Football: Mixon says Cal 1 of 4 finalists

Five-star running back Joe Mixon of Freedom-Oakley tells Scout.com he’s narrowed his list to four schools (in no particular order): Wisconsin, Cal Oklahoma and UCLA.

Off his previous list are Florida State and Washington.

But this thing is far from being decided.

Mixon said Steve Sarkisian’s move from Washington to USC will add the Trojans to┬áhis list, if Sark comes after him.


Of course Sarkisian will try recruiting him to USC. He wanted him in Seattle, he’ll want him in L.A.

And the lure of playing tailback at USC cannot be overstated. USC will be a factor in this thing.

Mixon said his home visit with UCLA on Monday went very well. He has home visits this week with the other three, including Cal.

Mixon has repeatedly talked about how much playing close to home would mean to him, and that’s a good thing for the Bears because it’s just about their best chip at this point after a 1-11 season. That and the chance to be a focal point of Cal’s running game.

But the landscape can get more complicated still. If Washington is able to lure alum Jim Mora Jr., away from UCLA — and I’m not sure that will happen — the Huskies could re-enter the equation.

Mixon said he plans to announce his decision at the Army All-American Game on Jan. 4 in San Antonio. Stay tuned.

Jeff Faraudo

  • Gobears49

    Hope we tell him he’s got a very good chance to start, or at least play a lot, as a freshman. We certainly can show we played a lot of backs this year and many had a lot of good playing time, including true freshman Muhammad. Probably the other schools he is considering can’t say that convincingly, considering who they likely have returning.

  • 1brsfan

    Of the four he mentioned I think it’s between Cal and UCLA because of wanting to be close to home. It’s a 6 hour drive from bay area to LA so that to me is close to home. If SC enters the picture I think there’s a strong chance he ends up there. I hope I’m wrong because we need something positive after this season. If we can keep Rubenezer and we get Mixon that would be a shot in the arm that is badly needed

    Go Bears!

  • Juancho

    Oklahoma has been the long term favourite. He idolizes adrian peterson.

  • covinared

    with our line, it don’t matter who is running back. I’d focus on offensive lineman just as much, if not more.

  • The Wisdom Cow

    It’s against NCAA rules to pay players to come to your University, but how much do you think Dykes is paying Mixon to keep Cal on the “maybe’ list until he chooses a different school?

  • covinared

    this Mixon business reminds me of DJ Williams in the late 90’s. His heart said Cal but he ended up at Miami. Does Joe have a little brother named Worrell?

  • Eric

    UCLA is going to be touch because they are not deep at RB (Myles Jack owes his success to the thinness at RB) and Mixon probably thinks he can beat them all out.

    Oklahoma? I live for a year in Oklahoma City, and Norman is not a fun place for a California kid. I idolize Jerry Rice as a wide receiver. I am not going to Mississipii Valleu State because of it. And I think Stoops may soon be in the same circumstance as Mack Brown – it has been a long time since Oklahoma exceeded expectations.

    Wisconsin – interesting because Madison is a great college town and it has a long history of developing running backs. But that is a longgggg way from the Bay Area.

  • Picard

    Cal is not U$C. You should be asking how much Sarkisian will pay Mixon to go there. He’s well aware of the payment options having coached under Carroll.

  • Ray Finkle

    USC obviously just got Sarkisian as their hc, so continuity wise Mixon knows he won’t be losing his head coach in a year or two. Same with Mora whether he stays at UCLA or goes to WASH. Geing recruited to a school and having a great feeling that your HC/coaches will be their all 4 years is HUGE. I hope he chooses CAL, but after this atrocious first year for Dykes, who knows if he even lasts after next year as HC. I am a father and a huge CAL fan….and to be honest, if my kid was a stud 5* recruit and could go anywhere, I would not want him to go to CAL right now…and that blows.

  • MoreNCsarecoming

    Mixon is all USC – the recruitment is over

  • rotfogel

    I noticed something disturbing so far in the recruitment year; we haven’t recruited locally, Bay Area…at all…



  • HeteroscedasticBear


    That’s what you guys said about Desean Jackson and look what happened?

    And what happened to DAT?

  • Ray Finkle

    I’m on your side 100%, but those were different times brother, CAL was on the UP and EXCITING…..now not so much. Anywho, I just hope that things get better. The Bay Area is just better when CAL is relevant. We just wait and see……..

  • daredevilfan

    #11 – Please stop with the QB recruiting! We have enough QBs, and WRs. They will all fall short of their value unless we can with the line of scrimmage. Please get us some linemen and then we can execute our offense and we can keep the other team’s offense from executing. Let’s find a way to have an upswing in 2014 (maybe 4 wins) and get a bunch of 4-5 star freshmen to all bound together in the following year class to be part of something special. Then in 2016 let’s give it all we’ve got!

  • rotfogel

    I’m just saying it’s really bad when Cal doesn’t have one..ONE FRAKING BAY AREA RECRUIT! When Tedford first started he was really good at getting the local talent. Then he thought Cal was a “national” product and forgot about recruiting the Bay. Look what happened. Now Sonny Boy seems to be forgetting about the Bay all over again.

    I can name you, if you’d like, the number of good football players from the Bay Area who are playing on other teams who would EASILY start for the Bears…but no, we want to recruit nationally like chickens with our heads cut off….

    But in all seriousness, check out Drew Anderson, he’s the real deal…I have a tough time believing the kid we’re getting from Arizona is a better prospect than Anderson is.

  • al

    Turds, the FIRST thing Dykes did after coming to Cal was to start recruiting the local talent in the bay area – namely El Cerrito, Lazarus & Mixon! Obviously, it hasn’t worked out so well but don’t start spouting off that he wasn’t doing it when he was.

  • rotfogel

    He needs to dig deeper.

  • BlueNGold

    The sleazy cheaters have a rich history of turning out NFL busts. I suspect that Mixon is well aware of that track record.