Football: Underdog Bears enter Big Game still seeking spark they can harness to build a future

Jeff Tedford in his debut season at Cal in 2002 had Michigan State. Jim Harbaugh five years later at Stanford had USC.

But what has first-year Cal coach Sonny Dykes’ team achieved this season that might provide a spark for the program’s future?

So far, nothing tangible. At 1-10 and without a win over a Football Bowl Subdivision opponent, Dykes and the Bears have one more chance to make a splash.

“If we beat Stanford,” linebacker Michael Barton said, “we’ll have a lot of steam rolling into next year.”

But as 32-point underdogs Saturday, the Bears are the biggest long shot in Big Game history.

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Jeff Faraudo

  • al

    In your full article you could have mention that Cal was freakin’ ripped off in ’04. They were ranked #4 & their only loss was to the #1 team (by 6). They should have been in the Rose Bowl!! But that bastard, mac brown, cried & pleaded that texass should get a BCS game. Sure enough, texass got more votes & got the bid over Cal. It was total B.S.! Many of the coaches in the small12 ranked Cal anywhere from 8-20 – they all get a nice check from a conference team that makes a bcs game. It was an embarrassment! Because of this sham, the final coaches poll is published so everyone can see what each team voted. F mack & F texass!

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Al, it was really all of the Big 12 team coaches that switched votes to get themselves a share of BCS money. Mack’s pleas gave them the excuse.

  • al

    Yeah, I know. I’m no fan of that conference so I have a problem calling them their name, hence the “small12.”