Football: A busy day in the Pac-12

In case you missed, lots of Pac-12 football news on Tuesday:

— To make sure Jim Mora Jr. didn’t bolt to his alma mater at Washington, UCLA gives him a contract extension that will keep him in Westwood through 2019.

— New USC coach Steve Sarkisian expects to be a powerhouse recruiter in the L.A. area.

— Columnist Bill Plaschke of the L.A. Times says Sarkisian shouldn’t be confused with his friend and predecessor Lane Kiffin.

— Where does Washington turn for its next football coach?

— Quarterback Marcus Mariota assures that Oregon will remain a major player in the Pac-12 next year by announcing he will forgo the NFL draft and return to school.

Jeff Faraudo

  • HeteroscedasticBear

    Where does Washington turn? What about Tedford?

    What about Sonny Dykes? But he’s expensive. He’s earning $2.3 million per win.

    With the coaching carousel turning, I good thing (and bad thing) is we don’t have to worry about our coaches getting poached.

    Go Bears! Hoping for a good season. If Dykes can’t do it, then no one can (because he’s locked into to a 7 year deal and no one will be foolish to pay that buyout)

  • Raf

    Sonny has a 5 year contract, the buyout clause for the remaining 4 years is $3.75MM, Tedford’s 3 year buyout cost $5.5MM. The program is crumbling and will be completely destroyed if this man is coaches another year. Empty seats equal a financial catastrophe for the university. $3.75MM is money well spent. Where our rich alumni at?!

  • HeteroscedasticBear


    What about this guy?

    Masayoshi Son, BA Economics, 1980. 3rd richest man in Japan.


  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Here is the projected bowl lineups.


    I bet DeLaSalle wishes they could play you guys in some high school bowl. HAHAHAHA

  • Eric

    It would be funny to point out, Moron, that a few years ago you were insulting the Las Vegas Bowl. Last year U$C insulted the Sun Bowl (which they were lucky to even get to play in) and got destroyed by Georgia Tech, completely the all-time worst collapse of a preseason #1 team.

    And it would also be amusing to point out that Saturday morning you were posting about all of the great rivalry games that day, but stragely went silent when UCLA comes into your house, easily wipes the floor with your collection of 5-star recruits, and leaves the field after announcing on national television that they own LA. And to top it off, U$C doesn’t hire the guy that saved the program from a complete meltdown, the guy who actually inspired current and former players, in favor of a guy whose biggest claim to fame is taking a terrible Washington team and making it slightly better than mediocre after several seasons of recruiting A+ talent and spending millions. You might as well have hired Neuweasel.

    Blind squirrel – keep searching for that acorn.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Lupoi and Sarks together will turn SC into a recruiting machine.

    #5 – I understand why you want to resurface things in the past because after the beat down we put on your team this year who wouldn’t?

    You guys are right back to being the sorriest team in college football.

  • Eric

    Nice dodge Blind Squirrel. If you are going to respond, at least try to deal with the substance.

    I am glad you think Sarkesian and Lupoi will turn U$C into a recruiting machine. Maybe it will be the same type of recruiting that caused the extreme level of sanctions. Most of the U$C fans I know in SoCal – many of whom happily give mountains of cash to the school and the football program – are aghast at the hiring. Panic move after Sumerlin and Peterson gave U$C the finger.

  • Steve W


    Good posts, but I disagree with you about the panic move in South Central. USC always gets the best recruits on the West Coast, and this coaching change will make them stronger. Sark inherited a winless program at Washington and turned it into a winner in short order, primarily because he knew how to pull recruits out of So Cal. Bishop Sankey and Keith Price are perfect examples of that.

    I hate USC more than I hate boiled okra, but they are going to dominate again a la Pete Carroll. Cal is riding a 10-game losing streak against the Trojans, and the spankings are going to continue. Remember when Cal went decades without beating UCLA and Washington? Sadly, I believe it will be like that with USC.

  • Eric

    Steve W – always enjoy your posts. I don’t doubt that Sarkesian will recruit – we are in agreement. But my point is he is not a good head coach; a lot of flash but not a lot of substance. Taking a winless UW team to 5-7 (2009), 7-6 (2010), 7-6 (2011), 7-6 (2012), and 8-4 (2013) with the recruits he has is not great. He has scored some nice upsets, but has never beaten Oregon (more important that WSU) and lost a lot of games he should win. Many UW fans have been frustrated and are not upset to see him go. U$C fans (influential ones with lots of money) are unhappy. Haden wanted Sumerlin or Peterson – they both said no. So Haden got worried he might be stuck with the popular Ogeron, a holdover from the Carroll era who is a great recruiter but failed miserably at HC in the SEC and who just lost to Notre Dame and UCLA and instead went with the friendlier version of Lane Kiffin. Panic move.

  • Eric

    And I forgot to add. 8-4 this year was against a very weak schedule. He lost every tough game (we’re not a tough game…)

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    When the comments come from a shill like Eric who is a fan of the worst team in college football, I highly doubt their veracity when it comes to all things SC.

  • Eric

    Weak response Blind Squirrel.

    No reason to trust my views. How about this one?


    And then vote and see the results. 9.3% say great hire. 21.5% says terrible hire. 60.5% say decent but could have done better. 81% percent say U$C could have done better. The consensu screams panic move.

    For a person who claims “morenscarecoming,” these numbers must scare you.

    And that isn’t counting the money backers.

  • Woj

    THIS was a great post. Masayoshi-san may be a rich Cal alum but he got that way by being smart. Even he won’t flush good money down the proverbial coaching toilet that is Sonny Dykes. I mean would you flush $3.75M down the toilet even if you were Bill Gates rich? Nope. Besides Masayoshi-san probably doesn’t know about American college football let alone the fact that Cal is the worst team in major college football today.

    Good luck with that.

    @HeteroscedasticBear Says:
    December 4th, 2013 at 2:27 am

    What about this guy?

    Masayoshi Son, BA Economics, 1980. 3rd richest man in Japan.


  • Woj

    Why is everyone beating up USC on the Sark hire? Sure it was a mediocre hire (I mean the guy was barely over .500 and parlayed that into the head man at storied USC – this doesn’t compute at all). but Sark does have more coaching and recruiting talent in his whistle than Dykes does in his rotund body. Actually every coach in FCS surpasses except maybe Purdue’s coach. I’d rather have Ladoceur on board for 2014 than Stormy.

  • HeteroscedasticBear


    I hear you. Just wishful thinking. I don’t think he’s a football fan. He graduated right before “The Play.”

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    #15 – The Play? Isn’t that what just happened on the last play of the Alabama-Auburn game?

    Whatever naming rights to The Play held by CSU East Bay is now officially over.

  • ScottyBear

    Agree with Eric.

    Moron, you never were interesting and now again you are just boring and worst of all, predictable.

    Most importantly, please answer my same question to you from the past 5 years. Have you ever had pads on and played in an organized high school footbal game? Ever had a jock strap on? Of course not. The only jock strap you have ever had on the USC one around your face that you sniff and worship every night down in your basement. Our collective guess is you have an innie.

  • ScottyBear


    Didn’t think so. Ginger.

  • Dan

    Hey Dipstick Moron-

    If Sark is such a great recruiter how come he paid a D Line coach $600k per? Because THAT guy could recruit MUCH better than Sark could. So while Lupoi can recruit at a high level, your comment that SARK and Lupoi will kill it recruiting wise is off base as usual.

    Also, you do realize this IS THE SAME Tosh Lupoi you made fun of and insulted while at Cal? Even you aren’t that stupid, are you?

    Finally, your comment about living in the past… Really?!? That’s all you do. You have very conveniently disappeared like the coward you are every time SC has taken the pipe, played before a half empty stadium at home, laid down like the character-less dogs and cheaters they are – can you say “Sun Bowl”? Can you say Washington State? Can you say Arizona State?

    Yeah, I guess you can’t address any of those, can you? You really are a moron AND a loser. You live on a site that you consider to be a place that losers post. Yet here you. Sucks to be you.

  • AustinBear

    I think Sark will do well at USC unfortunately, but hopefully this will hurt Washington some. Anyway we can get Shaq back…