Football: Big Game thread

FINAL SCORE: Stanford 63, Cal 13. The 63 points are the most scored by either team in the Big Game, dating back to 1892. Goff finished with 3,508 yards, a Cal single-season record.

The Bears finish 1-11, 0-9 in the Pac-12 — the first time since before 1900 they have failed to beat a Football Bowl Subdivision/Division I opponent. They closed the season on a 10-game losing streak, extending droughts against Pac-12 foes (14 games) and FBS opponents (16).

Cal allowed more than 40 points for the ninth time in 12 games and gave up 551 points on the season — third-most in Pac-12 history.

HALFTIME: Report from Cal — Goff out for the rest of the game with a shoulder injury.

2nd Quarter: Montgomery’s 4th TD of the game, on 72-yard catch and run from Hogan, makes it 28-10 with 14:44 left in half. Montgomery: 4 touches, 165 yards, 4 TDs.

A Stanford touchdown that isn’t Ty Montgomery — Hogan passes 45 yards to Michael Rector, who beats Damariay Drew down the middle. Stanford 35-10 with 8:00 left in 1st H.  Hogan is 10 for 13 for 239 yards and 4 TDs.

D’Amato kicks 47-yd FG to make it 35-13, but Goff is out after being hit by Skov. Kline takes over. Not sure why the FG, down 35-10.

Remember, Ty Montgomery . . . his 9-yard TD catch from Hogan makes it 42-13 with 5 seconds left in half. He has 5 TDs on 7 touches. Five catches for 160 and 2 rushes for 31. Stanford 42-13 at the half — most points the Cardinal has ever scored in the first half of ANY game.

Goff has broken Pat Barnes’ 17-year-old single-season school passing yards record of 3,499. Goff has 194 today and 3,508 for the season. But still awaiting word from Cal on the nature of his injury and whether he returns.

1st Quarter:  The Cardinal got spectacular field position after Lee Ward returned Cal’s opening squib kickoff 30 yards to the Bears’ 45. A pass interference penalty against Cameron Walker made it easier still, and Ty Montgomery ran 31 yards untouched on a reverse for a 7-0 Stanford lead exactly 60 seconds into the game.  

Bears pull even with one of their best drives of the season, a 6-play, 80-yard march that consumes just 2:11, capped by Jared Goff’s 15-yard TD pass to Maurice Harris. Key plays: Goff’s 14-yard pass to Kenny Lawler and 23-yarder to Jackson Bouza and a 25-yard run after lateral pass by Brendan Bigelow. It’s 7-7 with 11:43 left in 1st Q.

Cal defense outdoing itself — Cardinal scores on 1-play, 50-yard drive — a TD pass down the middle from Hogan to Montgomery. Stanford has run 3 offensive plays and has 80 yards and 14 points.

Stanford: 3 possessions, 3 TDs. 21-7 after 7-play, 51-yard drive, capped by Hogan to Montgomery for 12 yards with 6:58 left.  That’s three TDs for Montgomery, if you’re keeping track. In the first quarter.

Bears move 83 yards, settle for 29-yard FG by D’Amato. Stanford leads 21-10.

Qtr stats: Cal 152 yards, Stanford 131. Goff is 8 for 13 for 120 yards and a touchdown. Hogan is 5 for 7 for 90 yard and two TDs. First downs: Cal 8, Stanford 6.

Cal’s final 1st Qtr ledger for the season: outscored 181-51.

WELCOME: The Bears’ long, dreadful season finally comes to an end today at Stanford Stadium in the 116th Big Game.

Cal’s next game is Aug. 30, 2014 against Northwestern in Evanston, Ill.  (You remember Northwestern, the team that beat Cal 44-30 in the opener, started the season 4-0 and today is in the process of losing its eighth straight game).

A couple of statistical milestones within each of Cal freshman QB Jared Goff:

  • He needs just 12 completions to break the NCAA record (321) for completions by a freshman.
  • He needs 186 passing yards to break Pat Barnes’ 1996 single-season school record of 3,499 yards.

Pay attention because that might be the extent of the good news today for the visitors.


Jeff Faraudo

  • Woj


    50 point loss or 4.02 Buhs to your arch rival, winless on the season, statistically dead last in defense in the conference and special teams and on offense too. An emotionless milktoast lousy head coach. An AD who’s got massive problems on all fronts. Winless, hopeless, and a laughingstock – that’s Cal 2013 football.

    Onto basketball where Cal actually competes at the D1 level.

  • Woj

    Correction –
    I predicted Stanford 3 Buhs Cal 1 Buh. I was darn close to that actual final score. With Goff in, could have banked another FG.

    Should have beet on Cal’s ineptness all year then I’d have some serious $$ in the bank.

    Please dear Lord let the terminations regin down on the football program.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Covinred, based on seeing what Kline does down 30 without having been given first team reps in practice?

    Goff may become something good, but I can’t stand seeing the “records” being lauded. Breaking Pat Barnes’ records were so beyond hollow. Seriously, an asterick should be by them denoting the team record.

  • gc

    I guess Shaw needed another touchdown against a weak team, it showed no class on his part.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Gc, he was playing 3rd stringers. I’m fine with it. After all, it was less than a Buh for the second half.

  • 707 Bear

    A sunny Saturday, a gentle fall breeze and I’m unhappy. Why?

    Because a group of 18-22 year olds didn’t win a game.

    Must immediately enter a 12 step program program.

    Step 1: Thanks blog for all the posts. Enjoy the holidays.
    Step 2: Football blackout until signing.

    Go Bears

  • Eric

    So I couldn’t wait until Monday. I sent the e-mail below to Larry Scott, copying our good Jeff Faraudo, a writer from the SF Chronicle, and David Hirsch of the Pac-12 (Vice President of Communications for football). The e-mail to the SF Chronicle writer (Hunter Hewitt) bounced back, so if anyone has another one, let me know.

    Dear Mr. Scott:

    I am writing to you, copying Mr. Hirsch of the Pac-12 and several college football sports writers, to inquire why there was no targeting penalty called on the hit by Stanford’s defender (wearing #11) against California’s quarterback during the first half of today’s game.

    The hit was initiated by the defender leaving his feet, aiming at the shoulder/neck area of the quarterback, helmet first, after lowering his helmet. The defender made no attempt use his arms to assist in the tackle; indeed, the defender lowered his arms to his side rather than reaching forward to “wrap up” the quarterback. The defender did not actually hit the quarterback in the head or neck, but in the shoulder; that was a matter of luck. The quarterback was nonetheless very slow to get up from the field. I was convinced when I initially saw the play that the quarterback had suffered a concussion.

    No penalty was called. The Fox Sports game announcers both immediately stated that the defender should have been called for a “targeting” penalty and ejected. They then contacted the Fox official, Mike Pereira, who announced on the air that it should have been a targeting penalty and the player should have been ejected.

    Later that same half, the same defender tackled the quarterback (on what a legal, form tackle of wrapping the arms while driving the shoulder into the quarterback), and the quarterback was injured, exhibiting pain the same shoulder. Had the defender been ejected, he obviously would not have been in a position to deliver the knock out tackle.

    I am a graduate of UC Berkeley, so obviously I am biased. Please discount whatever I saw by whatever you think is appropriate.

    But I watched the replay at least a dozen times. I then looked up the “targeting” penalty.

    I have copied the rule below:

    Targeting and Initiating Contact With the Crown of the Helmet (Rule 9-1-3)

    No player shall target and initiate contact against an opponent with the crown (top) of his helmet. When in question, it is a foul.

    Targeting and Initiating Contact to Head or Neck Area of a Defenseless Player (Rule 9-1-4)

    No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, fist, elbow or shoulder. When in question, it is a foul. (Rule 2-27-14)

    Note: Beginning in 2013, ejection from the game is a part of the penalty for violation of both Rule 9-1-3 and Rule 9-1-4.


    Target—to take aim at an opponent for purposes of attacking with an apparent intent that goes beyond making a legal tackle or a legal block or playing the ball.

    Crown of the Helmet—the top portion of the helmet.

    Contact to the head or neck area—not only with the helmet, but also with the forearm, fist, elbow, or shoulder—these can all lead to a foul.

    Defenseless player—a player not in position to defend himself.

    Examples (Rule 2-27-14):
    •A player in the act of or just after throwing a pass.
    •A receiver attempting to catch a pass, or one who has completed a catch and has not had time to protect himself or has not clearly become a ball carrier.
    •A kicker in the act of or just after kicking a ball, or during the kick or the return.
    •A kick returner attempting to catch or recover a kick.
    •A player on the ground.
    •A player obviously out of the play.
    •A player who receives a blind-side block.
    •A ball carrier already in the grasp of an opponent and whose forward progress has been stopped.
    •A quarterback any time after a change of possession.


    Risk of a foul is high with one or more of these:
    •Launch—a player leaving his feet to attack an opponent by an upward and forward thrust of the body to make contact in the head or neck area
    •A crouch followed by an upward and forward thrust to attack with contact at the head or neck area—even though one or both feet are still on the ground
    •Leading with helmet, forearm, fist, hand or elbow to attack with contact at the head or neck area
    •Lowering the head before attacking by initiating contact with the crown of the helmet

    Based on the plain language of the rule, I simply cannot understand why the penalty was not called. The only possible defense to a no call is that the defender arguably did not hit with the top of the helmet, but there is no doubt he (a) launched; (b) led with his helmet; (c) lowered his head; and (d) at a player just after the player threw a pass. The rule plainly states “when in question, it is a foul.”

    If I were paranoid, I might ask whether no penalty was called because the defender is an All-American candidate, and if Stanford wins the game it is a viable candidate for a BCS Bowl spot, which is worth millions to the conference (recall that the hit occurred in the first half, when it was far from clear whether Oregon would lose to Arizona, so had Oregon won Stanford would only be playing Notre Dame next to preserve a 2-loss record).

    But I think the clear answer is incompetence of the officials. There is a long, shameful history of excruciatingly poor officiating b Pac-10/Pac-12 officials, as evidenced by the recent ASU-Wisconsin fiasco. And for a game that was never going to be in doubt, it is easy to forget this one. But it did happen; the officials simply blew it, and it greatly endangered the safety of California’s quarterback (and was in fact by the same player, who never should have been in the game at that stage).

    I respectfully request that you, as the Pac-12 commissioner, direct an inquiry into this hit. If you conclude, as you should, that a penalty should have been called, the remedy should be a public reprimand of the officiating crew (and denial of future officiating opportunities this season) and suspension of the defender as if he had been suspended at that stage of the game. The conference has the power to rescind suspensions for targeting penalties after the game has ended; the opposite should also be true. The NFL has no problems taking action for illegal hits that were not called. If it truly cares about player safety, the Pac-12 should take similar action.

    If, however, the Pac-12 chooses to do nothing, and acts as if this was not a penalty, then it should advocate for eliminating the penalty; the penalty is meaningless if it is not called in a circumstance such as this.

    I would appreciate a response by this Wednesday.


    Eric XXXXXXX

  • GldnBear71

    #107 – complete waste of time

  • Rob Bear

    Tough, tough season Bear fans. Happy to see that the nightmare is hopefully over. With this amount of injuries, a new system, a new group of coaches and the brutal schedule, it all seemed to create the perfect storm for this season. Hope Goff is okay. Hope Kline gets better. Another year ends and another year of disappointment. Get healthy Bears. Not to worry. I will be there when the next season comes around. With EXTREME PREJUDICE in 2014 Bears. With EXTREME PREJUDICE!!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    They shortened the Old Dominion vs North Carolina game by 10 minutes in the 4th quarter because NC was winning 80-20.

    I am surprised the same wasn’t done for your game. What an absolute laughter of a game. Pathetic.

  • Easy Ed

    Poor, poor Moron. Wouldn’t daddy be happy if you had a University of California degree which was given at Berkeley? Daddy could slow down the drinking and Mommy would stop sleeping with the pool boy.

  • Dan

    Poor, poor little moron- every time you post here, it just is one more act of a pathetic, lonesome loser. I mean, you’ve been posting here for years, disappear like a coward when sc is in the tank, and reappear when SC is not pathetic. I mean, seriously, you should seek professional help.

  • Steve W

    This train wreck of a defense can trace its roots to last season when a supposedly good defensive coordinator like Clancy Pendergast couldn’t do much to take out the stink. It started with last year’s Nevada debacle when a bunch of highly rated defensive linemen couldn’t get a hand on The Nevada quarterback the whole game. It’s been two seasons and running since that game, and still no pash rush. I just watched ASU take down UCLA and Brett Hundley tonight with nine sacks – NINE – in the game. Go out and find a few Will Suttons, Sonny, or your fortunes are not going to change.

  • Woj

    Queasy Ed – I challenge you to stay with facts and now defend Stormy Dykes on the Bears performance this year Last year with Tedford caring more about paychecks then time spent oaching the team – the 2012 Bears went 3-9. This year 1-11. No wins at all over FBS teams. Terrible special teams (see USC game). Record setting bad defense. Please do your best to defend the guy you want to stay – Andy Buh. Cal went 1-11. as I predicted 9 weeks ago. Cal had the worst D in college football…as many predicted. The AD sounds like she’s on the deck of the Titanic seemingly not making any changes to save her face.

    Again, stay…on…message. Challenge yourself to be mature and eliminate any mention of your tired words like ‘moron’, ‘troll’, etc which mean nothing.

    Do it and maybe more than Wehoefx will read your next post.

  • Woj

    Is there a ’10 run’ type rule for the 2014 Cal season?
    In fairness to Oregon, USC, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona St. and BYU these teams ought to know if they get ahead of Cal by 50 in a game next year that to protect against injury, the refs may shorten the game by 10 minutes of time.

    This is college football after all – no reason for Oregon, USC, Stanford, UCLA, Arizona St. and BYU second and third stringers to get hurt executing meaningless plays and scores against Cal’s first teamers.

  • Gobears49

    Eric (#107),

    Nice job. Would be interested in hearing about anything you receive if someone respond to your letter,

    What would have been an interesting questions is to ask are the following —

    1. Does any organization, including the Pac 12, or a referee’sl organization, review video of past games to see how well the officiating was.

    2. If a coach, fan, or anyone else alleges “targeting” occurred on a particular play but it was not called.

    a. Does any organization take steps to review the play,
    b. If so, what organization is responsible for doing that, and what steps do they take if they find that targeting did, indeed, occur.

    For the record, I thought it was a clear case of targeting.

  • Easy Ed

    Woj=Moron! Your vitriolic posts are silly, add nothing the discussion and expose the fact that you are too much of a coward to reveal yourself. Do you want to discuss Cal football or fulfill your envious and hateful need to go after the university which had the good taste to toss your application for admission? Woj=Moron, Daddy=Drunk and Mommy services the pool boy!

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Easy Ed invents as many make believe stories as he can but what he cannot make up is his unwavering support for the AD and Sonny and his band of incompetent coaches. Thanks to them CSU East Bay just experienced its worst season ever.

    Bad offense
    Worst D in college football
    Worst academics in the Pac 12
    Worst loss ever in a big game

  • Easy Ed

    Let me help you Moron, I am an alum of the University of California at Berkeley. Cal is my Alma Mater, I love the university and am a fan (derived from the word fanatic) of the sports teams. You are not Moron, you are a Cal reject and the fact that you disappointed Daddy is driving you crazy. Am I happy about this season? NO! Do I remain a Cal fan? YES! GO BEARS!!!

  • BlueNGold


    Once a serial stalker, forever a serial stalker. What a pathetic, no life loser you are, moron.

  • Sandy Barbour is the real problem. She allows this embarrassment to continue.