Football: Dykes’ post-morten leftovers

More from Sonny Dykes season-ending news conference on Monday:

On the profile of players he wants to recruit:

“I don’t feel any differently now than I did the day I got hired. Cal’s not for everybody. That was my stance before I got the job. You need to recruit people who can be successful here and, most importantly, people who appreciate that. Somebody who wants to be here and has an academic background to be successful here and is obviously a good football player. It can be done.”


His reaction to the suggestion he’d said the Bears didn’t have the talent to compete this season, Dykes responded:

“Never said we didn’t have the horses. Just said we didn’t do a very good job of coaching them. You have to draw your own conclusions. We’ve got plenty of horses — the fact is they’re young. They’ll get better. Our job’s to coach them. Obviously, we didn’t coach them to play to their potential — nowhere close to that.”


On whether there are worries that failing to win a Pac-12 game will make it more difficult to sell his vision to his players:

“Sure there is, there’s always concern. It’s like when you go to the doctor and you get a shot and you feel better the next day. You feel like this guy knows what he’s talking about.”


On where Freddie Tagaloa and Matt Cochran fit into the offensive line picture after both were moved to new positions midseason:

“Both of them we think have a chance to be good players. It’s a hard thing what Freddie went through, going from a guy we thought was really going to play well. We felt like we needed to make a position change for us to be successful. Cochran’s probably a guard, but somebody has to play tackle.”


On where he envisions freshman strong safety eventually playing:

“He started as a corner. We moved him to safety Week 3. He’s potentially a corner.”


On which scout team players most impressed him this season:

“(Wide receiver) Trevor Davis had a good year. (Receiver) Ray Hudson, (defensive end) Ray Davison. Once (cornerback Darius) Allensworth got healthy, he looked good. (Cornerback) Trey Cheek looked good.

“All the offensive linemen showed some signs — especially (Aaron) Cochran. Caleb Coleman’s move (to cornerback) is permanent.”

Jeff Faraudo

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    “Attitude reflects leadership” – Remember the Titans. Sonny, you said the first thing you are going to do is look at yourself. Just look at yourself. You’re overweight. Too many top dogs, blondies pizza and kingpin donuts. I think you need some discipline. Get rid of that belly (and double chin) and perhaps the players will see the fire in your belly.

    But seriously. blocking and tackling. That’s what you need to work on and we’ll see some Ws.

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    “If you can play, then you can play.”


    “If you can coach, then you can coach.”

    Can you coach Sonny? Can your coaches coach? Our record sure doesn’t reflect it. If there’s something we should know, then please let us know.

  • Bobsac

    This being America, we can vote today. Sacramento Bee today’s poll–What most ails Cal football?
    Poor recruiting
    Poor coaching
    Too strong of a conference
    All of the above
    Voting at sacbee.com/sports

    So, we can all vote, & maybe Jeff can design a poll for the CCTimes.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    Bobsac, too generalized. Let’s just go with a comment section ranking for all three. Grade each on a scale from 0-10 (0 being ails the program the most, 10 means it’s perfect and can’t get better).


    Recruiting – 3.5 (it could definitely be worse. i’d rank it lower, but i’ll believe him, not sure why, that he is going after kids more suitable for Cal’s academics)

    Coaching – 3 (again, I assume some IS going on, but so many position changes and so little success, with ST and D seeming to be going nowhere)

    Conference Strength – 8.5 (guess this one goes in reverse, can’t remember a stronger Pac conference top to bottom, and this definitely makes Dykes’ job hard, but also shows players what good play is like most weeks)

    So, for me it’s clearly all of the above. I could have swallowed a 1-12 season without much complaining had I seen signs of intelligence (or a lack of idiocy like not going for 2 but then doing an on-side kick) or significant improvement in players during the year. I didn’t see much or either and have no confidence in the current position coaches, which I’d say, having a hands off HC, is the biggest problem the program faces.

  • Gobears49

    Interesting video I came across last night showing Trent Dilfer, a former pro QB who runs the Elite 11 QB competition (Rubenzer is the 10th Cal QB to achieve that status, putting Cal in a tie with USC), running a fake surprise night workout with Luke Rubenzer, and then telling him he made it to some level within the Elite 11 competition. Lots of laughter and then sort of an interview with Rubenzer, who indicates he has always taken as a challenge that he is too small. Dilfer makes a comparison of him to Johnny Manziel.


  • Woj

    Recruiting – 2.5 and falling. No reason whatsoever for a 3star or higher kid to come to Cal – none. The O line is a sieve, the HC is milktoast, the offense is gimmicky and easy to defend inside the 25 yard line. The run game is nonexistent. All of these facts were proven in year 1 of 2 of the Sonny era.

    And for the few kids that want a ++ education with their football experience Stanford is out there for them, UCLA and Duke too. 1 program is elite and the others are improving.

    Coaching – 1 (I saw nothing in year 1 that warrants a grade higher than 1). Cal basically did not win a game this year and got waxed in 9 of them. The team quit and executed basically football fundamentals poorly gem in and game out. That’s on the assistants and the HC that hired them in the first place.

    Conference Strength – 9 (everyone in the Pac is improving except 1 gold and blue doormat which went in the other direction these past 5 years). Again since the 2007 Oregon St. win and be ranked #1 game Cal has been floundering.

  • covinared

    despite the current and temporary woes, there are a lot of reasons for good players to come to Cal, and plenty will.

  • rollonubears

    oregon game being played at levis. πŸ™


  • Eric

    As several of you may recall, I wrote to the Pac-12 Saturday night, asking about the Skov hit. A few were supportive of my effort, and one thought it was a complete waste of time.

    I received a response this afternoon, which I pasted below (and my response to it is pasted below the Pac-12’s response). The folks I wrote to did not respond, but a different person, Erik Hardenbergh, who I do appreciate took the time to write, even if it was a form response.


    Thanks for your feedback. We appreciate all of your viewpoints, and the Commissioner asked me to follow up with you directly.

    The Pac-12 Conference maintains a command center that reviews all plays for each game, including the one you reference in your email. The officiating crews are evaluated each game by the Pac-12 Coordinator of Officials and his staff. In addition, each head coach has the opportunity to provide the Coordinator with video clips to review. Our video staff in the command center has the ability to view unlimited replays and in slow motion to detect any errors that may occur in a game. The game officials, who do not have the same viewing angles as the television cameras when working on the field, are provided these replays as an educational component in their continued training.

    One final note I wanted to add. The integrity of our game in our highest priority and we are working hard to improve our officiating. Incidents like the one you mentioned this year at Arizona State show we have more work to do, but we are confident that the process we have in place – based on accountability and feedback – is the correct one and will lead to improvement across the board.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


    (My response)

    Dear Erik,

    I appreciate your response. But I would like a more direct response to the questions I posed – was the hit one that deserved a “targeting” penalty and, if yes, what is the Pac-12 going to do about it? Does it have the power to suspend the player? What has been the evaluation of the officiating crew for that play?



  • Steve W

    This just in from the Arizona sports desk: Rubenzer in Division 3 semi-final – 27 for 31, NINE Td’s. He is getting a ton of buzz from the Phoenix sports writers. If the Cal coaches are hitting the recruiting trail next week, one of those planes better be headed in a southeast direction. He is the one that cannot get away.

  • Easy Ed

    Eric I missed the game Saturday due to a family function. I just looked at a replay (as much of it as I could stand) and saw the cheap shot delivered by Skov. It was ridiculous that he was still in the game and nearly as ridiculous that the Cal players allowed him to finish the game. That cheap shot artist should have faced crack back blocking until he was carried off the field or Shaw removed him for his own safety.

    The second Skov hit was clean but he should not have been in the game at that point. The first hit was deliberate and malicious. Payback is a bi–h!

  • Eric

    More from the Pac-12:

    In response to my second e-mail, the Pac-12 official wrote:


    I understand your questions, but these reviews are internal and we do not make our decisions public. Rather, we deal directly with the institutions and student-athletes.



    I responded:


    Is it an internal issue or something public whether the Pac-12 has the power to suspend a player for a targeting penalty was not called during the game?”

    Jeff the Cat – have you had a chance to ask the Pac-12 about the hit? I saw it came up with Dykes during the Monday post-mortem.

  • I am lowering my forecast for wins next year for 2 — and I do hope I am wrong.

    However I read that Dykes lowered expectations foe the recruiting class to max 20 and filling in with JCs as needed. So clearly not expecting many surprises going forward…

    His comments that Goff is our QB goes against what he said when he came to Cal that ever position was open to competition during spring/summer camp….after our season you would think that was doubly true now.

    Messaging is everything here and he is not getting a passing grade…..

  • Bobsac

    Follow-up on no. 3 above, results of the Sacramento Bee Poll yesterday on “what most ails Cal football?
    Poor recruiting 21 per cent
    Poor coaching 17 per cent
    Too strong of a conference 4 per cent
    All of the above 58 per cent
    156 folks voted .
    A better poll could be designed & CCTimes would get more voters. I disagree with too strong of a conference being included. Since last RosΓ© Bowl team in 1958, Mike White, Bruce Snyder & Jeff Tedford have proved that the right coach can turn out great teams at Cal. Jeff?

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    No one listens to perennial losers. Your complaint Eric obviously fell on deaf ears. I can just see the office reading your email and laughing uncontrollably.

    I know I did.

    What a whiner.

  • Easy Ed

    What did you say Moron? I wasn’t listening.