Football: Year 1 of the Bear Raid not a big success

Pac-12 Networks analyst Yogi Roth watched tape of Cal’s 41-24 loss at Colorado and realized he had seen it all before.

“If you don’t look at the score, it’s like the offense is putting up numbers, but not converting when they need to,” he said. “That’s kind of what happens every Saturday.”

The Bear Raid offense, expected to rack up points, win games and sell tickets for Cal football this fall, has become something else altogether.

“We’re a teaser offense,” Cal offensive coordinator Tony Franklin said. “We show signs, tease people, and they go, ‘Why can’t they do that all the time?'”

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How Cal’s Bear Raid offense produced against its two FBS nonconference opponents and its eight Pac-12 foes (by average):

  • Northwestern: 549 yards, 30 points
  • Ohio State: 503 yards, 34 points
  • Pac-12 opponents: 424.0 yards, 20.3 points


Jeff Faraudo

  • Juancho

    The Bare Raid.

  • calbearister

    If anyone knows about being a dud, it’s Yogi Roth. His performance calling the Portland State game was even worse than the football team’s.

  • Joey

    ister attacking anyone against sonny dykes as usual. My subjective view: the offense was boring and difficult to watch. The objective view: Cal’s 1-10 record. The objective result: no bowl, ticket sales down. Blame whoever you want, facts are facts.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    One of the most pathetically bad years in conference history.

  • Juancho

    To play devil’s advocate.

    1. Dykes installed a brand new offense, and even if it’s simple that does take time for the players to learn.

    2. Boy there were a heck of a lot of injuries on defense.

    3. As big an academic hole as the previous regime dug, I bet this staff had to devote more time & resources to grades than the previous staff did – meaning less football.

    4. The past couple of recruiting years have been lean. (Post Tosh).

    5. The defense also had to learn a new scheme. All these guys were in the 3-4 their entire time at Cal. And had to learn the 4-3 on the fly.

    6. The level of play in the conference is probably at an all time high. Thanks to the stellar hirings of Arizona State and UCLA for instance, teams that were once average are now powerhouses. Meaning Dykes has a huge hill to climb to even be respectable.

  • Joey

    I blame the injuries. We never had injuries before and i am sure we won’t have injuries next season.

  • Picard

    Yes, Joey, the Bears are 1-10. Any other keen insights you’d like to share?

  • wehofx

    moron = woj = joey And coupla other sn aliases. Moron’s big ged tell: it constantly confuses you’re and your.)

    woj/joey/et al Based on obsessive posting, its gone manic. LMFAO

    Juancho, you the DUUUUUUDE$$$

    Re: your response to Mike Riley example. Ya. I agree. SD is the next Art Briles – to state the obvious – is the best case scenario. Did a little more research. Clearly he’s a monster recruiter. He got RG3 in his 2nd year.

    SD is the next Mike Riley. Middle of the pack. Bowl eligible. at least 1 signature win a season – and 1 stinker. Tolerable. I wanna go to the Rose Bowl! But it could be worse.

    SD is “You are what your record says you are,” and he can’t make the adjustment to Pac12. Then, we’re in for misery until Dec 15.

    I am hopeful for an hc somewhere between Briles and Riley.

  • wehofx

    Picard, lol.

  • Bobsac

    Juanco–good list, on your point 5, changing this year from the 3-4 to the 4-3 was the early Red Flag that the new hires were mistakes . Talent thin, inexperience, the last thing the team needed was changing the defense. Especially in college where the coaches get paid & the players have other obligations–like classes– new coaches should adjust to the talent rather than the other way around. I will always believe that competent coaching sticking with the 3-4 would have produced more than the close win over Portland State this season.

  • Juancho

    Bob my brother in sacramento. Agree with you.

    I will research further. But in college seems like the 4-3 defenses accompany the pro style offenses. Spreads tend to run 3-4s. Maybe its a speed recruiting thing?

    In a perfect work you hire a guy who can run both and who can fit the talent to a system that maximizes their talent year 1. And then slowly changes systems.

  • Cal does not have the line talent and depth to play the 4-3. No wonder two lineman got frustrated and left the team. Their strength under Coach Clancy was the LB crew. You want to go 4-3 go out and recruit some big lineman that can clog the middle and rush the passer. Does not look as of now we are making much progress on the recruiting front in that direction. Maybe they can find it in the JC ranks…

  • covinared

    Juancho: you give Tosh too much credit. His last 3 classes were good on paper but mostly turned out to be busts.

  • HeteroscedasticBear


    Just focus on two things: Blocking (Offense) and Tackling (Defense). Fix those things and I think we having a winning program.

    I’m sure that’s obvious to you as it is to everyone of us. The question remains: why isn’t it fixed? You’ve had the entire season to work on those two fundamental disciplines in football. But they’re still not fixed. Do you know how to fix them? Does anyone on your staff know how to fix them?

    I suggest that you find some people who do. And while you’re at it, spend some time with your dad for advice.

  • Steve W


    You seem to enjoy sniping at people. Why don’t YOU say something meaningful for a change?

  • Larry

    Sign a few of these bubbas for the middle DL.


  • The Wisdom Cow

    Without a big improvement along the OL, the O will continue to struggle in the red zone. Pac 12 Ds are too athletic. When the room to maneuver gets tight, you need to be able to force the issue. There just is not as much room to rely on getting people out of position through fast play calling.

  • 1brsfan

    what those stats tell me is the the P12 is way better than the B10. If our bad team could put up 30+ points on their best team and a mediocre team then Oregon is going to wipe the floor with tOSU in the Rose Bowl.