Basketball: Cal lands 3-star center

Idrissa Diallo, a 6-foot-10, 220-pound center from Senegal, committed to Cal, his high school coach reported on Twitter.

Diallo, who plays at Cathedral High in Los Angeles, is a three-star prospect, according to Scout.com. The recruiting website ranks him as the nation’s No. 3o center prospect.

Rivals.com also lists Diallo as a three-star prospect and the 127th-ranked player overall in the 2014 class.

Diallo also had offers from Colorado, UCLA, USC, Oregon State, UNLV and Virginia Tech, among others.

He will join point guard Ahmaad Rorie in Cal’s 2014 class.


Jeff Faraudo

  • rotfogel

    Gotta start recruiting the Bay Area harder. There are far too many great/good athletes who don’t go to Cal because they weren’t offered by Cal despite being much better players.

    Tedford was great in the beginning of his tenure at getting Bay Area recruits. Then, when Cal became more ‘national’, he started going away from the Bay. Now we have this team.

    Dykes has to really focus on the Bay Area, get the Vince Buhdigers of the world and the Damonte Hortons, enough with brain dead baboons from North Carolina.

  • KC

    “Brain dead baboons” from North Carolina. Whoa, easy there. Not cool.

    And since this is a basketball recruit, this is exciting news. Makes up for the disappointment of not landing Welsh and, quite frankly, Diallo may have a higher ceiling anyway.

  • Gobears49

    Could not find a highlight video for Diallo. Saw him make a few dunks. In a short interview with him, he shows he speaks good English. Looks a bit skinny – same height as Soloman but 15 pounds less.

  • wehofx

    Welcome to Cal, Mr Diallo.

    2 top 150 players!

    Monty be recruiting.

    Not a great analogy but it’s taken 4 years for Monty to re-establish his recruiting bona fides. One or 2 more good recruits and that’ll be two top 20 recruiting classes in a row. So. Give Sonny a little time.

    Juancho, in a conversation w friend who is ucla alum, he agrees w you that tix prices are way, way too high.

    His idea is 3 tier flex pricing. lowest tier for best seats at $25/30 for teams like sac state, oakland, esp when midweek.

    2 tier at $40 – osu, wsu, thursday night games

    1 tier $65/70 – whatever they’re charging now (?) – zona, ucla

  • covinared

    Cathedral is really going all out recruiting. I ride in on the train with these kids. Last year they had a kid that wasn’t as tall but much bigger.

  • wehofx

    Covinared, so what are you waiting for? I nominate you as Cal Hoops adjunct recruiter, southern section.

  • covinared

    Wehofx: just saw his highlights. he’s the kid. last year it looked like he could toss nba guys around in the paint. he’s gotta be more than 220. I’ll try to make sure he doesn’t flip.

  • discdude


    Solomon was 200 lbs, if that, when he came to Cal. This kid is supposedly up to 220 (Scout) or 230 (Rivals). Looking at his frame, he’s going to be able to pack on the lbs much quicker than Solomon did. And he seems to be further along, too, despite having one less star.

  • Gobears49


    Soloman was listed at 220 when he came to Cal. See link below.


    No doubt Diallo will gain weight over time, just like Solo has. I’d like to see him do more than dunk in a video before I get too excited about him. When Soloman announced he was coming to Cal I saw video of him that show him doing a lot more and his high athleticism. BTW, Solo is doing an absolute great job this year in solving his prior problem of fouling out or getting into foul trouble. Hope he keeps it up.

  • Will

    I like this guy a lot. Great athleticism, and he can add some pounds in the next few years. He can shoot for a big man and can run the floor. Monty’s done a decent job of developing his big men who weren’t as highly touted (Sanders-Frison and Kravish). Hopefully he can do the same with Diallo.

  • Juancho

    Like this guy a lot. Small class. But high quality.

    Let’s hope some of these young men help the graduation numbers.

  • discdude

    Arguing lbs is silly, but Solomon was 200/210 lbs according to every recruiting site, when he was recruited (which is the same point we are at with Diallo). He had very little muscle when he arrived, and his skill level didn’t match his stars. Look at this guy, he has muscle already. Diallo may come in at 230 to 240.

    Video at rivals site, if you want, not just dunks (but a decent amount of them). I’m optimistic that this guy can do more than Solomon did his first 2.5 years of playing. Solo is way better now. Man, if he could have been what he is now a year or two ago, wow. Props to Richard for turning it on finally, I’ll take it.

  • discdude

    Juancho…the current roster is doing well, after years of shakiness. All of the potential transfers/issues, etc left from Braun are gone, and I don’t think we’ll see Franklins, Murrays, etc much any more. I only see maybe Bird leaving early, everyone else looks likely to graduate, don’t you think?

    This is where we should be, upper tier in P12 and graduating kids.

  • Juancho

    Disc, who knows. The information isn’t public. So there’s no way of knowing other than speculation.

    Just b/c a guy stays eligible all 4 years doesn’t mean he graduates. From what I have read that’s one of the issues that has plagued our football team. We have guys who remain eligible taking lower division classes, but don’t complete a degree.

  • discdude

    What we do know is that Smith, Kamp, Gutierrez and Thurman definitely all graduated (there are photos online), and Crabbe did not. Not sure about Bak Bak, but numerous articles reference that he planned to graduate, so I think so. Cobbs, Solomon, Powers all on target to graduate, let’s hope they do.

    But what I really meant is that the team seems “settled” for the first time in awhile, consistency on and off court.

  • Juancho

    Disc, does seem more settled.

    But didn’t one guy just announce his transfer before opening night?

  • discdude

    I think Khalil Johnson said he’s not playing any more. He was on scholarship, but he said he just wants to finish school. If he graduates, all would be good. I have no idea if he’ll try to come back on the team next year. Didn’t play much last year and there is a logjam at his position right now.


  • Juancho

    I thought the article Jeff ran on it implied he will finish the year then transfer. And that he left the team b/c he didn’t see playing time in the future. So he was going to look for somewhere he could play?

  • discdude
  • Juancho

    My most disc brother i was wrong.

    I guess now it comes down to whether a player hurts the grad rate if they leave the team but stay and graduate from the school.

  • discdude

    I think if he stays at Cal and graduates, it’s ok. What I guess I might not know here is whether he’s still on scholarship. I think so, but not 100% sure.

    Not an authority by any means on this stuff, but I’m a big fan of the APR over the GSR. Both are confusing as heck, but as I recall, the APR tracks a player such that if he transfers and then graduates elsewhere, it doesn’t ding the original university. And why should it? If he doesn’t like his situation for whatever reason, he transfers, succeeds elsewhere and graduates. It’s all good. There are also some calcs in APR about going pro too.

    GSR pretty much just looks at whether a kid either graduates or not. It doesn’t account for a ton of the factors or extenuating circumstances. This also explains so much collateral damage during transition periods.