Football: Kline to transfer, says, `It’s for sure;’ Dykes confirms Kline, Tagaloa are leaving


Backup quarterback Zach Kline confirmed Sunday that he is in the process of securing a release from his scholarship to Cal and will transfer to another school.

“It’s for sure,” said Kline, a redshirt freshman from Danville.

Also leaving is offensive lineman Freddie Tagaloa, coach Sonny Dykes said.

Tagaloa, a sophomore from Salesian High, was voted a team captain before this season but lost his starting tackle job late in the year, then was moved to guard.

Dykes, in a phone interview, said the school won’t be announcing changes to the roster until the Dec. 18 junior college signing date. But he confirmed Kline and Tagaloa are exiting and he believes there will be more defections.

“Typically, there’s going to be some (players leave) after the first year. Guys don’t feel like they fit in. I’m not worried,” Dykes said. “Honestly, I thought we would have double-digits (depart). I don’t think it will be anywhere near to that.”

Cal was 1-11 this season in Dykes’ debut, including a 63-13 loss to Stanford in the Big Game.

Kline, a high-level recruit out of San Ramon Valley High, said he met last week with Dykes and was convinced his best chance to play is elsewhere.

“I just think from what the coaches have told me, I have a better opportunity somewhere else,” he said. “They put it to me straight and in a professional way, which I appreciate.”

Kline said he has no idea where he will go from here, and said the paperwork is not yet complete so he cannot yet take calls from other schools.

Freshman Jared Goff was Cal’s starter in all 12 games this season after winning a fall camp duel with Kline, who at one time was regarded as the heir to the No. 1 job.

Kline was rated as the nation’s No. 4 incoming freshman quarterback in 2012 by Athlon, Lindy’s and Phil Steele. Athlon rated him as the nation’s No. 9 overall prospect. As San Ramon Valley, he passed for 3,630 yards and 36 touchdowns as a senior in 2011.

Kline enrolled early at Cal and was impressive in the 2012 spring game, throwing a 40-yard touchdown pass and two-point conversion pass for the winning points.

But he redshirted in 2012 and Goff won the job in August, passing for a Cal single-season record 3,508 yards this season. Kline got the chance to come off the bench in six games and was 43 for 82 for 443 yards with three touchdowns and four interceptions.

“I wish I could stay at Cal. I tried to stay all year,” Kline said. “It’s clear that Jared’s the guy. They told me, `If you want to start, you should go somewhere else.’ ”

Tagaloa, a 6-foot-8, 330-pounder from Richmond, was rated by Athlon as the fifth-best prospect in the same Cal recruiting class that brought Kline to Berkeley.

The Cal coaching staff decided at midseason that Tagaloa was better suited to play guard, explaining he had trouble containing quick pass rushers on the outside.

Jeff Faraudo

  • covinared

    I would welcome the prodigal Tosh back but I think he’ll likely end up going with Sark to sc.

  • covinared

    goldenblogs has him staying with wilcox in seattle.

  • Easy Ed

    Welcome Tosh back? I’d sooner go through several more tough seasons than to let that SOB back in. He is a world class skunk so why let him back in the house. Forget about how he left the program, how he direct recruits away from Cal, how he recruited kids who did not really want a Cal education? NEVER! If Stanford can do it, so can we.

  • 1brsfan

    I highly doubt that Tosh would be welcomed back. I believe that the administration attributes the APR situation to him as well since he recruited guys that were marginal when it came to academics. Secondly, I think that if Wilcox takes over as head coach at UW that Tosh could be elevated from his current position so that he would stay and help with recruiting. Of course Sark can probably offer him more money to do less if Orgeron stays.

  • dan

    Plus, if Tosh came back, imagine how delighted Easy Ed would be.

  • Steve W

    USC just can’t resist the temptation to reach back to the Pete Carroll dynasty and pluck yet another branch from his tree. I Hope that Sark sinks faster than a rotting mynah bird in the LaBrea tar pits. There is just something very wrong about poaching coaches from the same conference. Don’t get me started on how Bruce Snyder left for ASU.

  • wehofx

    per twitter: O submitted letter of resignation.

    conflicting reports about wilcox. some have him becoming hc at udub, others have him going w sark.

    if it’s true about O, SD better be on the phone to him at this moment. It seems, however – w his run – he’ll get smaller school, major conf HC, eg CU pre-McI, Illini, Kansas.

    Or, asu, if T Graham leaves for Tx.

    Re: DeRuyter. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t become HC at same type of school in major conf after this year.

  • wehofx

    …and don’t understand why someone w haden’s experience doesn’t see the connecting thread between recent success at $c and ucla. Defense.

    Mora and Petey are D coaches.

  • Woj

    As a UCD alum, I would like to invite Zach Kline to transfer to the best University of California football team in Northern California, and that’s UC Davis, period. The Ags certainly have a better head coach in Gould over Stormy Dykes and a way, way better shot of success from 2014-2016.

    Note to Klein – UC Davis also runs a pro style offense as well which bodes far better for any pro prospects you might have versus the gimmicky, ineffective, easily defended Bear Heave recently installed by Dykes down there in Berkeley.

  • Woj

    I agree with every ounce of Wisdom Cow’s negativity on Cal for 2014. Nobody at all should be surprised by these 2 transfers or the others surely to come. The dust has settled and Cal was basically winless in 2013 and now led by a flaccid unimaginative overpaid coach and terrible D coordinator – each only retaining their jobs for 2014 due to guaranteed contracts. If your a young guy with dimming pro prospects becasue they are masked by the weekly pummelings Cal is receiving, your best option IS to transfer.

    UC Davis would be a nice home for future transfers. The future is bright .. in Davis.

  • Woj

    I got more excited watching the last play of the Iron Bowl than Cal’s entire 2013 season. Who’s with me??

  • The Wisdom Cow

    [using Gene Wilder’s Willy Wonka fake plea voice]

    No. Stop. Please. UW. Don’t do it. Don’t hire Dykes and his entire staff away from us, paying buy-out clauses in the process. No.

  • Woj

    Note to Washington, If you are looking for a Black Monday bargain on a current Pac12 head coach – call 510GETDYKE.

    Cal is willing to kick in free shipping and waive various buyout clauses. Sandy B. is waiting for your call, email, text, fax, telegram, or hand delivered message.

  • al

    I posted this earlier today but is “awaiting moderation.” I’ll try again:

    As an easy bay resident I was rooting for Kline. Goff beat him out in camp and Kline didn’t exactly light the world on fire. I did think he deserved a bit more of a chance being that the season was essentially over by the 3rd game. He’s moving on and I wish him well. If anyone else doesn’t want to buy into the program they too should leave so as not to create more discontent.Have you guys even seen Rubenzer’s highlights and stats? Here’s his highlights from last season: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tyIFy8sjqEo . The kid can play! He finished 8th in the E11 this past summer and set AZ state records for TD’s in a season and for career (3 year starter). He also set the new national record for completion percentage. Here’s a link to his high school stats: http://www.maxpreps.com/athlete/luke-rubenzer/aA7htfTmEeKZ5AAmVebBJg/gendersport/football-stats.htm . That doesn’t include the state championship game in which he passed for 260/3 TD and ran for 60/1 TD. He threw 3 INT’s in the first game this season and ZERO the rest of the year! He easily outperformed the #1 ranked QB, also from AZ, Kyle Allen.

  • Easy Ed

    Orgeron resigned his position and apparently was royally pissed that Haden “didn’t give him a fair shot”. So looks like Sarsleazian and Piece of $hit Lupoi can come to USC. It will be only a matter of time before we have one of two outcomes (1) USC does not win and their spoiled fans want the Sleazy One’s head or (2) they win by resorting to Pete Carroll cheating tactics and they are put on probation again. Either one makes me happy. BTW Sonny, get Clancy back up here NOW!

  • RT

    Kline is a class act and although I’m bummed he’s leaving, it’s obviously for the best….transfer to Cal Poly in SLO and start immediately and get a great education…he’d be the toast of that town.

  • 1brsfan

    Forget Clancy… how about hiring Orgeron as DC? I know he wants a head job but if Dykes fails they job will be his. He is an excellent recruiter and he gets a yearly shot at SC.

  • 1brsfan

    Just read that Mixon has put SC back in the picture for his recruiting. Probably not a good sign for Cal.