Football: Goff has successful shoulder surgery

Cal freshman quarterback Jared Goff underwent successful surgery Wednesday to repair a right shoulder separation he sustained in the Bears’ 63-13 season-ending loss at Stanford in the Big Game.

Goff, who set a Cal single-season record with 3,508 passing yards, is expected to be fully recovered in time for Cal’s spring workouts.

“We are pleased that Jared is expected to make a full recovery and be back on the field for spring ball,” Cal coach Sonny Dykes said. “We have confidence he can build on the promising campaign he had in his first season at Cal.”

Goff was injured on a hit by Stanford linebacker Shayne Skov midway through the second quarter on Saturday.

The Marin native broke Cal’s single-game record with 504 yards against Washington State and became the second Pac-12 quarterback with three games of at least 450 yards. He threw 18 touchdowns this fall.

Jeff Faraudo

  • KC

    Get well soon, Jared! Looking forward to a much improved Cal team next year. Way to battle through an extremely challenging season.

  • covinared

    One of the things to build on. We have a good young QB.

  • Woj

    Just saw Oregon and Cal are moving to a neutral site game (Levi’s Stadium) in Santa Clara for the Oct. 2014 game.

    Good for the 40,000 Oregon fans that show up. They ought to enjoy the weather and experience of Levi’s stadium as they demolish the woeful golden doormats. Any Cal fan paying to watch that upcoming 66-10 demolition is into some serious self inflicted pain. Maybe the Cal fans enjoy seeing flaccid milktoast Stormy Dykes patrolling the sideline with a look of – I have no idea what I’m doing here on the sidelines.

  • Woj

    Just watched The Drive episode on the Big Rout. Every time I see/listen to Stormy Dykes I’m less impressed than before and my opinion of him is uber-poor.
    No wonder David Shaw wants Dykes to stick around a long time. Cal remains a creamy cupcake Stanford munches on every year with Stormy.

    Again – Cal just had its worst season ever. Period.

    They had his ~80 year old Dad on TV – if a Dykes has to coach the 2014 season, I’d rather have old man Spike Dykes (Texas Tech 1986-1999) on the sideline for Cal next year than his flaccid, uninspiring in over his head son as coach.

  • covinared

    must be lonely at 1:15 am Thanksgiving Night sitting at your computer in your underwear trolling Cal sites after hitting some porn.

  • Boaltblue

    Time of posts for Nos. 3 and 4 establish what a pitiful existence, not a life, Woj=Moron has. Please seek help. A life is a wonderful thing.

  • Woj

    I love the hapless Cal fans like covinared and
    Boaltblue who simply don’t reply to the merit of what anyone says but name call and rock in the corner like an idiot pretending not to hear the rightful criticism coming down on their beloved football coach, 2-fer AD, and program. Good grief you and your ilk are a joke. You deserve winless Cal and it deserves hapless you.

  • Woj

    Covinared do you read this blog with breakfast. If so, enjoy choking on your next bagel numnuts.

  • Good read in todays NYTimes sports (Nov 30) on the impact new TV contract has had on the athletic programs in Pac-12. One focus is WSU — sounds like they have jumped over us now and building momentum into next year given their recent recruiting success….Rules of engagement are certainly changing…

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    I watched the Civil War game with interest last night.

    First, it was great to see a rivalry game played like it should be. Fiercely competitive, coming down to the final plays. It has been a long time since that has happened in the little big game.

    Second, I noticed all of the the players who were playing on both teams and who lived not far from the East Bay area.

    Sean Mannion – QB
    Terron Ward – RB
    Terrance Mitchell – DB
    Tyler Anderson – FB
    Brandin Cooks – WR
    Dylan Wynn – LB

    You guys are so laughable. What a joke of a program that loses some of the very best players right out of your own backyard.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    And now it sounds as if Kline the great anointed second coming of Aaron Rogers has requested a transfer.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    And now it sounds as if Kline the great anointed second coming of Aaron Rogers has requested a transfer.

    BTW there are some great rivalry games on today. These games are being played like rivalry games should be played. Not like the sorry way your team plays. Stanford rules.