumbering paid fans in the stands.

    Stanford 3 Buhs over Cal 0.75 Buh, final score.

  • Woj

    I guess Ted Miller is a troll too.
    November, 21, 2013

    By Ted Miller | ESPN.com

    Let’s get this out of the way: California is awful. There is not even a misleading statistic we can massage to suggest Cal is not.

    The Bears rank last in the Pac-12 in scoring offense and scoring defense, with an average margin of defeat of 23.2. They have no wins over FBS teams, much less a Pac-12 team. Colorado was winless in conference play before it dispatched the Bears by 17 points last weekend.

    On Saturday, Stanford is going to crush the Bears like a bug in the Big Game. The Bears are a Big Game-record 31½-point underdogs.

    He then puts out a slew of IF statements and half hearted maybe Cal will be better than last year thoughts.

    He contended next year COULD be every bit as bad as this year. If the young guys are lousy and we know the coaches are, 2014 could be a lot more of 2013 for the golden doormats. So is Ted a Troll too? LOL

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Miller is a paid sports journalist, therefore he’s not a troll. You’ve never been paid a dime for work of any kind, so therefore you are a troll. A troll that will no doubt have a lonely Thanksgiving getting fatter off of Cheetos. I can only imagine the legion of orange crumblings sitting on your man-boobs after you’ve polished off another bag! LOL!

    Go Bears!

  • Steve W

    Woj…..put me down as one soul who appreciates your passion and would never classify you as a troll. I remember going to games in the Holmoe era when you could rattle around the stadium, sit anywhere you want and not feel too bad about the $22 reserved ticket prices you paid no matter the outcome. Holmoe was making around 400k a year as I recall.

    Tedford came in and raised the expectations and got compensated well for it as our prices for tickets tripled in a few short years. I still remember how ripped off I felt when I paid scalpers prices – $100 each – to watch Cal get humiliated by true freshman Matt Barkely at Memorial in 2009. The new guy is pulling down $2 million plus and not delivering the product we expect for that money. Your posts are more entertaining than the games…keep ’em coming.

  • Bobsac

    Steve W–I agree on Woj not being a troll. I hate to be judgmental but it is hard not to suspect folks who are still fans of Sonny of being undercover fans of other PAC 12 teams. I mean, if I was a Stanford, UCLA or USC fan I would want Sonny’s contract extended right now to ten years.

  • BlakeStreetBear

    Feeding the troll. The new normal on Beartalk? Didn’t see that coming…

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Add juancho to those who does not accept woj is the ncscoming guy.

    I feel like we need to organize some kind of hr seminar for the blog.

  • Will

    Mental health professionals, really.

    Good news on the academic front. Still needs to be better though. It’s a process.

  • Larry

    I guess Sonny is right. There are folks whom troll here with 4 handles whom argue with themselves.